Alex, “Shin Ae is one of the biggest joys of my life”

Alex who is enjoying high popularity on MBC “We Got Married” expressed that his partner, Shin Ae is someone who brings great joy to his life.

In MNet’s cable tv program “Ma’am B Salon” yesterday, Alex appeared as a guest and during the interview with host, Kim Yoon Ah which revolved “the oasis of my life” topic, he expressed his admiration for Shin Ae.

If there were 10 oasis, one of them would include Shin Ae because she is someone who brings joy to my life every two weeks.

He also made an analogy about his stance towards love

Most men think that they possess a girl, but actually they possess only the girl’s palm. So they are like moving within girl’s palm. I’m also one of them. I’m not a playboy like what everyone thinks and I am actually very innocent when it comes to love.

Following what he said, the audience gave him a round of applause.

22 thoughts on “Alex, “Shin Ae is one of the biggest joys of my life”

  1. I can’t wait to read the article that they are REALLY dating^_^ But I guess that would only happen if they are off the show… 😦 AlShin Hwaiting ^_^

  2. Alex es tan dulceeeeeee….. lo amoooo xD
    y con Shinae hacen una hermosa pareja…… fighting!!!

  3. Muahhhhhhh

    I’m so deadly happy with this article.^^
    Thanks coolsmurf. I have actually read it in AlShin thread in Soompi but to read it again with the picture here has create a wonderful feelings. A realistic feelings, an overjoyed emotions yet still can diiferenciate a reality with a make believe.

    Actually Alex in others show has become quite careful in what ever statement he made i.e the radio show, the mnet show when people shouted AlSoon ( nickname from Shin Ae ). He also indeed has stated that he still can differenicate between reality and a show which I have to say a wise statement from a mature man yet still be connected that he himself despite he realize this is a reality show yet he indicated in a subtle way that he is indeed involved with this show in terms of emotionally and his CTP talk which he has honestly said that he has been hurt/ dumped many times in his previous relationship and he is glad he has met Shin Ae now rather than before when he is once has a chance to know her personally.

    I have to say this couple has the biggest possibility to be together in terms of commitment and their availability of a serious relationship now off screen and it is not depend by this show or on this show. It is depend on themselves. This show indeed is only a bridge.

  4. @porcelain: Hehe…Me too…

    On the other hand coolsmurf, aren’t the title of this post ” The biggest joy..” is quite; dang,^^ you know when Alex only said: Shine Ae is one of the reason of his happiness if the analogy is 10 oasis. Just ask out of curiosity. Thanks one more time Alvin for this juicy post! =)

  5. Big smile on my face right now. Although, to be fair, you should include the part where he first answered the host that his oasis is his first album. Then after the audience reacted and chanted Shin Ae’s name, he gave that answer above.

    Can I post this on AlShin thread in soompi?

  6. Aww that’s so sweet!
    I’m really hoping that they become a couple.
    Heck… I wish all the couples in WGM become real. They’re all so compatible and they all pretty much act like ones, anyway!

    I missed Al-Shin couple so much! Thank God they’re back!
    Thank you for the post, Alvin!


  7. Omo~! Just noticed~ Alex’s & Shin Ae’s smiles in the picture up there is so so similar~!

    They have what we call the 夫妻相 – aka ‘husband and wife look’~!

    @ anastasia: i totally agree with you~!

    I mean, the probability of Alex & Shin Ae coupling in real life somehow seems so much higher than the rest of the couples. Seriously.

    AlShin fighting~!

  8. thanks Alvin!
    I haven’t been online for 2 days so this news really makes my day.
    How sweet of Alex to say that. I really think with his busy schedule right now he welcomes the opportunity to spend time with Shin Ae.
    Lovely lovely news.

  9. Thanks coolsmurf for this wonderful post. Alex expressions when he saw ShinAe in the wedding dress is so cute and funny. Hopefully the expression is FOR real. He is a nice chap and hopefully the oasis of ShinAe is the only one for him.

  10. Not related, but have u guys seen pixs of Shin Ae at the Grand Bell (Daejong?) award last weekend…

    I think Alex will probably faint… I am a woman and I think she is hot… imagine Alex grinning!

  11. It’s really cute to read Alex’s “shy” expressions. I’m so happy that Alex and Shin Ae are back together again. And thanks to you, coolsmurf, for getting all the news and subbed WGM episodes posted so quickly. I really look forward to reading and seeing all of it. Keep up the good work!

  12. @ Procelain: Yah, she is totally knock out that night…Elegant yet sexy..Hehe

    @sporkandfoon: You are very much welcome to the thread..

    The Korean fans has gave them such an adorable gifts for their 100 days of ‘marriage’…Can’t wait for the next episodes..Alex in several occasion has always delighted when mentioned about Shin Ae. A pure happiness I have to say…

  13. @teokong: yah, saw that cut too. He was going crazy hehe. He was really enjoying himself when ShinAe came out with a new dress. Hope to see them get closer more as time goes by.

    Thanks again to coolsmurf for the wonderful cuts and this blog. If only I was singaporean i’d vote for you T_T

  14. ahh~
    i really wish they can continue where they left off
    but it seems that both of them are still so arkward with each other….
    hmm i guess i’ll just have to wait

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