Three Original Couples Celebrates their 100th Day on We Got Married Episode 16

We started Episode 16 with the two hosts announcing that the three original couples, Andy and Solbi, Crown J and Seo In Young, Alex and Shin Ae were ushering in their 100th day anniversary. To celebrate this, a 100th day cake was prepared by Andy and Solbi’s fanclub for them. In addition, Solbi’s mother also prepared rice cakes for them.

For the three couples, this week focused on them just choosing their wedding outfits, in particularly for the girls. Crown J’s over elaborate stunned action when she saw In Young in her wedding dress was so funny.

Andy meanwhile was sick on the day of filming, but he was still game enough to go through the whole thing and was his usual self with Solbi. But the ring incident was still present with Andy bringing it up again as they fought over which beauty salon to go to, pretty intense.

Alex reaction to Shin Ae’s wedding dress was to say “Thank you” several times which was funny which was like he had hit the jackpot or something.

Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong moved into a new home while Hwi Jae and Yeo Jeong had a outing at Namyi Island and even did a Winter Sonata parody to create memories. Yeo Jeong even gave Hwi Jae two bobos. Next week will be their last if the news is accurate about them leaving.

The preview for next week sees the three original couples having their actual photoshoot and all of them looked really lovely and handsome in their respective wedding gowns, hanboks, etc.

Can’t wait!

39 thoughts on “Three Original Couples Celebrates their 100th Day on We Got Married Episode 16

  1. thank you for the update..can’t wait to see crown j’ll be funny for sure..and also my fav anbi couple..they’re have argumnts again…sigh..and the beautiful shinae…wah the three of them so beautiful…
    thanks a lot again…

  2. AHHH! have been waiting for coolsmurf post! yes! im waiting for the next ep, which is next week..7 days to go… -_- hahas!

  3. I can image everything is beautiful. Lovely….lovely……
    Thank you coolsmurf for this lovely and fast update. You’re fantastic.
    Me five, can’t wait………….

  4. solbi looks so pretty!!! and i thought the ring incident was settled now, andy shouldn’t bring it up anymore!!! it’ll only cause trouble >.<

    Alex’s reaction sounds pretty funny…and his facein the picture kekeke ^^

    can’t wait to see the show!!! thanks Alvin πŸ˜‰

  5. Alex’s face is priceless !!! I love how he looked at Shin Ae and can’t shut his jaw, flipping the pages but not looking at them… clearly anticipating for Shin Ae and thinking about what if this is their actual wedding dress fitting session … to cute… I hope it’s true it hurts to know it’s not.

  6. Alex’s reaction was priceless in this episode. being all giddy and shtuff lol…ShinAe looked SO pretty in all 3 of the wedding gowns!..(UHH.. to the ppl who have been talking smack about her weight better check this episode out … lol)Must say though their segment was really short..whhhyyyy!!hehe..I’m already looking forward to next Sunday.. lol and subs on this one.

  7. oh my!

    Everyone was so beautiful…But ShinAe is extremely and stunningly beautiful..Oh, how Alex is so obvious was so stunned by her beauty!

  8. oh forgot to add lol….HB/HJ..they’re just too cute ..they are officially my 2nd fave couple..i always look forward to all their scenes…oh and btw..has anyone noticed there are less interactions and scenes w/ the couples and hosts in the studio since episode 13..or is it just me??

  9. yes i did notice that there is less interaction, probably it was edited away due to the insufficient airtime. and they have to air all of the 5 couples. so probably they edit that away.

    my 2nd fav couple is HY-HB too!! but recently i am more interested in HY-HB couple cos there is not much interaction btw alex-shinae lately and HYHB has been exploding with lots of funny jokes. hahas!!

  10. kamsa hamida… for the fast updates!

    saw the raw cuts and ROTFL… alex expression is super duper cute… the silly laugh… the clasping of his hand and saying kamsa hamida and dropping sideway on the couch he was sitting on…very very cute!!! seriously his giddy happiness is infectious! and his polaroid moments are now his trademark…

    can’t wait for next week, the preview show them in close proximity… they should all just kiss already!


    but… why did HwangBo and Hyun Joong move into another home? Could HwangBo not afford their big house? hahahahaha! But really, why?

  12. Wow…They all look pretty on their wedding dress,especially SOLBI with her long hair…ANBI couple must be really famous in Korea,he??Even their fansclub prepared their 100th day cake,so sweet….

  13. irees- they moved b/c they weren’t staying in Seoul and it became too hard/ expensive to commute every time they had to film

  14. Solbi is so gorgeous! Now I know why Ep 15 preview did not give a clear shot of Solbi in her wedding gown, unlike the other brides – to give her fans a pleasant surprise in Ep 16! Andy could not take his eyes off her! Love Anbi, even when they have disagreements, they are always holdings hands!

    HB/HY is my next favorite couple, after Anbi. They have funny/witty conversations. Looking forward to the development of their relationship.

  15. No!!! My Yeo Jeong shouldn’t have gave cradle snatcher those bobos!! haha but wow Solbi and Shin Ae look so pretty, especially Solbi!!!

  16. The best part was the face of the three man hohohoho soo cute 멍~ face awesome and Alex γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ Thank you God!! Your the best!! γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ so cute

  17. Shin Ae is just way too gorgeous and looks so natural too. She didn’t have to go to beauty salon to make her hair and do her make up that day.

    She is indeed a woman that will please her husband by her elegant yet natural beauty.

    Alex reaction is just wow!!! Too cute and adorable..Can’t wait for the next episodes..!! Hope AlShin segment will be more longer..

    Hyung Joong and Hwang Boo, is lovely too!!

    Cronwn-Yooung indeed is so lovely together..

  18. btw: AlShin progress is slowly but surely a kind of progress that is realistic and not based on hanging and depending on reality show merely. A kind of progress which is not sooo entertaining wise but largely will have a definite result in their real life. Hope the PD will give them more times in the next episodes for them to enhance their soul together!!

  19. I really think Alex is seriously smitten with Shinae. Either that or he’s one goooood actor.

    I love the HB/HJ coupling as they crack me up so much. I was honestly leery of HJ as I thought he would be just another silly idol but he’s something else altogether! The stuff he comes up with totally slay me! And I love how Hwang Bo finds everything so hilarious she’s always literally rolling on the ground laughing. Besides Shinae, I think she’s my favourite bride. Whoever came up with the HB/HJ combo is a bloody genius! Who would have thought, eh?

  20. @skan: Haha true2x. Hwang Boo will be a lovely bride too. She never failed to smitten another man especially younger artist. She always a favorite in another reality shows. She has that kind of aura, you know..

    Oh, no matter who the man is, he will definitely will be smitten by Shin Ae beauty. To be smitten by her beauty is just a natural and spontaneous reaction by anyone who watched her. She is one in a thousand beauty.

  21. @Skan: Forget to add about Hyun Joong. Yah, me too. I’m totally impressed by him. I have watched various idols personality in others reality shows and when I encountered another so called ‘idol’ is in this show I have becoming skeptical and leery too at him at first, as I didn’t like so much when watch them at first yet after some moments, Hyun Joong character just amazed me out. I will never be a fan of his group but I will definitely impressed by his something else together personalty as you said. He is special in his own way and I love that.

  22. i love shin-ae first weddign dress. It’s pretty. but i love the third crown she wore. and combile with the long vessel in second dress would be great too.

    Alex expression when said “Thank You” many times were really cute. It’s like he thanking to the God for giving him this true memorable memories seing beautiful shin-ae in beautiful wedding dress. perhaps man also have their own fantasy/dreams about “Perfect Wedding”

    looking forward next for next episode. Shin-ae looks sexy in red dress πŸ˜€

  23. i’ve seen teh videos of anbi couple which u have subbed..
    and Gosh, solbi is so pretty there..
    they are, absolutely, match made in heaven..
    thanks for subbing it..^^

  24. Me too; I’m waiting for the subs. πŸ˜€

    I want to know what Solbi said that for the first time I saw Andy say something to her while watching her segment when he sent a text to her.

    Its like she said something and he needed to confirm what she had said and she said Yes. πŸ˜€

  25. Alex was super cute in this episode…especially with his expressions. I’ve never seen him like that before–he must be truly taken aback by Shin Ae’s beauty.
    Can’t wait to see Al-Shin next week.

    Crown J-SIY never fail to crack me up….they are always so fun to watch.

    I just hope we’ll get to see some of the scenes shown in the preview next week. I dislike it when they show something in the preview but never show it in the episode.

  26. Crown J’s reaction to seeing In Young in the wedding dress is completely PRICELESS!! Loved it!!!

    I felt bad for Andy being sick and all!

    Alex thanking God was soo funny!!! I wish they’ll get over this courteous way with them and get back to where they left off when they ‘broke up’.

  27. Andy solbi-things are still a little bit off but they still tries hard to get along and that’s sooo awsome! solbi looks great in her wedding dress

    crown J – lol i just laughed at crown j’s expression!! but i though that the wedding dress for in young was not pretty enough for her. but the preview for this couple makes me wanna see the other ep sooo bad! it looks like they’re gonna kiss but i think that’s just a pose…..T_T oh well

    shin ae alex – still arkward…..

    hwang bo huynjoong – ahh~ i want to see the next ep for these two too! hwang bo looks really sad with hyun joong leaving for japan and everything…..


    i wish the best for all the couple!!

  28. Finally had time to watch this .. my take I love all the guys expressions especially Crown J’s πŸ™‚ wasn’t really diggin’ the pink tux he tried on but we’ll see which one he wears. In Young’s dresses were really pretty, though the yellow one would have been better if it wasn’t yellow (sorry I don’t like that color on her).

    Also how come they only showed one dress for Solbi, I felt bad for Andy since he was sick, but also sad for Solbi since it was a special day & Andy should have stayed with her.

    Is it me but why did Shin Ae look like she didn’t like any of the dresses that she was put in (well maybe the last one, which was the best one I think plus if she had the veil from the second dress she tried on). Alex why you choosing the wedding dress for your wife? Lol also him thanking god first time Shin Ae came out.

    JoongBo soo cute πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the next episode πŸ˜€ HJ was really cute when he put on the vest & scarf his wife made him & was really thoughtful to buy medicine for her.

  29. the guys’ expressions when they saw their women with their gowns on were PRICELESS! but what struck me most was that of CrownJ.. hahaha! he was clearly into InYoung that time!

  30. Aww they really were a great couple I can’t believe andy and solbi aren’t together anymore πŸ˜₯

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