Park Min Young in Singapore + Giorgio Armani Pictures

Can’t believe that she was in Singapore the past few days and I didn’t have a clue. Anyway, it was SO great to see her still looking so beautiful as always.

Park Min Young Cyworld Diary Entry (19th June)
Tokyo — Las Vegas — Bangkok — Vancouver — Singapore
Over the past year, I have been travelling like this and experiencing life
All of a sudden, I realise that time just passes by so quickly
But in it’s place is unbridled joy so I definitely won’t forget them!
those memories are so clear and will remain in my head.
Memories are just a special privilege
belonging to us humans compared to those sad moments
I’m now just taking a stroll among my memories…~

part 1 – w/ morning coffee
perfect morning on 3rd day enjoyable breakfast

part 2 – shangrila
I remembered that I was here 10 years ago
it’s still a neat, clean beautiful city like before
a developed tourist country
and that hotel, always so friendly no matter when

part 3 – pool
especially blissful after a swim
because I was honoured to have a talk with Hye Soo
to be able to experience this unique foreign country charm
from my hectic lifestyle, even if it’s just South-East Asia
As I read my book in silence, the feeling that just comes
even my family members won’t believe this…

part 4 – with mom
she is very beautiful
not talking about how young or beautiful she is
just that even though she’s a mother with daughter
she still has that youthfulness in her that complements her beauty
she is my mom, my life partner, and also my good friend
my mom, Hye Soo
a 20 year old and 40 year old travelling together is very enjoyable
I love you mommy

part 5 – behind the scene
Is this for gift/ or for yourself?
It’s for myself.
myself.. myself..
I felt that I must curb myself slightly

part 6 – at the beach
I have never heard about this… a place where you can have seafood
I really really love the seas
I feel really great just by just gazing afar at the seas

part 7 – reflections
who is that girl i see staring straight back at me?
when will my reflection show who i am inside?
Try and look inside my feelings, hehe

part 8 – at the airport
On my way back home.
Sweet yet short break but with many memories.
2008 Summer .

Park Min Young for a Giorgio Armani foundation product taken in April for a magazine. These are however untagged pictures from her official website.

17 thoughts on “Park Min Young in Singapore + Giorgio Armani Pictures

  1. She’s so pretty!
    And she was singing the Mulan song “Reflection”.

    I wish I was as close to my mommy as she is.

  2. its so cool that she called her mom, Hye Soo.. at first i thought she was out with Kim Hye

  3. she is soo simple and gorgeous. really beautiful.
    she has her mom’s eyes. or maybe the smile too. i dunno but it’s practically a spitting image.

  4. simple and pretty 🙂
    i know why you like her.hahaha.
    i like her too.
    she looks nothing like stuck up b with attitude 🙂
    she looks nice and kind.


    WHY!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!




  6. Oh, she is just simply beautiful in natural way. Now I know why you like or maybe ‘love’ her Alvin.:)

  7. ohh my gosh! she was in singapore?!!! how i wished i knew about it, would’ve went to take a peek at her…its such a small country, how i wished i could’ve seen her while shopping with my friends on that fateful day…argh. T_T

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