Kim Jong Kook to postpone album recording

Kim Jong Kook will postpone his album recording schedule after agreeing to sing the congratulatory song for MC Yoo Jae Suk coming wedding in July.

This decision goes to show how deep their friendship is and became a topic of discussion among netizens. Kim Jong Kook was supposed to fly to America at the end of June to record his new album scheduled for release in autumn. Everything was already confirmed with air tickets bought, fixing the recording period at the US studios, etc. But following the news of MC Yoo’s wedding plans, Kim Jong Kook has decided to push back his schedule to keep his promise.

Kim Jong Kook expressed

Me and Yoo Jae Suk became especially good friends during our time recording Xman. Before he had a girlfriend, I already promised to sing a congratulatory song at his wedding in future. Although my album recording will be delayed because of this, but to be able to keep my promise with my good friend, I feel very happy.

Yoo Jae Suk will wed his announcer girlfriend, Na Kyung Eun on 6th July at Shilla Hotel, Seoul. It will be hosted by Lee Hwi Jae while Kim Jong Kook and Song Yun Yi will sing the congratulatory song together at his wedding.

21 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook to postpone album recording

  1. KJK’s such a loyal friend!! i remember Yoon Eun Hye saying in an interview that he was a really good person and that she couldn’t think of one person in the entertainment industry that doesn’t like him.. i’m not surprised!!

    is that a new picture btw?? somehow he looks a bit….pimp-ish there huh O_o

  2. Yeah Kim Jong Kook is really a good friend. He can spend time even for his new album to prepare for the congratulatory songs well. I admire him so much.

  3. Wow, The Shilla! I am staying near The Shilla. I am sure going to go on 6 July to try catch a glimpse of KJK if I can! I bet the hotel will be crowded with people on the day. Thanks Coolsmurf for keeping latest news on the web! Oh btw, know which gym does KJK goes to??

  4. Wow, what a great friend he is to push back his album just for MC Yoo. Although I’m a little disappointed that his album will come out even later, I’m sure it’ll be even more anticipated.

  5. thanks for the news Alvin. He is truly a loyal friend.

    #1 Canelle : no that is not his latest pic. That picture is from Dec 2005 at the 2005 Golden Disk Awards.

    #5 Bearpaw : I hope you get to see KJK on July 6…

  6. omg!!! he is soooo nice!!! i alway love kim jong kook!
    he might see eun hye there too!!!!!
    aigoo!!! ^__^
    thank you coolsmurf!!

  7. Kookie is coming to the US?! Woooo! He looks so good. I can’t wait to see MC Yoo’s wedding!

  8. wow, KJK is really one of the best men out there 🙂
    he truly embodies great friendship.
    thanks cools for the news 🙂

  9. Wow, yet another display of KJK’s amazing qualities. What a loyal friend and good person! Any details on where/how long he’s recording in the U.S.?

  10. Wonder if anyone could help me here…
    I recently bought Kim Jong Kook’s album “Evolution”, however was having a tough time finding the english translations of the song titles on this album. Is there anyone who can provide me the song titles in english??


  11. It’s not his new pic, now he has a short & straight hair much more handsome & cute.
    He will appear in Family Outing with Lee Hyori in this Oct 26 and Ya Shim Man Man.

  12. He is really very humble and reliable person. He have lost weighed. Welll he looks dignified person. But the pendant is so big. I hope he put that away and just keep it as a souvenir( sorry, no offence). It doesn’t suit him. But yeaaah!!! BLACK looks good on him…

  13. Oh! I forgot to mention kooky needed a new hairstyle. On that hairstyle he looks so tired, not healthy look. I think he’ll be looking more sophistacated with short hair and with blond hi- lighted or streak..:) he he he…It’s like 10 years ago ..he looks so cute.

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