Kim Hyun Joong casted as Rui Hanazawa

The casting process for the Korean Hana Yori Dango has officially started.

The Korean version of Hana Yori Dango had seen immense success and popularity for the Taiwanese (2001) and Japanese version (2005) over the past few years. F4 had also become household names in Asia thanks to the drama and the “franchise” is being regarded as a star-making machine.

The 24 episodes Korean Hana Yori Dango is scheduled for broadcast early next year on KBS 2TV with fans in particular, very eager over who would be casted for the respective roles. In the latest rumours, it was reported that there were many calls from fans that SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong should be casted.

According to someone from Group Eight which will produce the drama, “We have discussed this with Kim Hyun Joong himself and his company but haven’t made the final decision yet.” DSP Entertainment expressed, “There’s too many things that we would have to do to accomodate his schedule, so we haven’t decide on whether he will be in the drama just yet”.

Why Hyun Joong then? The Group Eight official expressed, “We picked Hyun Joong based on his performance in MBC We Got Married with Hwang Bo and felt that he would be able to play the Rui character well.”

The producion company also reiterated their stand, “We are not going to just cast idols in the drama. There are many criteria that we look into. As long as it fits our criteria and image of the character, we will try to discuss the possibility regardless of whether he/she is an idol star or not.”

Auditions for the drama started in April and they are expecting to release the names of the F4 and female lead at the end of July.

Bottomline is no one has been picked as yet and the selection process is just getting started. One confirmed thing is that it will be aired in 2009. Group Eight previously produced MBC dramas, “Fantasy Couple” and “Goong S”.

I think he is a good choice if he eventually gets picked. Frankly, idol stars over those with acting ability are more likely to work for this drama than anything else. But what will happen to SS501 in Japan if he takes up the offer? What about We Got Married? No wonder, they can’t decide now.

48 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong casted as Rui Hanazawa

  1. Oh man….it would be absolutely AMAZING and absolutely PERFECT if he were to get picked!!!! I loved the Japanese version of Hana Yori Dango, and was so excited that they were going to make a Korean version!! Can’t wait for the rest of the cast to be named!!

  2. if he is hanazawa rui…makino should be really beautiful…

    can’t wait for the korean version….

  3. As much as he’s hot, I don’t like Hyun-joong to be Hanazawa Rui.

    Although he looks like he can “LOOK” (that’s LOOK and not PLAY) Hanazawa Rui well.

  4. sounds interesting!! so he woulde play vic zhou’s part?.. i think the role suits him..i’ve a big fan of meteor garden and hyun joong, so if it pushes thru?..nice!!! just wonder who would be the lead role played by jerry yan?.. (he must be extremely pretty)…

  5. i hope that if he does take on this job, he won’t have to leave we got married. i’d seriously be, not only sad, but totally pissed.
    i love the joongbo couple D:

  6. oh, he’d be absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the role as rui image-wise, but i’m not sure about his acting since i’ve never been exposed to it. i don’t want the drama to have a pretty cast without good acting.

  7. LOL, he’s 4th dimensional enough to play Rui …

    But I would want to still see him on WGM with Hwangbo as they really crack me up. They are so funny together!

  8. I was hoping that they would pick Jang Geun Suk xp buh he’s fine too xD

    SS501 is really going to be busy this year ^^

  9. This sounds great actually, his personality does rather resemble that of rui’s! Wow kjh’s popularity has just skyrocketed after wgm. I hope he doesn’t leave the show though.

  10. That’s very interesting…he has the right image for it but can he act? I’ve only seen the Japanese version, where his character didn’t really have to say much, just have good screen presence. So maybe as long as they have solid leads, idols as the rest of the F4 boys won’t matter as much.

  11. Hum am I the only one who’s not sure if he’d be good at playing Rui’s role? I mean, Rui is really quiet and calm… and doesn’t really do that much except moon over girls he can’t have. xD Maybe in one of the other F4 character roles.

  12. i don’t think that Hyun Joong will be a good choice for Hana Yori Dango but oh well is not my choice…

  13. Well to tell the truth I didn’t really like the Japanese version.. since it was kind of boring at times.. and I tend to skip through the parts… but I am so going to watch this one.
    I mean hello it has HyunJoong in it.. and I seriously love him in We Got Married.
    So I’m really looking forward to how well he can act in this.
    Oh and I heard a rumor on cr that one of the member from Big Bang is going to star in this as well.
    So if anyone knows if it is true or not…
    well post a reply

  14. i have to to say i’m having a mix of not so well feelings over this…
    i mean, it’d be good for hyunjoong n ss501……but…..
    man….i don’t mean to control his life n success…….but…..i think i’m going to get jealous…haha….cuz i love him in WGM too much, and this kinda drama would have scenes like….. iono… long as it doesn’t affect him n Hwangbo in WGM…it’s …….fine i guess? T__T

    Thanks much for the news, coolsmurf.

  15. I don’t know about Hyun Joong playing Rui… I mean Oguri Shun was perfect for the role and it’ll be hard to beat him.
    HYD was an awesome drama overall and it’ll be hard to beat. I hope the korean version doesn’t fail to impress b/c that will be pretty sad…

  16. it would be freaking awesome if he could be in the drama, but can he act???

    he has the sad puppy eyes going on, so i think he would fit the role perfectly, but can he actually act??

  17. Oh, my. I never a fan of ss501 as a gropu but this one boy personality has gradually growing on me. He will fit the role but the Korean version really has to catch up with Japanese version yet still embarked with their own creativity.

  18. I’m terrify at this idea ever since Se7en failed Goong S. I’m really hoping these “idol stars” will prove me wrong.. maybe they can act. I’m not going to hold my breath though.

    24 episodes? Why not 16? Oh they will drag this on and on.

    I’m not sure why I care this much, I don’t even like HYD that much. XD

  19. I think Kim Hyun Joong does looks like a manga character! I agree if he will be casted as Hanazawa Rui in the future, as long as he acted well in it.

  20. hmm i’m happy for him, if he’ll get casted but, i dont see him as RUI, i see him as Dao Ming Si / Domyouji [ spelling ?]

  21. haha.. you know. i think he’s the best fit for it.
    when i heard it, i wasn’t too surprised cause i was like


    haha.. oh well…
    i like the joongbo couple too.

  22. WOW!~ It would be great if he was casted, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

    I think the Supernova boys would be very suitable for some of the other characters. =}

  23. Oh, i just know it will be 26 episode..I hope not. It will be too dragging…Hyun Joong quirky- yes- personality really suit Rui.^^

    I hope the best for Korean production because I really love Japanese drama production and I didn’t know if i’m prepared to watch HYD Korean version.

  24. He really looks the part. When I think of pretty boys Hyun Joong definitely comes to mind.
    I think if he is indeed cast as Rui he’ll do a good job.
    Although yeah how will this affect WGM?

  25. I like the JP ver of HYD than Taiwans.
    LOL and i’m sure i’m going to enjoy watching HYD korea ver.
    because Hyunjoong is my second favorite from SS501 ^^

  26. oh kool.. he is gonna play rui.. wow.. thats a nice actring break for him.. and i love hwangbo and hyun joong pairing in we got married!.. cnt wait for this drama..

    i wish YEH can be Makino. WAAAAAA!!!!!

  27. awesome!!!
    Hyn Joong going to be in it!!!!
    i really hope eun hye will be the female leading actress!!!!
    i really really hope she’s in it…..

  28. wow, this wasnt posted very long ago! i had no idea there would be a korean version! i LOVED hana yori dango jap version <33 any word on the girl lead?

  29. hmmmmm i don’t know,, i think i want him to be in the role of doumyoji i think he’ll be cool,, he’s just too cute and funny to be a cold mysterious guy as hanazawa in the beginning of the serious,, yes i want him to be the lead role so i can enjoy watching him most of the airing time (as if the last decision goes to her!!)

  30. I agree that idols will guarantee ratings…

    They should just pick a guy from each of the idol groups (SS501, TVXQ, Big Bang, FT Island, Super Junior) to create the Korean F4… and build the rest of the cast… that would ensure the best exposure and ratings for this drama šŸ˜›

  31. Wow, coolsmurf! I was a fan of your youtube channel from the very early days when I had just gotten to know it, and now I stumble accidentally on this very fine webpage!

    I think Hyungjoon’s own nature actually comes closest to the original Rui of the three. People’s perceptions have by now been irrevocably coloured by the Taiwanese and then Japanese interpretations, but truthfully, while both were played very well, neither really made me sit and go – “That’s Rui come to life.” But HJ is, himself, almost already Rui. Completely nonchalant. Blunt. Looks constantly uninterested, but can never tell what he’s really thinking. Quiet. Then out of the blue, he surprises you with completely random behaviour and speeches. And then unexpected sweetness. Even the awkwardness an awed girl would feel in his company is very Rui! Only thing is he may be an evern better Rui than Rui himself – I think HJ is more entertaining! ;P

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