Xiah Junsu and cousin matching tees pictures creates interest

The immediate family of celebrities will always create interest among fans and the target this time is DBSK member, Xiah Junsu older cousin.

Pictures of Xiah Junsu wearing matching tees with his cousin to model for her online shopping mall was posted recently which generated interest naturally.

From the pictures of Xiah and his cousin, they look pretty compatible and could even pass off as a couple. Many fans expressed with envy, “If I get the tee, does it mean that I can couple with Xiah Junsu?”

Photos of celebrities immediate kin have been posted regularly on the internet recently which has generated immense interest among fans. Soon after Xiah’s cousin photos were posted online, many netizens have said enviously, “Good genes run in the family”, “His cousin is one pretty lady”, etc.

9 thoughts on “Xiah Junsu and cousin matching tees pictures creates interest

  1. Yeah, they can pass as a couple.

    But the shirt, “I ❤ NY” has used so many times. She should have put something like “I ❤ Korea” or “I ❤ ROK” hahaha.

  2. omg shes lucky !! hes cute and thats nice of him for helping i thought that the celeb dont talk to there cousin much but i guess not him and her look good together gahhh shes lucky

  3. okay. fans who are jealous are sick.
    jealous of his COUSIN?
    seriously….that’s crazy.
    it’s not like their dating, their freakin’ related.
    fans are psycho.
    getting mad about a family photoshoot and then saying they look compatible?

  4. ❤ Xiah..,i agree w/ “Hello There” its just his cuz…now when the taeyeon scandal came out i freakin hated taeyeon 2 death…but its fine now, no offense to soshi luvas…

    LUV XIAH!!!LUV DBSK!!! If any of you other ppl know how to join Cassiopeia, plz tell me!!!

  5. rofl. fangirls are jealous of his cousin, “she’s so lucky to be so close to him!!”

    well, DUH, it’s his cousin.

    plus she’s a cutie 8D

  6. his cousin is pretty…they are so cute..they look close! i love the second pic (upper right)…

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