Lee Hyo Ri’s Third Studio Album It’s HYORISH Leaked

Lee Hyo Ri who will soon be releasing her 3rd solo studio album after a hiatus for the past two years, revealed a 30 secs MV preview clip and her album promotional poster which attracted the attention of fans and the public.

The album jacket for her third studio album “It’s HYORISH” was filmed in Hawaii with popular art elements from Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and other famous artists for a unique flavor. Everything was supposed to be revealed only tomorrow but the album has been leaked one day (today) before.

Lee Hyo Ri exited the music industry after concluding the promotions for her second album “Dark Angel” in 2006. She will make her comeback in July 2008.

22 thoughts on “Lee Hyo Ri’s Third Studio Album It’s HYORISH Leaked

  1. i know its bad but once i saw the “it’s hyorish”
    all i kept thinking was “it’s whorish?”

  2. Hmm…not sure what to think about this. I though Lee Hyori was trying to move away from the sexy image? But it seems like the same old same old based on the promo vid. Don’t get me wrong; I totally love Lee Hyori and am looking forward to her new album. But honestly, I was hoping for something new.

    And yinG: I sort of agree with you; I don’t think “it’s hyorish” is the best tag line, especially if it’s coupled with all the sexy images.

  3. i totally agree with you yinG. whorish was the first thing that popped into my mind when i saw hyorish…

    not a great call on her part. however, it’ll probably be foreign fans that catch on to the similar sounds and not korean fans [but maybe they will?].

    i’m just waiting for allkpop, popseoul and a bunch of other blogsites to milk that album name for all they can.

  4. I think she’s even more sexy than before. Look at her poster…so hot. I wonder about her type of music in this new album.

  5. She has matured. She tried making herself into a pop icon but ended up looking kitsch. I’m anticipating her song…

  6. What’s with all the album leaks these days? What are the companies doing wrong? It seems like they’re giving away samples to the wrong people. Hum.

    Or did you mean that this video, a preview of her album, leaked?

  7. i’m not hooked, but at least she’s got an interesting and quite daring concept. Just hope she’s not gonna do too much. it does look a little bit kitch. in any case, at least it’s made me more curious about the rest ^^

  8. The teaser looks great! I’m totally hooked! She still looks amazing and her album is going to ROCK!!!

  9. she really knows how to do cute and sexy! just love this girl! i’ve been enjoying her new shows, but i’d really love to see her on stage again! hyori fighting!!!!

  10. 1. Folks, what if M.net released it on purpose or wanted it to happen? No matter who stole or released it, one thing that’s certain is this leakage has brought advantages to them. Almost everyone who enters a portal site in Korea sees the news about this “incident”. Although they(M.net) insist they are shocked, they could be happy about this.

    2. About her stubbornness on sexiness, I think she is sort of forced to do so. Not because she wants to, but she has no other choice. Having been so busy doing MC, CF modeling and other things on TV shows(none of them related to music), she wouldn’t have had enough capacity to change her style. I wouldn’t expect much if she had come back with ballad or R&B or Jazz. To completely change her style, she would need intensive trainning for a long time.

  11. Who cares if it was on purpose! If it was, then it did it’s job! She is stunning as always and can’t wait to her the new album!

  12. Hyorish=Whorish?? That’s what immediately came to mind. And I can’t get it outta my head. It’s a bit… encouraged{?} with the pictures, which, in my opinion, could have been done a bit more tastefully.

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