T.O.P casted for IRIS alongside Lee Byung Hun

T.O.P from Big Bang has been casted in “IRIS”, his second drama.

“IRIS” is attracting attention from viewers because of the big names already signed to the drama like director Kang Je Gyu (Taegukgi: The Brotherhood Of War), director Lee Hyung Min (I’m Sorry, But I Love You) and also the return of Lee Byung Hun to the small screen after an absence of five years.

T.O.P will play an assassin that’s sent by IRIS, a secret organization hidden in America to assasinate Lee Byung Hun’s character who belongs to NSS, another secret organization. T.O.P was last seen in KBS “I Am Sam” drama and have impressed so much that he is now given a chance to work alongside Lee Byung Hun and Kang Je Gyu in just his second drama in less than a year.

With over 20 million dollars invested in “IRIS”, the 20-episodes drama will start filming in countries like Russia, Japan, China, America plus other overseas countries in October. It is scheduled for broadcast in the earlier part of 2009.

20 thoughts on “T.O.P casted for IRIS alongside Lee Byung Hun

  1. WOWWW GO T.O.P! im so excited!!!!!!!!
    to admit, my heart totally jumped a beat when i saw “T.O.P.” and “casted”… and i was totally expecting him to lead the krn hana yori dango (he probably wont now… since hyd is supposed to air early 2009 too), but THIS IS SO EXCITING TOO!!! lee byung hun is A-LIST!! yeaaaa T.O.P!! cant wait for this drama!

  2. OMGAWD.
    many fans are able to see TOP now,
    like people in america, if you are lucky enough, they might just film near to where you live
    sadly, its NEVER gonna happen to me ;p
    TOPTOP (: saranghae

  3. double hottie alert! lee byung hun is a good actor. i’m not quite sure about TOP though even though I have seen him in I Am Sam. he was good at acting mad and quiet i guess.

  4. I never gived a darn about Big Bang until I listened to “Lies”. This song made me sort of start liking them. They are actually a lot better than the prejudice I had. I hope he can do better this time than what he did in “I am Sam”. Go, T.O.P!

  5. He impressed so much? Really? Are they sure they’re not just casting him for his popularity? I’ve seen “I Am Sam”. He sure didn’t impress me.

    I’m actually anticipating this drama more so than the cliché East of Eden. I’m sure this will be too, but it just sounds so much cooler.

  6. I don’t know how others think, but I personally didn’t like much him in “I am Sam”. He seemed a bit nervous all the time in the drama. But still support him.

  7. so is he the bad guy or good guy? it seem like he’s the good guy right? well; im diffinitly watching this drama.
    i didnt like “i am sam” either. idk, but yeah. i hope this drama will have a good rating. cant wait!

  8. Whoa….this is just too awsome….
    Seriously? My name is Iris and TOP’s gonna be in this? I’m so watching this.
    Wait…..but Iris is the assain group? I can’t wait fro this to come out 🙂

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