Hwang Bo surprises Kim Hyun Joong in Japan

To show her support for her husband, Kim Hyun Joong who is currently working in Japan as part of SS501, Hwang Bo will make a surprise visit.

This filming will be shown in a future episode of MBC “We Got Married”. Because of SS501 Japan promotions, Kim Hyun Joong has to be there and can only come back to Korea on weekends to film “We Got Married” with Hwang Bo. This explains why during the studio recording (recorded on weekdays) shown last Sunday, Hwang Bo had to sit with a Kim Hyun Joong cardboard.

The filming on 23rd June begun at SS501 dorm in Japan on that afternoon until Hyun Joong ended a tv recording for Fuji Television before returning to his dorm on the same night for a planned gathering. Everything was done with Hyun Joong totally unaware that Hwang Bo would be paying him a surprise visit.

The PD had requested that everyone kept this a secret so that Hyun Joong would not find out about this from the internet or fans until they eventually met. Filming will end on 24th June before they return back home to Korea.

26 thoughts on “Hwang Bo surprises Kim Hyun Joong in Japan

  1. wow! I’m anticipating this…^^
    Glad she will go there. But aren’t this news will be heard by Hyun Joong since it has been posted in the internet. Or did Korea and Japan times is different from us?

  2. omg.. i absolutely love this couple!!! :DDD

    but do you know why they move into a new place in ep. 16? 0_0… soo confused? haha

  3. sweet…..

    anastacia, if your in america, it is a day delayed like it is the 23rd today and in japan or anywhere asia it is already the 24th..so the news is out today in asia which is the last day of filming..

  4. anastasia: the news actually spread on internet late last nite if i’m not mistaken(since i was checking out on them abt every hour haha) which would be late night 23rd/early morning 24th in Korea….so he has already meet her by then, supposedly^^

    i’m really anticipating this episode. n i hav hopes on this couple cuz they just made me feel that love is so wonderful. haha. thanks for the news.

  5. Awwww.. I can’t wait for this episode to be aired…
    this couple is the sweetest.. I do hoping they will go out in real life.. haha
    Hwangbo Unnie.. hwitingg!!!

  6. @ nofreak and lylpinay.

    Thanks so much for the explanation. Yah, me too. I’m anticipating them too. I really have grown to fond of Hyun Joong character especially after CTP talk when even he is young he is indeed is very thoughtful and considerate about Hwang Bo. When he said that he want to earn money and let Hwang Bo do the things that she love which is sewing etc and always repeating she is the best..that show he respected and admired her so much…and the phrase of age doesnt matter when it comes to love just so sweet. They might have to take more times, but they really a sweet couple besides they teach us several things too. Can’t wait for the next episode for AlShin and Joonbo!! ^^

  7. That’s so sweet especially since they are busy and everything. I wonder if perhaps they did this because this couple is really popular too.

    It wouldn’t be good to have another absence due to busy schedule. Though I wonder -_- would this mean they might move this couple to Japan but what about Hwang Bo’s schedule?

  8. That’s sooo cute!!!
    I can’t wait till they show that in WGM!!!
    When will they show the filming of it?? (when hwang bo visit hyun joong?)
    I know it’s not the next ep. (ep 16)
    Thanks for sharing coolsmurf!

  9. Are they really leaving? That’s too bad. I know they are not as fun or popular as other couples, but I still supprt them. It took quite a few weeks Atlnata Ant and New Product Seo and Andy and Solbi too to start getting attention from viewers. I eagerly hope this is that actually they are leaving, not that they are getting kicked out, if they really have to leave. But still, I really want them to stay in the show.

  10. anastassia: yeah, when he said that in CTP, he actually initiated the idea of “If i really marries her later…”…..he’s the only husband who said that by himself on the show. that really impressed me since he’s the blunt straight kinda dude.

    XD: uhh….who’s crazy? what did Hwangbo do to earn that title?

    Lazenca0: they’re not leaving. Hwijae-Yeojeong are leaving. but yeah….i feel really bad for those two.

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