Gourmet sets the pace

“Gourmet” has managed to edge ahead of it’s two other competing dramas.

According to AGB Nielsen, “Gourmet” got a rating of 15.2% placing it ahead of “Strongest Chilwoo” (11.1%) while “When It’s At Night” debuted with 10.9%.

“Gourmet” and “Strongest Chilwoo” had started off on the same page last Tuesday, broadcasting two episodes back-to-back to avoid “Yi San”. With the addition of “When It’s At Night” yesterday, “Gourmet” still managed to find itself top of the pack nevertheless. Still early days, but “Gourmet” is in a good hands.

3 thoughts on “Gourmet sets the pace

  1. Agreed on the cast issue, but I still want to watch it since I’m a big fan of the cartoon artist who sketched the original of this story.
    He also drew Tazza (Was its English title “High Roller” or something ?) and “Gourmet” was OK in film.

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