Top Celebrities Join Hands to Help Starving Children of North Korea

Top celebrities in South Korea came together to record a project album titled “Cry With Us” to help starving children in North Korea.

Wonder Girls, Jewelry, SG Wannabe, Insooni, Kim Hyun Jung, Shin Ji, Yurisangja, Park Sang Min, Byun Jin Sup, Jang Hye Jin, Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Bum Soo, ISU (MC The Max), Mighty Mouth, Cha In Pyo, Shin Ae Ra, KCM, Jadu, Maya, etc as well as North Korean TV personality Jeon Cheol Woo came together to lend their voices for the project. The celebrities gathered at the Booming Studio in Daechi-dong, Seoul for the press conference and recorded the song.

The project aims to give aid to the starving children of the North as well as to give them a message of hope. The lyrics of the song stress that people of the South and North Korea are one and promote the message of sharing. All the proceeds from album sales will be used to help North Korean children.

8 thoughts on “Top Celebrities Join Hands to Help Starving Children of North Korea

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  2. The title “Cry With Us” seems a bit too negative…

    It’s really nice that they are helping though…is that a movie in the background?

  3. did anyone see Shin Jung Hwan? i’ve always wanted to see him singing but i couldnt’ find him in the video lol

  4. awesome project! nice change of pace considering past relations between the countries.

    is it just me or are the wonder girls photoshopped in the back of the pic?

  5. ^ Yeap. I think WG is photoshopped in the picture..

    If they were there, then they would be put in the front (obviously, to attract more people) and because, they’re short, lol.

    In the photo, only their heads show, because they probably weren’t wearing the ‘Cry With Us’ shirts.

    And, in the music video, they weren’t singing with the entire group.

  6. made me touched !!!
    are u coolsmurf that have an account in youtube ???
    i love ur collections ! ^^
    credits 4 u..

  7. South Korea was poor like North Korea 50 years ago, but is amazing what the economic development can do. Now South Korea is on an astonishing 27,900US$ per capita and North Korea just on 1,600US$ less than Haiti and almost the middle is for army so citizens are starving. In South Korea should love their government men.

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