Kim Jang Hoon Holds Free Concert for Taean Oil Spill Relief

Residents living on the west coast of S.Korea are still recovering from the Tae-an oil spill in December 2007. Korean celebrities has from time to time showed their support by performing or going in person to help clear up the blobs of oil that plagues the coast. But the harsh reality is that the fishing, fish farming and tourism industries will not come back at least for now and the near future.

Kim Jang Hoon who had previously showed up in Tae-an to help clear the oil spill and also performing at concerts to raise funds to help those affected, will be holding a Kim Jang Hoon Seohaean Festival this Saturday, 28th June at 7:30pm in Shinhukdong, Boryeong City, Chungnam. Admission is free and his main intention is to get people to come for the concert and spend money there in the form of buying snacks, having meals, lodging, etc.

Besides Kim Jang Hoon himself, other performing artistes will include Yoon Do Hyun Band, DJ Doc, No Brain and Super Junior Happy.

For those that are unable to be there, you can watch it online.

5 thoughts on “Kim Jang Hoon Holds Free Concert for Taean Oil Spill Relief

  1. he’s such an awesome person, always donating his time and money! celebrities should follow in his footsteps!

  2. he has such a good heart but he overworked himself and collapsed at the concert. TT_TT he worked so hard for the concert. hope he gets well

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