Park Min Young Transforms for KBS Hometown Legends

Actress Park Min Young returns to the small screen in the 9-year comeback of KBS 2TV’s “Hometown Legends.” Park will play a Gumiho.

The 2008 “Gumiho” is based on the story of the Gumiho-bloodline throughout the generations, and no one knows who will transform into the next Gumiho.

Park Min Young plays the part of “Myeong Ok,” the youngest daughter at the Lee household. She’s a bright character who brings a light to the otherwise dark atmosphere of the family.

Director Kwak Jung Hwan, who had also done the TV drama, “Hansung,” will be in charge of “Gumiho,” the first of the “Hometown Legends” series. The first serial begins on August 6th and it will be broadcast on Wednesdays and Thursdays through the whole month.

Park Min Young recently was part of the cast for the MBC sitcom “Highkick!” and the KBS 2TV drama, “I am Teacher.”

credit: KBS Global

6 thoughts on “Park Min Young Transforms for KBS Hometown Legends

  1. OMG…is she gonna play a role like Kim Tae Hee in Nine-Tailed Fox and wear black leather tights? Can’t wait for it, let’s hope it’ll be good but the title sounds so much like last years’ horror movie starring Park Shin Hye and Jae Hee.

    Thanks for the PMY update šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the news. Have been eagerly waiting for her next project. I hope it is received well by everyone. It sounds like a fun series. Plus I do get to see KBS2 here.

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