Alex, Shin Ae, Solbi, Seo In Young… We Got Married’s Strength!!

There isn’t a day that goes by everyday MBC pretend couple variety show “We Got Married” being mentioned. The entertainers currently performing in WGM are the hottest topics online and are garnering a lot of interest from netizens.

Especially in the case of Alex-Shin Ae couple where they have gotten an exclusive grip on netizens’ love. Alex-Shin Ae couple, the energetic couple Andy-Solbi, the bickering couple Crown J-Seo In Young and the visual couple Lee Hwi Jae-Jo Yeo Jeong have received praises and love from viewers.

Alex has received much love from “We Got Married” viewers for the reason that he is always caring towards his ‘wife’ Shin Ae. Clazziquai member, Horan said that what Alex shows on the program is real and that he is ‘a sincere manner man’. Alex confesses his love for Shin Ae through songs. Meanwhile, Shin Ae just sits there being very careful considering her (role as) wife.

Of course there are times when Alex can seem like a ‘greasy’ man. This is not just WGM viewers’ reaction but also the reaction of general netizens. On top of that, Sung Si Kyung recently said on MBC variety show to Alex in a joking manner, “I’m giving the number 1비호감 to you” which became a hot topic.

Because of that, Alex is seen as a tender man and a romantic guy. Shin Ae is seen as someone with a pure soul to the viewers. With her shy character, she unexpectedly receives love from viewers. As Alex approaches and draws near to the hesitating Shin Ae, many male viewers feel that they want to protect her.

While Alex-Shin Ae couple have earned absolute love from the WGM viewers, Andy’s pretend wife Solbi (member of Typhoon) has also been garnering interest from netizens recently. The reason for this is Solbi coming out as a solo singer with her internet digital single song. Solbi’s song is directed for WGM viewers and there are plans on using this song in Solbi’s WGM performances. Solbi’s fans are anticipation her transformation to a solo singer.

Meanwhile on the 19th, netizens also paid attention and interest to Crown J’s pretend wife, Seo In Young. Seo In Young recently posted on her minihompy the on set photos from her cosmetic advertisement. This has been a topic and fans reacted by saying how beautiful and sexy she is.

translated by o-cha.

32 thoughts on “Alex, Shin Ae, Solbi, Seo In Young… We Got Married’s Strength!!

  1. of course i would say hwang bo/kim hyun joong couple adds excitement to the show too!! … ( i mean a lot!!)… i like them a lot besides alex and shin ae…

  2. yeah, i have the same question as grace…what does 1비호감 mean?

    i’m pretty sure that Sung Si Kyung is known to be sort of a player, like Alex…does it have something to do with that?

  3. @grace..

    “I’m giving the number 1비호감 to you”

    “I’m giving the number 1 Bi Ho Gam to you”

    I asked my korean friends what this was a long time ago, but they couldn’t tell me, or rather not clearly. There’s no direct translation for this in english and I think it’s slang. Since HoGam = feeling (or something?) Bi Ho Gam would mean bad feeling or something/someone giving off a bad feel. Yeah.. confusing but I think that’s the idea

  4. ^Oops, I think in Sung Shi Kyung’s case to Alex – it probably means you are #1 are being nauseating (sp? – bad feel, uncomfortableness?) with your mushiness/romanticness/etc

  5. Thanks coolsmurf for the info and o-cha for the translation. After douming explanation and translation of #1 something…I’m still confused. Whatever it’s, I think Alex is a nice chap.

  6. Erm, I didn’t get what was the article about, like a explanation and description of their mutual relations at this period,after reunion? If it’s that, sound nice 🙂

  7. Hi there.

    Thanks Alvin and o-cha! We owed a lot to both of you. In fact I have learn different things from each couple…Al Shin is my fav, I started the show with a skeptical mind don’t know who is in the show and anything about the show..When I watched every couple, each of them give me some lesson but AlShin have special meaning. Joongboo couple is just cute too! Especially Hyun Joong personality. Naive and innocent. Hwang Boo is special but I have always saw her on so many varietys show. But maybe this show will giver her something different. Crown J and In Young as always has consistently display a consistent couple. They are indeed!

    btw: Alvin can you post an article about Al Shin couple by one of vewers who are on the set that captured a different angel of Al Shin when they are off screen?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Mm.. I think alex isn’t really a romantic outside of we got married. I mean…he had said that he and sinae did not keep in touch while he was doing his album.

    I love Solbi and Andy :] they are my favorite couple!

  9. Tuyet: It is aren’t that important either Alex is romantic or not!! That’s is not the important part. The important part that drawn people to them is they are being themselves!!

    You better read about Alex and listen to what Horan said about him:-

    ” Clazziquai member, Horan said that what Alex shows on the program is real and that he is ‘a sincere manner man’. Alex confesses his love for Shin Ae through songs. Meanwhile, Shin Ae just sits there being very careful considering her (role as) wife. ”

    I have heard and read a lot about him before I watched this show and I never be a fan of him but YES I love Clazziquai music!

    Horan even said last year when she been asked of Alex and why they can’t become a partner/couple.

    She said that Alex is just a very gentleman, considerate, sentimental kind of man when she ‘Horan’ said she is kind of independent woman, she need a man that can control her something like that. You can read more in dramabeans dot com.

    It is ok if you looove AnBi so much. It is your choice…But to say that to someone that you didn’t know and didn’t make a research about like that- in a sarcastic/unfair tone- then you almost become a possessive fan and has make an unfair statement.

    About he didn’t get in touch during their separation you better read the recent articles!! It is opposed with the contract when he is on his professional contract. You can read in soompi.

  10. Wouldn’t it be great if they could have Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye on this show as well!!!! I am sure many would anticipate like I do!

  11. =O Solbi’s going solo?! WHOA! That’s big news to me! I like Typhoon alot! So Typhoon is disbanding?! Or are they going to keep Typhoon, while Solbi is doing solo activities?! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now, Shinji AND Solbi are going solo. This kind of makes me sad. I miss Koyote and Typhoon.

  12. douming : thanks for the Bi Ho Gam explanation. I wasn’t sure what it was…now it makes sense…Sung Si Kyung was joking how Alex is the #1 ‘nauseatingly’ sweet guy or something like that…hehehe.

    #14 michelle : I think in Korean sometimes they call people ‘greasy’ meaning they’re so slick that it bothers some people.

  13. I really wish they had paired up Yeo Jeong with someone else! She is such a cute and bubbly girl and so pretty! I really enjoy watching her! Hwi Jae is nice too, but he’s becoming so immature and annoying!

  14. @ jinnie

    I think part of the problem is he didn’t say to her face what bothered him so much, and what we are watching has taken place over one day. So I think after this shopping day things will be better because she knows why he is acting so immature and can explain herself. Plus weren’t they seen together recently for a walking event? I’m sure things will get better =3

  15. i think everyone’s over analyzing alshin couple too much…back then it was all this “bad” stuff about alex- now its shin ae not being to receptive about alex’s feelings…..i really think she DOES have feelings for him and obviously he really likes her – i mean i really think she’s the type not to go public w/ her personal life..really a private person and alex is getting so much flack about how mushy romantic he is and the question of is he a player or not seems to really bother him ALOT. so i think these 2 just want to keep it private as much as they can.

  16. I just wanted to clarify some things.
    First off, im sure those who are korean and have visited the many WGM fan sites and dc inside gallery wil already know this. But for those who dont understand korean, such as yourself coolsmurf, this is the mindset of the koreans, which i guess actually matter to MBC than us here.

    1. the LEAST popular couple is Alex-Shinae
    (LHJ-JYJ couple arent even considered worth the time so they are never included in anything. Moreso, Dondon-Saori couple are mentioned more than this one)
    Alex-Shinae couple is not only unpopular, Alex has a steady and growing anti fan base, due to mainly his irresponsible exit and his greasiness, which even Solbi said was unrealistic.

    2. the second most popular and increasingly popular couple is CJ-SIY. These two are believed to be the unsung heroes of the show. Bringing laughter and a sense of reality.

    3. the MOST popular and ALWAYS have been most popular is Andy-Solbi (aka, Anbi, Ansol).
    They are so popular that MBC have begged and increased their pay to make them stay on the show despite their busy schedules. Not only that, the netizens are so in love with them that they brought snacks for the WGM staff members and presents for Andy-Solbi.
    Now this couple is the “strength” if anything.

    I know you are an Alex-Shinae fan, and I know this is your own personal blog. But please try to be a bit more objective and less biased. Because in all honesty, if Korean WGM fans read this, they will laugh over how its overincredulous.

  17. #25 Antcouple A,

    I see where your going with your statement, But if Alex and shin ae were the least favourite couple then why do they have equal show time as Andy and Solbi? If alex and shin ae were the least favourite couple, they would decrease their time and give it to the other couples like Crown J and Seo In Young..

  18. @ Antcouple! A
    Hhmmm, i hope u don’t belong to the “steady and growing anti-Alex fan base” – he really is too nice, sweet and cute to be SO HATED by the netizens and WGM fans alike. Anyway, it shows that Alex has finally made it as a MUCH SEARCHED AND TALKED ABOUT Korean celebrity now that he has a “steady and growing anti-fan base”. Should you ever get curious about the MANY love-Alex fansites, by all means, let me know and i will only be too happy to direct you to them. ):

    Hhmmm, if AlShin is the LEAST popular couple on WGM, why would the PD of the show even bother to welcome them back with open arms even though he knows it’s going to be one big squeeze with FIVE couples on the show?

    If AlShin is the LEAST popular couple on WGM and CJ/SIY is the SECOND most popular one, why do AlShin ALWAYS beat the latter in any popularity WGM polls? Obviously, you haven’t watched the special episodes of “Come To Play” that feature these couples.

    I can go on and on about this but i won’t as i don’t believe in BASHING any of the couples on the show. Whether AlShin is my FAVOURITE couple or not is beside the point here. As the saying goes, TO EACH HIS OWN!

  19. #25 Antcouple! A :
    If you want to check the source of the article click here
    coolsmurf and I aren’t making things up. You can check the Korean article yourself and let me know if I say anything that is not in the article. So if you want to complain about how ‘ridiculous’ it is complain to dailian news site.

    And do you think DC Inside WGM forum is TRULY representing the actual Korean viewers? I know people (AlShin fans) who stop posting at DC gallery because some people kept bullying and putting them down for even so much as mentioning AlShin’s name. As a result they flocked away from that site and go to AlShin specific sites since there are sooo much negativity from a select number of people there in DC. Don’t forget that there are a large number of people who don’t frequent DC Inside or shall we say not netizens.

    If Al-Shin are so unpopular why the heck would WGM PDs bring them back? WGM already has 4 couples before their return. Remember that it was the viewers who actually complained and asked the WGM PD to bring them back.

    Some of the bullies at DC gallery may not like this couple but that doesn’t make them unpopular.

  20. lylpinay–>

    of course i would say hwang bo/kim hyun joong couple adds excitement to the show too!! … ( i mean a lot!!)… i like them a lot besides alex and shin ae…

    i 100% agree wit u..hehe

  21. Well I know everyone is busy but Alex took off two months then all the drama with the flower pot and the song. Hey this is life if he had a wife would he go away from his family for months to record. I know it is difficult look at Andy, Solbi and also Joong they are so busy yet he flys in each weekend to be on the show.

    When he signed up for the show he knew he was recording and was also releasing the album. After all of the romantic gestures why didn’t he write or test message Shinae or even call and leave a message if he felt very close to her. He just made so many big romantic gestures yet he didn’t ask for her number and he knew how to get in touch with her and he didn’t. Just felt it was all of show. I would rather he had taken his time to get to know her.

    He came on so hot and in love with her with all of this romance but just don’t think the deep love is there.

  22. Alex Shinae saranghaeeee :))))
    by watching you guys every weekkkkkk

    make me realized how important it is to treasure the moments when we’re with our love ones 🙂


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