Kim Hyun Joong, “Having An Older Girlfriend isn’t that Bad”

In an interview with OBS TV, Kim Hyun Joong expressed, “After being coupled with Hwang Bo in We Got Married, my ideal woman criteria has changed.”

According to Kim Hyun Joong, while SS501 was in Japan for work, Hwang Bo also went to Japan for personal reasons. She found her way to SS501 dorm in Japan and displayed her awesome culinary skills, preparing a scrumptious dinner for all the members, making them feel very touched.

Kim Hyun Joong also expressed his gratitude towards Hwang Bo actions and revealed, “In the past, I always thought that my girlfriend should be of the same age or younger than me. But through We Got Married program, I realised that having an older girlfriend isn’t that bad afterall.”

When asked if he intends on getting a girlfriend, Hyun Joong replied, “After breaking up with my ex-girlfriend, I haven’t found anyone yet. I am currently very busy with my work in Japan and Korea. I only want to focus on my work right now and have no intentions of dating.”

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166 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong, “Having An Older Girlfriend isn’t that Bad”

  1. whoa! tnx..a bunch for translating^^

    yes, HJ, i know what you mean, how can you date when youre married, RIGHT?! lol


  2. THANK U COOLSMURF!!! personal reasons? is this different from the WGM filming in Japan? or is there really a WGM filming in Japan? Unnie, can’t stay away from ur 4D husband? haha!!! i just absolutely love Joongbo couple! JOONGBO IS LOVE!!!!

  3. LOL!
    i thought i was mistaken about the ‘winnie’ outfit. but still very cute.
    i just can’t wait to see the episode coming up with them. impatiently waiting for sure. 😛
    hwangbo unni & hyun joong/4D oppa hwaiting! 🙂

  4. of course he’s not interested in dating… his buin will get mad.. L0L *-*
    HyunBo fightingg!!!
    thanks for posting this awesome article coolsmurf.. u’re the best!!

  5. haha. well, i gotta be here.
    Thanks so much coolsmurf!
    Hyunjoong-Hwangbo love never fail to make me fall in absolute universe of blissfulness….haha…
    lol. what does he mean by his criteria for ideal woman has changed? i thought that he’s always been into older woman….so i guess i’m wrong…..
    or maybe his criteria just changed to……. Hwang+Bo
    hahaha…ignore me. i’m crazy.
    well, i’m rooting for this couple so badly, hope they’d continue to surprise their fans with more n more ‘good news’ haha. this news has made me so happy.
    Thanks again coolsmurf.

  6. Ofcourse he can’t date …that would be totally inappropiate …cuz hes married ..:P
    But really that was freaking sweet

  7. Hwang Buin was so pretty. She is all rounded (circle) women…can cook..can knit…can sew…can open bottle drink…..can carry heavy…etc..etc..hahaha…aja.hwang buin you are my heroin…sarangheyo

  8. Waaaaa

    The pictures above is soooooooooo kawai..
    This couple really make me become fangirly and have the type of ‘girly’ feelings. While AlShin give me an ultimate process of a real/authentic on how a love blossom this couple make me turn to become fangirl’y’.

    That is so sweet of them. Hwang Bo of course went to Japan as schedule as one of WGM scenes as a surprise and without the knowledge of Hyun Joong. Hwang Bo is so special. She can do almost everything…

    As Hyun Joong said that he didnt prepared to be in a serious relationship I think it is a safe mode to not enter himself into any speculation. I found JoongBo is really cute and lovable but for them to be a real couple is questanable, not because they are not attracted to each other ( they are obviously are! Hwang Bo has teared her eyes out few times already.) and not because the age difference; Hyun Joong has clearly stated in CTP talk, that he didn’t understand why someone who in love can’t be together even when they in love just because of status differences etc. Hyun Joong is obviously will protect his loved one when he found one. At this times, when he is on a tight commitment and in a state of not prepared to enter a relationship then it is a safeguard for him to say that he is in the intention for dating. But hey ya! Love comes unpredictable. Once love come around the corner no one can deny anything.

    Let’s the times decide for them!

    JoongBo, all the best…<3

  9. Was Hyun Joong in a Pooh Bear Suit? I find it odd that the first thing that came to my mind when i saw these pics was that from the neck down, it seemed that he was wearing some kind of Winnie the Pooh bear suit, and he just reluctantly took off the head suit while taking the paparrazzi pics with Hwang Bo. Does anybody find this similarity or is it just me? Anyway they are a cute couple to watch, More POWER to them.

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  11. lol
    i don’t get why huynjoong is in a winne the pooh suit but hey it looks soooo cute on him though!!
    they really are my favorite couple on the show -after Anbi- !
    i wish them all the best !

  12. woww that’s so sweet! did they make a clip of this at all? haha. they’re the funniest couple! i love how cool hwang bo is, and she’s really pretty no matter what some people think.. and i love hyun joong’s naive sweet innocence haha.

  13. hehe.. out of all the couples, im very interested on how these two will do

    theyre so funny
    HB HJ AJA!

  14. i like this coople since i saw the WGM program. i think they are looking good in couple relationship than just be a friend.hwangbo u look great in WGM.hyun joong u look cute also.both of u are great couple.have the wedding might be the one n only between both of u.aja…..aja…….fighting……. sarangheyo

  15. piolo pascual an award winning actor in the phulippines was noted by the known columnist lolit solis to be gay . the sofitel issue was partly true the mistake there was that it was not sam milby but another award winning actor in the name f coco martin

  16. ngayon mo lan\g ba alam yan anna jane posequit , alam na yan ng lahat . piolo pascual is gay tanga na lang ang hindi naniniwala .

  17. it is sad to know that on other parts of the countries they have uber good looking guys like kim hyun joong of korea , nicholas teo of malaysia , jerry yan of taiwan , then sa philippines isang piolo pascual lang kaya nga hindi umaasenso ang pilipinas dahil pumapatol sa isang bakla .

  18. aww…wouldn’t it be cool if i were his girlfriend…muahahaXD…even if i were his ex-girlfriend i would still feel pleased…

  19. i luv him
    i have pics of him all over my room! lol
    dang it!
    i wanna be his gf!
    luv luv luv him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hyun Joong. okay i may call u oopa since u r older than me. wel! i really like ur attitude. u r really a tough guy as far as i’m concerned. i know u r very hard working among ur team members. thats the best quality to be possessed by a successful actor or singer. u r really handsome. i dont need to mention again as everyone knows that. at first i dont like ss501, bt one day i bought a cd cassette n from that very moment i realised that this is it. as i’m also a singer in a band bt its not publicly announced we’re trying hard. i got a lot of inspiration from u hyun joong as a leader. i hope i can be a better leader like u. gud luck oopa. rather call hyun joong oopa. bye. sarang heyo n u got ways to go. FiGHtIng!

  21. and i love this guy!?=))
    i mean (ji hoo sunbae)
    kim hyun joong
    is so cute and he got a
    good voice too..

    it makes the girls fall in love w/
    his voice!?
    even its korean..
    his still hot?!=)

  22. helloo this is your fan ellaine

    i don’t thing so or i should say it to you!!!

    pero i crush on you will you pls.. come to.

    philippines so i see you pls………………

    and i love this guy!?
    i mean (ji hoo sunbae)
    kim hyun joong
    is so cute and he got a
    good voice too..

    it makes the girls fall in love with
    his voice!?
    even its korean..
    his still hot?!:-*

  23. kim hyun joong i dont like your girlfriend i like geum jan di for you because your girlfriend is older than you i dont like him for you and i am your nuber one fan in the univest:-) i love you

  24. kim hyun joong i dont like your girlfriend i like geum jan di for you because your girlfriend is older than you i dont like him for you and i am your nuber one fan in the universt:-) i love you sorry for the wrong spelling:-)

  25. kim hyun joong i dont like your girlfriend i like geum jan di for you because your girlfriend is older than you i dont like him for you and i am your number one fan in the universt:-) i loveyou,sorry for the wrong spelling:-)

  26. hi hi!!!
    for me,..the most important thing about having a girlfriend is about how you feel not about age or whatever>>>… hyun joong…follow your heart and mind but also…be careful ok?
    bye bye…from ur fan!

  27. hai kim hyun joong!!!
    i just want tos ay ur da perfect guy!!!
    i like u ang koo hye sun!!!
    i hope she will be your girlfriend and wife!!

  28. i don’t like hwangboo for hyun joong. she’s too old for him..between HB & GHS, i must prefer GHS, though she’s a little bit older than KHJ but still they are looking cute together and perfect match!

    Sori joongbo fans!..happy birthday to hyun joong. more success in your career,long life,happiness and good health!!

  29. i hope hyun joong’s granny is better now..Oh! this day is KHJ’s birthday..happy birthday to you. I wish you all the best in life especially good health and more,more,birthdays to come and success in your career!!!!!!!i love you jihoo!!

  30. ….uHmmm…happY bIrtHdAy kIm hYun jOOng!!!_i wIsh To moRe bIrtHdaY to cOme!!..aNd to hAve moRe pRojEct tO cOme!,”aNd i wIsh To hAVe a gOOd hEalTh!!!!_-_hAppy hApPy bIrtHdAy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. me too…im ur avid fan here in Philippines!!!!happy happy birthday hyun joong. May you have many more birthdays to come & gud health!!!!!

  32. Belated Happy Birthday to Hyun Joong!!!! ur so cute and adorable…I really love your smile. It made me melt,hahah.
    More drama to come,gud health and more SUCCESS!!!!!

  33. i love you so much but i don’t like your girlfriend. I am 17 years.I want to become your lover and also a little sister. Oppa i love you forever.

  34. huhu… really can’t believe that Hyun Joong oppa wanna older GF.. so now,he doesn’t want someone who younger than him?????? T.T

  35. why du u hve a gf now!!! we r so sad, but we dont care about dat now we will just keep supporting and will always love you!!!!

  36. having an older girlfriend is very bad. i know they are not that that match coz she is old but you are young and handsome! i wish u n i r meant to be! love you alwayz!

  37. i love you although you hve girlfriend! and i lke your show very much! the boys over flowers!

  38. hi! i just want to say hi to all the new and bettr f4! i like them very much and i will watch there show again and again, even though i watched it already! i like you kim hyun joong but now he has a girlfriend, im so very sad of it! but it’s ok! im happy for them now! i love and will support f4! im a biggest fan of all!

  39. toinx..hyun joong isn’t married yet..its just a show. he doesn’t want to have a girlfriend cause he’s to busy to his career.

  40. toinx..hyun joong isn’t married yet..its just a show. he doesn’t want to have a girlfriend cause he’s to busy to his career.This program is pretty cool but Hwang Bo is too old fo hyun joong, but as he said age doesn’t matter but yet i know that Hwang Bo will find her guy that is older than her and can manage a Family!!

    thats my opinion!!

    tnx a lot.

    je i reum eun Yna yeyo!!


  41. Guyz..Please please support the main cast of “ BOYS OVER FLOWERS”
    Theme: Vote for the Best Asian Drama and Star”
    You can vote for Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress
    Voting starts JULY 13,2009 until AUGUST 30, 2009.
    You can only vote once a vote and support for them..

  42. waa…i never thought a celebrity could be so nice ^^
    getting a girlfriend who is older, i don’t know anyone like that 😀
    i hope u get a really great gf 😀

  43. well humm
    since if he likes older women
    how bout GOO HYE SUN
    they look good in boys over flower
    very very

  44. hello gi hoo……….you are a great and humble man,,,,,,,, continue your good attitude to your older girlfriend

  45. kim hun joong/ ji hoo!!! saranghae!!!! i love you!!!! SS501 pls go here to the Philippines!!!! i am one of your avid fans here in the philippines!!!! i love you kim hyun joong!!!! i am so addicted to you! i know that you are busy with your career, just be patient and if we ever meet i want to kiss you and hug you with all my might!!!! take me and i am yours forever!!! i love you and ji hoo!!! you are the best…. i am head over heels in love with you!!!! when are you going to the philippines???? waaahh!!!! always stay as you are… i know you are a good person inside and out and that is why i admire you!!!! i dont know why i cant get you out of my mind!!!! mwah!!!

  46. hello!

    Bro kim-hyun-joong,

    How are you?I hope you are always fine.And you
    always do your works happily. I’m poe ei from Myanmar .
    Are you have been heard about my country?In my country,
    you are very popular now.I want to invite for you to come
    my country .All of you.But my country is a little hot .Please
    come and meet with us .Warmly welcome to my country.I’m
    waiting for you.Good luck !Sweet dream!

    Bye Bye!

    with many wishes,

    poe ei

  47. i do agree with your opinion, age does’nt matter because what matter most is the LOVE…hope you find one!Goodluck and God bless!find time to search and you’ll find the worst one!jejeje.just joking!

  48. older GF makes you feel comfortable because the maturity and understanding really matter most in terms of your career and your dream.

  49. i do love hwang bo for Kim hyun joong… please watch them on reality tv show on You tube … We Got Married Joongbo (eng sub) and find out why you must love hwang bo for KHJ. you will surely love them. To the world!!!

  50. pls visit the philippines.
    include us in you asian tour.
    many people here lovs SUNBAE ji hoo
    you;ll find many beautiful girls here (including me)joke!

  51. huuuuuuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………prince hyunjoong are u really?????your girlfriend is hwang bo??????????i feel so veeeeery saaad,,,why……?

  52. i don’t like hwang bo as hyun joong’s girlfriend she’s older than hyunjoong

    i love you kim hyun joong no words can describe how much i love you!!!!

    pls visit here in phil.

    wish you more projects and a very good career

  53. Hello!Hyun Joong shi,
    I think that age is not important for me and love is the most important thing between two.When you love a girl,you won’t think about age and you’ll go forward.
    Your forever fan,

  54. I hope Hyun Jong and Hwang Bo happy together 4ever wish you 2 realy got married,pls watch in youtube (hyun joong and hwang bowe are married eng subbed)then u will know it…hope Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo live happy together 4ever…
    Me your fans!~: )

  55. is that true
    that kim hyun joong that he has no girl friend???
    ow that is so unbelibable……
    after marrige they broke up?
    ows kim hyun joong make that to his wife?
    i can’t accept that…….

  56. my dear hyun joong,
    i am swe zin, from Myanmar Country. I love very much hyun joong. i like your dance. why are you married early?
    I can’t accept this new.
    take care your health.
    you really read this mail.
    love hyun joong.

  57. ahahahaha never new kim hyun joong had an ex 😦 ahahs he’s a cool dude and deserves HB ahahas saranghae KHJ

  58. idont like your girl friend shes older than you and more single lady inlove with you your so beautyful man………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….i……………………………………………………………………………….love……………………………………………………………………………you……………………………………………

  59. hey hyun joong nice winnie pooh outfit me and my friendz are crazy about u specially me só pliz remembér us saranghaeyo muahhh.

  60. kim hyun joong…i really realy really like the highest level…i hope to see you soon….i really miss you….please email me as soon as possible…love you very much….cathy cute corpuz from philippines

  61. May I know if the part where they dress in these costumes was ever shown on WGM? cuz i watched and i cant seem to find the parts when they dress up in these costumes…

  62. kim hyun joong,

    i want to congratulate you for the best performance you have shown in boys over are very superb..please continue to inspire your fans..stay foot & always thanks God for all the blessings you have received..i will always pray for you..cuidate..salud y pesetas..te are always in my prayers..God bless u & your family always & grant all your prayers..

    with care,
    gracey ..

  63. i just startng to involve in kim hyun joong after watchng WGM. when i watchd BOF, i nvr gve much attention to his role coz i don like guy with some romantic aura. but after i get to know real KHJ, i say 2 myself, wow, nver thougt JI HOO r like dis. den i realized i became one of his fan. i collect all his songs, memorise d lyric evnthough it hard 2 pronounce and pray dat he will meet someone dat can make him happy till d end. i hope dat, KHJ will always success in everythng he do. can’t wait to hear ur new song. when will SS501 come to malaysia? im waitng for it…

  64. both of u look suite each other..i like WGM and i can feel your feeling…
    i like 2 c hwangbo unnie very caring and loving..
    i hope that u 2 still contact each other…
    hubby and yuhbo…

  65. hey , i lov u. i know every girl tell u like that and u will b sick of it. but i love u. i dun like ur character in bof but my sis showed me ur show we got married. i saw ur real character. it is same as mine. heeee………oh . i wanna meet u. i m from myanamar. u may know that country or not. but once, kim rae won and baby vox girl band came to our country …….hyun joong , WELCOME TO MYANMAR. there r lots of fans who r waiting for u …………….

  66. iam sorry for not answard your message hyunjoong iwant you just my friend becouse ihate married ihope you answard me now if u can.

  67. hyun joong……….saranghae…..take care of yourself…..i hope you will success in your life.i really like your style in deja vu…..

  68. hi! kim hyun joong hope everything is fine just do your best don’t even give up of anything i will always support you… you are the best… you are rocks!!! i love you hahax as fans c you if got this chance i will always miss you please work harder okay!!! ALL THE BEST 😀

  69. hey kim hyun m from india i saw ur drama boys before flowers n i love u more den gu jung po n from dis drama i learnt d wrd sarangay n i wnt to say sarangay to u. So sad u have girlfren but anyways m satisfied going through ur dramas n pics on net. love u.

  70. i know you need the fans to keep money before marry. but if you get married, we will still love you. don’t worry. i know you and kim are not keep contact. just keep the feeling that is look like nobody know the result. we hope you can do anything what are you want. you are not that kind guys who need other guy’s help. you can choose a man to marry who is better than kim hyun joong. that is our dream for you. get your happy life and do your plan to be sexy lady in music and be a international actor. we will like to see you what is you try your best to show us. let us share you life, share your anything!!

  71. woooahhh!!!! this couple is so cute… i love them both….
    i like hwang buin for hyun joong so much!!!
    hyun joong sunbae you are so cute….

    to those who think that miss hwang buin don’t match hyun joong,i think you are just jelly!!! why can’t you see the magic in them???? they look good to each other!!!!

    i loooooovvvveeeee yoooouuu lettuce couple!!!!!!

    hope to see you in personal!!! c:

  72. sorry
    but i love HJ more than any one else
    i know i will get what i want so plz be good fan
    lol thanks

  73. im so addicted wif ur dramas….so nice n so good…..n please make more than that….im so very feel wif ur acting….even ur action so cool but that so nice like in playful kiss dramas….so nice…….btw i thing that u r stilll younger and u must do everthing 4 urself b4 u get another people in ur life…..aja..aja…fingthing……

  74. If you are getting merried i will support you.. Because iam ur #1 in phillipine..
    I really want to see you in person…
    Ur my one and only reason why i want to learn to speak hangul…I wish i see you in person…
    someday i going to korea to see you in person…………

    Sarang hamnida
    Je ireumeun BLESS MAUREEN SENCIL imnida

  75. If you are getting merried i will support you.. Because iam ur #1 FUN in phillipine..
    I really want to see you in person…
    Ur my one and only reason why i want to learn to speak hangul…I wish i see you in person…
    someday i going to korea to see you in person…………

    Sarang hamnida
    Je ireumeun BLESS MAUREEN SENCIL imnida

  76. Hi I am sara from Iran I like Kim Hyun Jung and very Trfdarshm hope one day I could visit her. If someone e-mail address of Kim Hyun Jung s gonna send her my email I appreciate her Shmayn email me (Sara. wanted30 @ yahoo. com

  77. hi i’am clarice i really like kim hyung joong and jung so min love team but i will continue supporting hj in getting married with other girl but honestly i’am disappointed because hj marrying other girl cause i’am hoping that jung so min and hyung joong is better to get married…

  78. A woman cooks for a bunch of guys and they melt like butter in a frying panxDnothing new. Basically this guy is saying he likes older women because this one lady was pretty and cooked the food his momma makes, but better. Anyone can cook. He’s basing this off of a meal so I wouldn’t take him liking older women to heart- he just liked the food.

  79. They should come back on tv!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you soo much Kim Hyun Jooong Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Having and older girlfriend is good. They have more experience! Other guys were asking me how I was doing it. I was very mature for my age.

  81. i was able to watch We Got Married, and Hwang Bo is really an ideal girl friend. she can do a lot of things like cooking, weaving, and very creative. no wonder our leader might consider an elder woman for her next relationship. 😉

  82. all i want is hkj, must reveal honestly to the world that his capable of loving someone. other stars reveal their g.f to the public. is he ashamed that he find an olderwomen to be love? all speculation will stop if his courages enough to reveal it.I believe he knows how to protect the woman cause he stays long enough in the industry.

  83. Hey Hyung Joong! i m ur grt fan… I loved ur character in “Boys Over Flowers”
    I had never thought of having a boyfrnd bt soon after seeing u, i m literally feeling to have my soulmate (i wish it could be u)…
    But i dont think i’ll ever even meet u in my entire life time……..
    Let whatever happen none can stop me from loving u…….
    Anyway, good luck for your future… LOVE YOU JOONG….

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