We Got Married Episode 15 Summary

We started with Crown J, Seo In Young and Hwang Bo, Kim Hyun Joong couples as they continued their vacation at the Caribbean Bay water theme park. The highlight was Seo In Young fawning over Kim Hyun Joong whenever the opportunity presented itself with Crown J looking on in jealousy. Back at home, Hwang Bo gives Hyun Joong a vest which she sewed.

Alex and Shin Ae was back at their luxury house going through their surroundings that was once so familar to them. The polaroid pictures make it’s comeback, etc and the flowerpot gift which Alex had given to Shin Ae when he left. They snapped a picture of that too! Then Shin Ae starts cooking, Alex then starts playing music (everything so deja vu). But a familar tune rings out, it’s the studio recording of their Romeo and Juliet duet in Episode 8, nice!!!

There wasn’t much of a conflict actually between Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong. Again their segment felt really short again. Hwi Jae teached and imparted some baseball pitching pointers to Yeo Jeong who was clueless about it. She later went to a baseball game and pitched to open the baseball game which many celebrities get invited to. Hwi Jae was sitting in the stands, giving support.

Final part where Solbi and Andy returns home after a “horrifying” trip to the Everland resort, especially for the earlier. They start to play around as Solbi tries to get herself into the mood before her confession. She then prepares food and red wine as both of them settled down for a face-to-face talk. Solbi said that she wanted so much to show the ring to people that she kept it with her always in her purse but she couldn’t wear it yet since it hasn’t been aired.

But somehow or rather, someone stole her entire purse for her which had the ring inside. She tried to make one but decided not to since it wouldn’t mean really mean anything. She was sobbing and kept saying how sorry she was. Andy consoled her saying it’s better saying it now right? I was disappointed when you didn’t tell me earlier. Nothing would have happen if you had told me.

So who really stole the ring then? It will probably be the No.1 search term now in Korea. The No.1 candidate as all Anbiholics would concur is the WGM PD.

Then in the interview room, Solbi revealed her emotional scar that she had been hurt greatly before and didn’t want to experience that again. She only wants to concentrate on her career but with how things are going now, she can’t help but feel something for Andy. She then says how great this program is. Andy says in his interview that he knows more of Solbi’s qualities now too.

Next week’s preview shows our original three couples going through their wedding photoshoot for their 100th day anniversary special event. Hyun Joong meanwhile is moving house to Japan (?) while Hwi Jae and Yeo Jeong goes for an outing which resembles a scene from Winter Sonata (?).

49 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 15 Summary

  1. I knew Solbi had a good reason. I was kind of annoyed when people started saying she was irresponsible without knowing all the details. It just goes to show that people shouldn’t make snap judgments. Now, don’t you folks feel a bit bad for doubting Solbi?

    And, I can’t wait to see all the couples again. They’ve all got something special about them. =)

  2. Thank you for the summary!

    I guess between Yeo Jeong and Hwi Jae, it’s not a very big problem and they should be able to iron it out.

  3. Ahhh the truth about the ring is finally out.. Solbi is quite a poor thing, she isn’t at fault for losing the ring.

    Thanks for the summary!

  4. Uhm what do you mean with Hyun Joong meanwhile is moving house to Japan…..i really wanna know ..is he going to stop with the schow ??
    im glad solbi confessed

  5. poor solbi. i think that reason makes a lot of sense. its not like she washed her hands in the tiolet and left it on the sink. the thing was that she was restricted from wearing the ring because that episode wasnt air yet.

    if i were her i would also very very devesated. i mean which girl wouldnt want to wear the ring that her so call “husband” gave and show it off.

    i hope andy would be nice enough to give her another ring. or give her another pleasant surprise.

  6. thank you very much for the latest summary..u’re very fast indeed… i’m very worried for solbi and andy earlier.. but it solved now.. so that was the reason..poor solbi..well who took the bag then??

    is good to read that andy did consoled her… hope that everything will be fine now.. and thanks again.. u’re the best…keep up the good work..

  7. do u have the video and subbed now? i found ep15 but without sub can’t understand well. i wan to know what solbi say.


  8. Thank you very much for episode 15 summary, coolsmurf. You’re a Flash! (comic hero)
    Now we know the reason or how the ring was lost, lets the issue be buried and move on. Everything is fine and bright now.
    Looking forward to the wedding photos session.

  9. im watch We Got Married today n its really touching-_-
    especially Andy n Solbi ,,
    thx u so much coolsmurf 4 translate Our ANBI~
    thank u . thank u . thank u

  10. Anyone understood what dong said? ><;

    Thank you for the quick summary, Alvin!
    And many many thanks for all the subs that you’ve been doing! We greatly appreciate it!

    Couples fighting!!! <333

  11. SS501 are resuming their activities in Japan again, so I assume that’s what it means? He will however continue to be in the show so nothing to worry about πŸ™‚ Except maybe how tired he’s going to be with all the activities and traveling

  12. I love how Andy reacted, he wasn’t angry or anything; he was very understanding. That is a MUST HAVE quality a good boyfriend should have. πŸ™‚

  13. Contrary to what everyone thought at first I’m starting to think the whole ring incident might actually just bring anbi closer, now that they’ve had their first conflict but it wasn’t that bad and they’ve gotten to know one another better now.

    Thank you for the summaries! It keeps me going while I wait for the subbed eps πŸ™‚

  14. =O whoever stole that purse is going to get it from all the netizens and WGM fans. they better watch it.

  15. was so touched watching this ep.
    cried like hell at the confession part…. the part where she says she’s learned more about herself and that she needs to be more truthful to ansobang.
    i think they’re the only couple who can sit down with each other and calmly talk out their issues sincerely….
    bogiman chuah…:):)

  16. Wow Alvin you are just way too coll. Thanks a bunch..

    A lot of viewers really miss the previous episodes when there is only 4 couples when we can enjoyed much footers and times spending is likely more on each episodes.

    But anyhow, I enjoyed each couple progress on different level. AlShin, CrownJ and JoongBo. They are really interesting on their own way. Watching CTP with much observation, being objective and translation also really help to understand the couple’s more out of the screen of WGM, their individuality, their consistency and also most importantly their real intimacy out of screen ( off camera ) – body language- especially AlShin.

    Hyun Joong I have to say is really naive and innocent and at first I really thought i wouldn’t like his idol image but through this show no matter what is scripted true personality will be displayed. His personality despite his young age and innocent view he also has his own deep insight, very considerate and I have to say he will be a good husband when the times come.

    As part of Solbi, I like her as an individual but in a relationship, whatever reason it is ( the ring of course is not all her fault ) but honesty is truly very important. But after all, hope the best for them. It is of course not easy to keep the ‘ring incident’ all by herself. Hope she and Andy will learn and growing through this process and learn what is really matter in one relationship.

    All the best for all of them!

  17. just watched it on the link dong #16 gave, it’s LQ but im sooo addicted so, it’s ok πŸ™‚ im looking fwd to the subbed cut..

    anyway, solbi’s confession towards the end was like 4:30 minute, (i was reading the brief translation provided while watching and felt so moved.)

  18. A few corrections.

    She said how “scary” this program is. And how its making her fearful of how her feelings are now growing stronger towards a man she knows she shouldnt feel that way towards.

  19. hoho…as expected, solbi wouldn’t lost the ring without any good reason..the purse hv been stole..huhu..that is expected too as in episode 11 or 12 which they should host a housewarming party, solbi had bought a new phone..maybe bcoz all her stuff like ‘the ring’, money and also her phone have been stolen..poor solbi..
    but now, i think everyone especially andy and their fans so relieved~ and me too…

    looking foward to watch this episode and next week episode too! solbi must be looking gorgeous in her wedding gown! and be paired with her ‘make-believed’ husband, andy will be a good match and they look perfect together!!!~

    anbi fighting!!~~

  20. I really feel sad for Solbi…even if I didn’t understand what she’s saying coz it’s not subbed yet….but I can feel her sadness over the whole thing…

  21. i cried during Solbi’s confession every time i re-watched it!!! no matter how many times… it still bring tears to my eyes… i truly admire her now… confessing and talking about her feelings on national TV…

    as for AlShin/JoongBo/CrownIn couples… i’m starting to really like them a lot…. i usually skipped through their parts…but they’re getting interesting to watch….

    HwiJeong couple… they’re getting better… nothing appealing to me yet…

  22. why u sub only alex part? i prefert andy part can faster sub? thx thx !! haha

    Can you please be considerate? Sheesh… your words are truly selfish indeed.

  23. I cried and cried listening to Solbi…..but to cheer myself up I kept watching the first part and started laughing.

    Andy looked so shocked when Solbi scolded him for letting people spank his butt and yelled “His butt was hers”.

    Now what would be funny is if Andy starts having signs on his behind that says.

    Property of Solbi or Solbi’s a$$-ets

    Wonder if Dong Wan will get it; he kept slapping Andy’s behind when they were practicing for the Special Stage. πŸ˜€

  24. The whole ring situation feels so scripted! I mean she made it such a big deal out of something so simple and they dragged it on and on over a stolen purse.

    I’m so glad they FINALLY talked it out and ended it.

  25. Solbi surely must have wanted speak out about it, but as she said, she didn’t have enough courage. That makes her even more lovely to me. She usually looks like a person who is never afraid of anything, but hesitating that much clearly shows us how much meaning she had in the ring. If I were Andy, I would love her even more after knowing all that story.

  26. I don’t usually connect with celebrities or characters in dramas and shows like We Got Married, but Andy and Solbi touched me from the very beginning. Not only are they playing themselves, but are together in a marriage! Clearly what they had from the very beginning was cute and playful, and this display clearly showed the extent of understanding and growth that has taken place in this relationship since the first episode.

    I cried with Solbi the entire time because she’s such a good person and she deserves Andy’s love more so than, I think, any other person.

    I really hope they get together in real life because Solbi was right. It’s not just acting in the show. I’m pretty sure this entire episode was from the heart and not scripted.

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