Rain Wants to Appear on 1N2D Variety Program

Rain is also a loyal supporter of KBS “1N2D” variety program.

According to someone close with Rain, he revealed, “Rain absolutely loves watching that program (1N2D). Even though he’s in Germany filming his movie, he never gives up on watching it every week. He even joked that he must appear on the program after he is back in Korea in future.”

“1N2D” is part of KBS 2TV “Happy Sunday” offering showing every Sunday with Kang Ho Dong, Eun Ji Won, Kim C, MC Mong and Lee Seung Gi as hosts and currently enjoying immensely high popularity with viewers in Korea. This popularity has even extended to Germany where Rain currently filming “Ninja Assassin” has also become a loyal viewer like many Koreans back home.

Rain is currently really busy and stressed out with filming the movie which has to be completed by July. But thanks to “1N2D”, he has managed to relax himself through this. This close friend added, “With his present filming schedule, it’s difficult to even have a full day of rest in a week. Even if Rain is really tired, he still loves to watch 1N2D and other shows through the internet to destress.”

Rain will hold a fan meeting birthday party in Japan at the end of July and will be preparing to release a new album plus acting in a drama in the latter half of 2008 to signal his return to the Korean entertainment world.

This variety genre has been a big hit with Korean viewers. MBC “Infinity Challenge” probably started this trend and even though the program is now in a slump, it is still doing pretty well. Not wanting to be left behind, KBS “1N2D” did almost the same thing as it and after a slow start, it has grown to become a real cult favourite for Koreans. It has built on what MBC “Infinity Challenge” has offered and become an even better and interesting program.

Just last weekend, SBS also released a somewhat similar program called “Family Outing” and sees a slew of celebrities become a family for one night two days and experience life in the countryside. The pilot episode had MC Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Soo Ro, Park Ye Jin, Dae Sung, Kim Dong Wan and Lee Chun Hee, a pretty diverse group of characters.

It was pretty interesting but just a bit too similar to KBS “1N2D”. How far will it go? That will depend on how it develops in the following weeks. Lee Hyo Ri and MC Yoo, I must say that they bring great energy to the show with their banter.

22 thoughts on “Rain Wants to Appear on 1N2D Variety Program

  1. ^ Dong-Wan was in the first episode so yeah that’s him…

    I liked the first episode of Family Outing.. the part where they had to kill the fish was funny since Ye-Jin did it without hesitation unlike Jae-Suk who didn’t do anything for 25min lol..

  2. i love watching 1N2D! but i wish it was being subbed 😦
    it’s funny even though i dont understand what they are saying so i can only imagine how hilarious it would be it i actually understood them LOL

  3. OMG! Family Outing is so hilarious! One of the best cast of MCs ever! MC Yoo and Hyori really make it a lot of fun to watch! Gotta check it out!

  4. The new show is awesome! I watched it yesterday and it made me laugh all the way to the end! Absolutely loved Hyodae (Hyori+Daesang)! They were so cute and funny! Loved Dongwan too! All my favorite people in one show!!!!

  5. whoa! i’d mosdef tune in to that! i love 1N2D! it’s super hilarious and really an awesome idea to tie in the tourism aspect.
    ::sigh:: two of my fave singers, rain and lee seung gi. ::faints::

  6. Many thanks Tiffany80 for the info. Now I can really enjoy watching 1N2D.
    Thanks also to Coolsmurf for the posting.

  7. Many thanks Tiffany80 for the info. Now I can really enjoy watching 1N2D.
    Thanks also to Coolsmurf for the posting.

  8. Family Outing is like my new favorite show! It’s so funny and everyone gets along so well! Just love watching the interactions between the hosts! Expecially MC Yoo and Hyori! It’s freakin’ hilarious!

  9. Love 1N2D, but I’m lovin’ Family Outing too! They really know how to pick hosts for their shows! Definitely a show worth watching!

  10. Actually he is going back to Korea early July and will hold the fanmeeting in Japan on June 30th lol
    The one end of July it’s the fanmeeting in Korea.

    Thanks for the news ^_^

  11. Please no. He’ll just ruin the whole damn show.
    1N2D is a really good show and I would like the cast to remain the same. kthxbai

  12. if bi were to be a guest on 1N2D I would LOVEEEE it.
    he’d be hilarious.
    truly a wonderful addition to the usual spunky crew 🙂

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