Lee Hyori is Amy Winehouse Wannabe?

After being plagued by plagiarism issues over her second album “Dark Angel” in 2006, Lee Hyori new album “It’s HYORISH” has once again been labelled as a copycat. But this time it’s not over the songs but Hyori’s image concept.

Hyori’s new album image concept and promotional videos had been simultaneously released over the internet in the past weeks. But eagle-eyed netizens have subsequently pointed out that her new image concept is almost similar to English singer-songwriter, Amy Winehouse. The hair, the makeup, the clothing and even their poses are almost the same.

When quizzed about this, her label, MNet Entertainment expressed, “We thank everyone for their concern towards Lee Hyori. But it’s quite a perplexing issue for us since the album hasn’t even been released yet. If you say that the makeup is copying someone, that really puts us in a spot. We believe that the plagiarism rumors will die down once the album is released.”

This incident was not the first time the Korean pop industry has been accused of plagiarism, especially for Lee Hyo Ri where the songwriters of Britney Spears’ single “Do Somethin” accused the “Get Ya” songwriters of plagiarism back in 2006. Some publicity for Hyori’s album which will be out on 25th July.

34 thoughts on “Lee Hyori is Amy Winehouse Wannabe?

  1. Man, you must really not have anything to write about?

    That’s the lamest thing I’ve read in a while.

  2. i don’t see how that’s a lame article, i wouldn’t have realised it myself but it’s true that Hyoree’s concept seems to be inspired from amy winehouse’s style, but maybe she just wanted to have a 1960s style…then noone can’t say she’s really “copying”, otherwise they’d also have to say that amy winehouse is “copying” the style of 60s singers like brigitte bardot and so on… i mean, that’s why it’s called a style, it’s just out there!

    and to be fair Hyoree gave it her own twist, and she definitely looks waaaayyy more classy!! :p

  3. Coolsmurf… Don’t ever compare beautiful Hyori to that disgusting vile Amy Whitebitch again. They are NOT remotely similar and you almost lost a regular reader here.

  4. I just don’t how they would Hyori is copying her when in the video teaser the shots of her looking like that was soo minimal, out of all comparisons it had to be had! On another note im really looking forward to her comeback but she gotta face Uhm Jung Hwa whos already getting alot of attention

  5. Haha Alex, dont get upset, Coolsmurf was just pointing out the obvious similarities. Of course Hyori is more beautiful but you have to see it. I personally think this look is a bad choice for her. She’s so much better than this.

  6. Hyori is more beautiful–I question that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Does her voice ring of the soulfullness of the Winehouse?

  7. I do think drugged up Amy has a more soulful voice and that Hyori is definitely prettier, but what gets me is that this isn’t Hyori first offense. Once her album releases we’ll know if she was inspired by the 60’s or just plain old copying. We’ll see.

  8. you’ve got to be kidding me.
    of all the things to be accused of…of copying the whole 60s style?! good lord.

  9. @13 lmao, aye.. also if Hyori can make that concept look hot she can go for it copycat or not.. i think amy winehouse just look plain nasty..

  10. i don’t get it? it’s not like amy winehouse has a monopoly on that kind of hairstyle and anyways hyori makes it look wayyyy better! hyori is still one of korea’s hottest and i can not wait for her new album!

  11. I think she looks amazing! That hairstyle suits her so much better than it does amy winehouse! Hyori unni is still the best and i can’t wait to see her back on stage!

  12. Hyori unni is beautiful and to say that she copied winehouse’s style is just stupid because it’s not like she came up with that look! Hyori obviously looks better and no one compares to korea’s sexiest diva!

  13. Damn out of all the people, why Amy Winehouse? She’s a walking train wreck. I really don’t see the similarity nor do I want to…

  14. Amy Winehouse could never look as hot as Hyori! Hyori is a beautiful and witty girl who is one of Korea’s top stars! She can rock any look!

  15. Hyolee is such a fun and spunky girl! I agree that she can totally rock any look! And she’s also incredibly beautiful! Sooo can not wait for her album to come out!

  16. I’ve never really liked that hairstyle, but I have to say Hyori actually makes it look hot! She’s obviously prettier than Ms. Winehouse and she knows how to work it!

  17. whoa..then a lot of prom girls are copying amy winehouse then? and all that fashion spreads in teen vogue, vogue, elle, vanity fair that have similar hair style & make ups…oh well my mom just copied amy winehouse last night, she put her hair similar to that. yup. ….right.

  18. You could say Amy Winehouse is a copycat too because that hairstyle has been around forever! At least Hyori makes it look classy and not trashy! Hyori is a korean icon and she looks good with any style!

  19. AH! Why Amy Whinehouse? WHYYY!? Of all people, WHY HER!? The entertainer that performs while she’s drunk, high, or BOTH! Gosh…

    I have to say though, they share a similar style in those pictures, but Hyori does it better!

  20. Hyori actually does justice to the look! She looks sexy and glam while Amy Winehouse’s hair looks like it’s in need of a good shampooing!

  21. please don’t compare beautiful hyori to drug addict amy winehouse! no compares to hyori unni cause she’s the best!

  22. Promise me that was the last time u put Hyori’s name and that pothead in the same sentence cuz that’s just WRONG -__-

  23. OMG what are you kidding me? Ive seen these pics before and i did not even realise any simliarities at all with AMY (Eww) and Hyori…Thats just crazy. Whoever came up with that is one baby and full of crap that has nothing better to do than come up with something so lame!!

  24. this wasnt even her concept for the album , and i think by now everyone shoudl know that celebrities have stylists and coordi’s that choose their concepts and styles , not nessesarily the artist themselves.

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