Sneaks of Andy and Solbi at Wet Market + Come To Play Subbed

The pictures speak for themselves when an Anbiholic spotted them shopping at the wet market yesterday while filming and took pictures of them, asking their baby daughter to pose with them and even kissing An-Seobang.

Solbi looks helluva better in that hairdo and clothes.

앤솔클럽에 어떤분이 만낫나봐 ㅎㅎ
It looks like someone from AnSol Club met them

사진은 그분 애기구
The photo is of that person’s baby

Solbi: Oh so pretty/cute~

The person: Is it okay to take a picture?

앤솔 흔쾌히란다 ㅋㅋ
AnSol are pleasant/refreshing (can’t seem to think of a better word at the moment)

솔비:오빠가 애기안아줘
Solbi: Oppa carry the baby
and take the photo

솔비가 애기한테 뽀보~하니깐 뽀보하구
The baby responded with a kiss when Solbi said bobo~ (kiss in korean)
앤디도 애기한테 뽀뽀~하니깐 하구 ㅋㅋ
The baby also responded with a kiss when Andy said bobo~
솔비가 앤디한테
Solbi said to Andy

오빠 나두 뽀뽀~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Oppa, bobo me too

낼부터 1일까지 앤디 파리가던데 ㅋㅋ보고싶어죽게어하겟네들ㅋㅋ
From tomorrow till the 1st Andy will be in Paris … I bet they’ll miss each other so much

People has been messaging me on YT non-stop asking me when and requesting me to sub the Come to Play episode featuring the We Got Married couples. Well I am not doing that because of time constraints. muishie from YT has subbed both episodes already. So visit her channel and enjoy the show!!!

credit: coffinhouse (pictures) + stargirl777 (translation)

25 thoughts on “Sneaks of Andy and Solbi at Wet Market + Come To Play Subbed

  1. sooo cute! i’m addicted to this couple! hoping the best for both; where ever the road may take them (hopefully into each other’s arms)


  2. they’re too cute!!! and they look so good in these pictures!!!

    Andy’s coming to Paris?? what on earth is he gonna do there?? i suppose it’s not a holliday….maybe solbi’s gonna join to make a “surprise” event at some point, who knows…it’s a bit over the top, but well, i wouldn’t be surprised :p

  3. This is seriously way too cute!!! 🙂 The first photo does seem a bit like a “family photo”. Oh, wouldn’t it be adorable if they worked kids into the show? You know, have the couples babysit someone’s kid for a day?

    And Canelle, it would be hilarious and super sweet if Solbi surprised Andy in Paris, but that does seem like a bit too much.

    Loving AnBi!

  4. i really hope they will date off screen.. but then again watever happens , i still be happy for them..andy and solbi fighting!!!

  5. wait this couple has a fan club?? wow….. *shakes head*

    but Andy looks handsome and very cute… he always makes me smile..

  6. Awww wow!!! They’re so nice!
    Not a lot of celeb couples would take pictures with normal people! Go AnBi!!!


    Maybe Andy can bring Solbi along to Paris? he-he.
    Thank you for the link to the subbed eps, Alvin!

  7. yes, solbi’s hair looks so much prettier down and natural like that! for some reason she’s been putting her hair up in really weird and unflattering updos for recent shows! please, stay natural solbi!

  8. I just found out earlier today about the subbed Come and play 🙂 Even if you aren’t going to make anything yourself it would be nice, if you knew that is, to be informed on this almost We got married-blog 😉

  9. It’s interesting. I often prefer girls who don’t put up their hair etc. But I actually felt that it suited her really well! this hair stile is simply boring, although quite nice I guess.

  10. that baby is so cute especially in the first picture.
    She looks frickkin’ adorable.
    I’m happy Solbi is looking better I mean style wise.
    I just keep thinking back to what she worn at the Everland Park gosh that was so tacky & ugly. I felt bad for her & Andy.

    Gosh Andy’s gonna be in Paris, so what about shooting? He’ll be back right?
    I love AnBi couple. They look so natural & fit each other so well.

    Thanks coolsmurf for the info.

  11. aw… so cute… the baby looks like she is doing the “fighting” sign with her fist clench! Cute!!!

  12. i wonder if their fanclub would get divorced and hate each other when they break up…. i’m their fan (ansol couple not individually)… once they break up… i don’t think i will continue to be their fan … their looks and skills aren’t even that great… except perhaps andy’s cooking… 😛

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