Nam Gyu Ri as an Actress and not Singer?

Nam Gyu Ri who will be making her bow soon as an actress in horror movie, “Gosa” expressed that someone had once suggested to her that she should quit SeeYa and become a full-time actress instead.

Nam Gyu Ri has recently received over 10 invitations to appear in dramas and movies with one of them suggesting that she should quit her current group, SeeYa and make a move for the movie industry instead.

Nam Gyu Ri is no stranger to acting, having been the female lead in numerous MVs for SG Wannabe and her own group, SeeYa. With regards to her acting alongside Lee Bum Soo, her fans expressed, “I believe in her acting ability since she has managed to snitch the female lead role in her first movie”, “She definitely has the capability to become a good actress”, etc.

With regards to the question of quitting SeeYa and becoming an actress

Although an acting career is quite tempting, but for me personally, being a singer is a much bigger dream for me currently. I don’t think being an actress will have any effect on my singing career. I hope to let everyone see that I am equally adept and at ease with being an actress and singer at the same time.

I have been through thick and thin with my two sisters in SeeYa for the past four years and I want to continue working with them in the near future.

No movie release date has been set which also stars Yoon Jung Hee, Kim Bum.

5 thoughts on “Nam Gyu Ri as an Actress and not Singer?

  1. Hair can do so much for a person. Her face still looks the same of course, but her long hair just makes her look prettier. This hair just falls.. flat, literally.

    People should really watch her act more than 10 mins before deciding her career for her. Sure she snatched the lead, but not all lead actress can act.

  2. I think she’s improving in acting ^^
    I’m glad she stayed with SeeYa though because I love all three of them >< Looking forward to her dramas and movies this year ^^ .

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