End of the Road for Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong

Following last Sunday’s episode, news broke on Monday that Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong are heading for a “divorce” and leaving “We Got Married”.

Bought in to replace the outgoing Jung Hyung Don (replacing Hwi Jae as MC) and Saori couple, the Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong have lasted just two months as they played out a older man-younger woman relationship. No particular reason was given for their “divorce” although the general complaint from viewers is that there simply ain’t enough airtime for all five couples.

How do you understand a couple if they get so little time? But with one couple out, the other four couples would probably get a better airtime balance.

Honestly, I felt that Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong had the worst edits ever which made them look more boring than usual. The more I did their cuts, the lesser time I felt they had on the show to accomodate the other four couples who were obviously more popular and got more mileage from the program than them. In fact, Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong hardly got any mention in the news unlike the rest. Lack of chemistry? Looks like father-daughter? Probably. But there goes the average couple on the show and their outing to Nami Island looks likely to be their last and their studio recording on 2nd July.

Now in related news thanks to smr05, SBS will be coming out with “Let’s Live Well…” which is somewhat loosely based on “We Got Married” in early July. The first celebrities signed on are actress, Lee Young Eun and trot singer, Park Hyun Bin while Park Kyung Lim and Ji Suk Jin will host.

SBS was once the trendsetter with “Xman”, “Ya Shim Man Man” and “Love Letter” and labelled a variety show dynasty tv station. But it has since since hit a brain drain and their recent offering like “Family Outing” is also loosely based on KBS “1N2D”. Well, it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s good and offers competition but it would be better if they can think out of the box again.

43 thoughts on “End of the Road for Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong

  1. it’s kinda unfair for them. got them in to fill up space and when the director don’t need them anymore, easily kick them out.
    uhhh… thats really mess up.

  2. I enjoyed watching this couple and it is sad they didn’t get enough air time to become as popular as the rest… *sigh* About SBS copying We Just Married…. I’ll have to take a look because I can’t help myself and Park Kyung Lim will be hosting (How can I resist?) but yeah… not sure what to expect.

  3. Oh well, I’m done with WGM. they were the only reason on why I watch the show but maybe SIY and Crown J will make me watch the show sometimes. the other 3 is tooooo girly for me man.

    can’t help it, the other couples were mostly fangirl sensations…

  4. i have a feeling “Lets live Well” wont be as successful as WGM. Is SBS not doing very well?? Because this looks like something out of desperation since WGM is attracting so many audiences…

  5. also agree with PEARL….i dont know if they are kicking them out just because people are complaining about other couples air time but thats not right….cant they just extend the time or does that cost extra money??

  6. aww, that sucks! i can’t believe they’re getting a “divorce”, they were one of my fav couples… totally agree w/coolsmurf, they didn’t get enough air time but i still thought they were cute, sweet… & contrary to what other may say… i thought they were entertaining to watch. ^.^

  7. This is expected, but very sad. I, too, think the couple don’t get enough air time compared to the rest of the others. I really liked them and Jo Yeo Jung is such a sweetheart, she’s so bubbly and bright. I loved it when she followed what her husband taught her about how to pitch when she threw the first pitch at that game…it was so cute and Lee Hwi Jae looked so proud in the stands.

    Aish…I’m happy the others will get more airtime but I sadden that I feel they’re leaving to accomodate the others.

  8. I pretty much expected this. They got the shortest airtime out of the couples, and they didn’t get garner as much publicity as everybody else. I feel sad they were kinda just used to fill in the time, and they just got kicked to the curb just like that. =/

    As for SBS, I feel like this is definitely something they are pulling out of desperation for competition. I don’t know what happened to SBS. They started cancelling all the good variety shows, and they’ve gone downhill for me. I watch more of MBC now, definitely. WGM is such a good show, and I REALLY doubt SBS’s version would top it.

  9. eugh…well, it’s unfair really. i don’t mind if they cut some airtime from each of the four other couple to let this couple stay on the show. haha tho, how hilarious for some ppl to say other couples are girly/fangirls thing…oh well. what can i say..i can’t change ppl’s perception so will not waste my time on that.

    i still feel bad for them to divorce just to make way for other couples n audience’ roar. ahhh, well…..thanks for the news.

  10. When one of the netzien commented that LHJ and JYJ are leaving the show, I thought it was a joke. Now that coolsmurf has posted this news, I’m flabbergasted.

    Even though they got the shortest airtime, I enjoy watching them especially JYJ. The pairing is good even though LHJ is a cradle snatcher. In reality, the situation do happen.

    So sad………….

  11. i’m glad they got the boot because unfortunately, they put to me to sleep during their scenes XD

    now there’s more time for the other 4!!! woohoo~~

    hm… i wonder what sbs’ knock-off is going to be like. i don’t think it’ll compare to WGM and its popularity, but i’d love to see more celeb hookups ^^

    thanks for the info !!!

  12. It’s too bad that they’re leaving the show but it really is expected. WGM’s been geeting a lot of complaints about how the 5 couple setup just doesn’t work. WGM PDs realize they need to streamline it back and who else can they cut besides LHJ-JYJ?
    I wish the two all the best in their career. LHJ’s got another MC job already so it’s no big deal for him I guess….

    I’ll miss them…. it’s too bad we’ve never gotten a chance to ‘know’ them.

  13. aww.. for some reason i feel bad, even tho i dont watch this couple.. I think the PDs or whoever in charge of the show has something to do with this partially. But on a better note there is now more air time for the popular couples, and were back to 4 couples again lol. I hope they wont introduce a new couple..

  14. Like o-cha said, it’s sad but expected. PDs needed to streamline and they weren’t creating much interest (I was personally uninterested in them).

    SBS rip-off? SBS could be more creative in their programs. Though I’ll keep an open mind about this show (even if SBS is notorious for scripted variety show), I bet they won’t beat WGM’s popularity. Well, anything can happen in the future . . .

  15. That really sucks that they’ll be leaving. I really liked them and was happy to see them getting along again after the grocery incident. I could never really understand why some people disliked them so much. Oh well, I’m sure they will be able to do fine and find other work.

    If someone decides to sub it, I’ll probably watch SBS’s version. Can’t understand a lick of Korean, haha.

  16. OH NO! I really liked this couple! He was so sweet until he became an immature brat about the “fate” thing, but he redeemed himself latter on with the baseball lesson. And I just adored Yeo Jeong! She has the cutest personality and she’s so incredibly cute and pretty! I’m gonna really miss them! Oh well, I’ll be watching “Family Outing” now, which is the best new show! So hilarious! Gotta check it out!

  17. I’m actually quite excited for this new variety show since PKL will be hosting (I adore her) and because I love Park Hyun Bin. He’s a riot so I know he’ll offer some good laughs. Look forward to it.

  18. they were kind of boring, he was childish. this couple made me miss Don Don and Saori. but both couples seemed alike, miserable and the guys were just not interested in the couple stuff.

  19. i kinda saw this coming. they didn’t have much airtime like the other couples. it was interesting watching them though specially when they got to their apartment for the first time. best of luck to them.

    can’t wait to see the new couple =)

  20. ^i dont think theyre gonna be replaced with a new couple…

    i had a feeling that this was gonna happen, considering how little time each couple had for the past few weeks…
    i think that this couple didn’t last very long also since they’re not super popular/known, plus their chemistry wasn’t really anything special.

    im gonna miss the gir Yeo Jeong, though…she was cute =]

  21. i knew one couple would have to go & i thought it would be hwang bo & joong hyun because his in japan but even though they say he’ll fly back & forth i still expected them to be the one to go because joong hyun will be exhausted from all the flights & he needs to focus on Japan.
    So that’s why I expected them.
    Didn’t expect these two.
    I like them because they portray the average married couple & now that they are gone it’s just gonna be different.
    I think it totally sucks.
    i really liked these two.

    Well i wish them the best of luck.
    The PD is a punk.

  22. It’s mean to say this but I’m glad they’re leaving. They had very little chemistry and it just took scree-time away from the couples who DO have chemistry.

    Plus……HwiJae is kind of an ass and I wont miss him! lol

  23. I never really saw the chemistry between them, so I’m not totally sad that they’re leaving…not to be mean

    So yeah, ^ I agree.

  24. I called it, or something like that. I knew they were going to give the more popular couples more airtime. Sure, that’s a given, but just ain’t fair.

  25. WHAT?! NO FAIR!!! I actually loved watching segments of HwiJae and YeoJeong. In fact, they’re my favorite. Some say they’re boring. But i guess ppl can have different definitions of boring. For me, boring is along the lines of ShinAe and Alex. Its just really painful to watch them. I swear I have to fastforward the tape when it comes to their segment. Still cant believe they got voted best couple. If thats what perfect is, i don’t want it.

  26. i agree with you airin….
    i love jo yeo jeong basically because she’s the type of woman i’d marry hahahahahaha.
    but seriously, alex and shin ae pisses me off. the shit alex does is so fake, corny and forced. it makes me want to vomit. I’m all for you know courting, romance and whatnot. ie. andy and solbi. that’s a good “romantic” couple. alex and shin ae is just disgusting… something about them makes me feel sick, and i cringe everytime they come on…

  27. I think the couple who was affected by the 5 couple ‘policy’ is actually Al-Shin. they had the least time slot than the others. Coolsmurf has only 1 cut of them in his last YT entry (how sad!)

    I don’t really ‘feel’ Lee Hwi jae- Jo Yoo Jeong, but it is sad that they had to be ‘sacrificed’ to keep the time slot even for all couples. They should been given a chance, like they should’ve gave Don Don and Saori a chance in spite of their lack of chemisty, but up till last episode, when Lee Hwi Jae acted really childish I think it’s raw and real emotions, and the look of Yoo Jeong’s face when she’s trying to suppress her emotions is REAL DEAL. I hope they’re not sacrificed. Their both are still trying to adapt.

    Actually I wanted to see Ales-Shin Ae quarrel a bit…..cause marriage is not always lovey dovey

  28. ugh!!!! They are totally funny and soooo good together! And out of the four couples except for solbi, they probably were the most realistic. And they just got their first fight! How can you show a marriage with just one fight. Give them 5 minutes each show I don’t care but don’t cut them out. JYJ is sooooo much more mature than all the others and she probably gets the marriage thing the best. And LHJ is soo into her and given her past it was really interesting that he’s falling for her. Just because they’re not as popular doesn’t mean they should be kicked out. Totally uncool!!!

  29. I actually liked the couple and waited for more development, but the other couples may it easy to notice them more and “forget” them. So I don’t think they would add a new couple would they, ‘cuz originally they only had four, therefore had better balance.

    haha I like park hyun bin.

  30. Its too bad about them leaving. i admit they were boring when they first came onto the show and i often found myself skipping their parts..but then they started to become really cute ^_^ too bad though =(

  31. i didn’t enjoy watching them so it’s ok.. hehe!=P but too bad they had to get kicked out of the show just like that, without concrete explanations..

  32. i wanted to see more of her i didnt care about Lee Hwi Jae..she was so hot..but not compared to shin ae tho…lol but still..she was my second favorite out of all the girls. and then all of a sudden without any explaination they took her out..i was so disappointed..

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