Eric thinking of Marriage after watching We Got Married

While being interviewed during a break in filming for his drama “Strongest Chilwoo”, Eric revealed about his intentions of getting married.

Eric was interviewed on 29th June at the drama set in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do Province and didn’t forget to help his good brother, Andy do some promotion and said that MBC “We Got Married” is a very good variety program to watch.

Eric also said that after seeing “We Got Married”, he also thought about getting married, “I have long wanted to get married and have babies.” But when asked when will he be settling down, Eric said, “I really don’t know because I am going to enlist in the army (after the drama).” He added, “We Got Married is really interesting and especially while watching Andy and Solbi having skinship, I can’t help but fall in love with their romance. Hyun Joong is very funny in the show but Crown J is the most interesting husband.”

Is there a possibility that Eric might join “We Got Married”? The possibility is 0% (since he is also going to be enlisted) as Eric said, “I am contended to just watch the show. I’ve never thought about appearing on it.”

17 thoughts on “Eric thinking of Marriage after watching We Got Married

  1. hello, I congratulate you on your blog, is really very good .. I invite you to visit mine and I hope we can affiliation, greetings and see you soon

  2. i second angel…

    i wish i could marry him n have his babies too… hahaha…
    he’s so hot!! ^^”

  3. Get in line sistas!!! I say we draw straws, lol. However, I already know I’m out of the running but still, good to dream.

    Whoever he marries will be one of the luckiest ladies ever, because he’s such a great guy.

  4. if Eric changed his mind & join this program .Really want her partner with YEH…anyone know who Erc lover right now?

  5. i agree with Que Chill
    if Eric did join the program i want him to be with Eun Hye too
    i really want to know what will happen to them coz i like watching x-man alot!

  6. i wish eric and eun hye will look into working on a project together as soon as eric gets back from the army. i was crushed when i first learned that yeh wasn’t going to be with him in que sara. to me and i’m quite sure to many, they’re one of the best team-ups that never happened.

  7. i wish Eric & YEH would be a couple for reel & real too 🙂 hope after his military service they’ll do a project together…just can’t for the time when this power couple get together on screen…

  8. Nooooooooooooo…i disagree with Yin, Indie and Decaf…he’s a really really really great guy…and i dont think YEH is the perfect girl for him (no offense to EH fans)…

    I think he’s better be with me, instead….ahahahahahhaha..

    gidarikke, oppa….fighting! v(^O^)v

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