Lee Seung Gi to take on MBC Iljimae drama

The maknae member of popular KBS Happy Sunday program “1N2D”, Lee Seung Gi has recently confirmed his participation for MBC’s new drama, “Iljimae” which has generated interest among netizens.

“Iljimae” will be broadcasted on MBC television in the latter part of 2008 and with his confirmation set in stone, his continued participation in “1N2D” is now in limbo. Not to be confused with SBS “Iljimae” currently airing and starring Lee Jun Ki, it is based on the original comic book unlike Lee Jun Ki’s one which is based on a different storyline. They just have the same name.

It’s known that the filming for “1N2D” is very compact and tight, and once the mission is confirmed for that episode, the six hosts have to devote their fullest attention to it while recording. With that in mind, netizens are discussing about the eventuality of Seung Gi leaving the show in the near future. The “1N2D” PD when interviewed, expressed that nothing has been discussed yet and they hope that they can continue working on in future.

Meanwhile, someone related to Lee Seung Gi expressed that they prefer not to comment since the filming dates for “Iljimae” hasn’t been fixed yet. They will reveal more news once the filming dates are confirmed and adjusting of his schedules. But there’s no discussion now on Lee Seung Gi’s continued participation in “1N2D”. It will be a big loss to lose their idol star.

12 thoughts on “Lee Seung Gi to take on MBC Iljimae drama

  1. oh no!
    i love him in that show…
    maybe he will be gone while he is filming the drama and then he will return to the show?
    although, if the drama is successful, he probably wont return huh?

    1N2D is so hilarious…it’s going to be different without him..

  2. i really hope he doesn’t leave 1N2D…i bet he wouldn’t want to leave either
    it’d be hard to replace someone at this point in the show, since everyone’s already established a good relationship with each other
    sigh…1N2D’s currently my fave variety show. it’d be too different without him

  3. i’m glad SeungGi-ssi is getting attention!! but he’s not singing much these days, is he?? the schedule for 1N2D sounds pretty heavy… I really have to start watching this show!! everyone’s talking about it, and it has all my favourite MCs in it ^^

    probably he’ll just make some sort of appearance in Iljimae, i don’t see how they could integrate a new character that would stay for more than a couple of episodes… and i don’t see why he would leave 1N2D if it’s so popular anyway πŸ™‚

  4. yup..you’re right..he just sing for KBS program (music Bank) and Mnet Countdown..dunno why he never perform in inkigayo nor music core..also he never perform in live show or any variety show when the promotor is sbs or mbc (cmon, he will be the lead actor for mbc drama, why they never ask him to perform in their show)T_T..and now we wont see any of his music performance maybe til this end of year or next year..about whether he will stay in 1N2D or no, from one source that I got seung gi said that he wont leave 1N2D, although he will have to shoot this drama in Japan, it said that he will stay in 1N2D since for 2 days recording it can be used for 2 weeks broadcast..so they will arrange his schedule so that he still can do those 2 programs..it will be a very hard schedule for him..seung gi yaaa…keep healthy ^^

  5. I enjoy watching 1N2D. It’s an interesting travellog with 6 very funny and down to earth hosts. I hope LSG won’t leave the show. I remember in one of the episode he signed a ‘contract’ that he’ll stay with the show till the end (something like that). He is a likeable and sweet chap. All the best to him and pray that he stay healthy not like recent celebrities falling sick due to exhaustion.

  6. this is a dumb movie for sung gi… WTF is he thinking trying to do a drama such as Iljimae when it already is at the top of its peak thnx to Lee Jung Gi btw who is also most likely gona win best actor of the year for this work.. The Iljimae right now is jus TOO good for Lee Seung Gi to top since he sucks a acting no offence cause he is a singer!

  7. hehe..im trying to not being subjective..but from what i see, his acing skill is kinda good too..have you watched 7 princesses?? although i cant understand korean at all, but he can transfer the emotion from his act..^^..phiuww i know, junki’s iljimae is in a huge place now, no doubt there will be a comparison between his iljimae and junki’s..hope he can do this well..i do believe that he will always try hard in everthing he does..seung gi yaaa fighting!!just keep healthy..and dont push yourself too much..

  8. It`s Seung gi! not sung gi… How do u know his acting skills when u can`t even spell his name right. And his acting`s quite good too. He always does his best in everything and tries to do it perfectly like himself. =D And even i like seung gi more i`ll continue to watch 1N2D even seung gi`s gone. The show`s so fun and gives so much happiness.
    I`m sure seung gi will do a great job. fighting!

  9. Yay for seunggi!!! haha… but PLEASE!!! DONT LET HIM LEAVE 1N2D!!! I LIKE THAT SHOW! IT’S SOOO NICE!!!

  10. I know! I WILL TOTALLY DIE!! If Seunggi leaves the show 😦
    my heart will break into a million bizillion pices β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

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