Lee Jun Ki posts Iljimae BTS Photos on Cyworld

SBS “Iljimae” drama starring Lee Jun Ki set another new high rating last night with 24.6% for Episode 9. To thank the viewers for their support, Lee Jun Ki published behind the scenes photos on his Cyworld.

Lee Jun Ki wrote on his Cyworld, “Hello everyone, I’m Ryung!”, as he addresses himself as his character in “Iljimae”, showing his love for the drama. One of the photos included him and Han Hyo Joo together with their younger characters.

Lee Jun Ki also thanked the staff on the “Iljimae” set by providing 150 pairs of shoes from Spris for which he endorses. “Compared to us who faces the camera, those behind the cameras works just as hard and their effort deserves to be rewarded. So I decided on the shoes as a gift for them all.”

Yesterday saw Ryung (Lee Jun Ki) finally finishing the tree sparrow story that he didn’t finish to Eun Chae (Han Hyo Joo) when they were kids. But neither recognized each other though but they have that little bit of attraction from each other. Later on, Eun Chae is harassed by some people on the streets but Ryung comes to her rescue but he is no match for them, getting beaten. But Shi Hoo comes in the nick of time and fights them off. Shi Hoo is jealous when he sees Eun Chae attending to Ryung injuries.

Since airing, “Iljimae” has been on top of the ratings battle and also seeing a steady increase each week. Competing dramas, KBS “Women of the Sun” got 10.3% while MBC “Spotlight” dropped to just 8.5%.

3 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki posts Iljimae BTS Photos on Cyworld

  1. Iljimae is a great story, the actors are fine, but Lee Jun Ki is so wonderful at his acting, he brings people to burst of tears in the sad moments, and laughter in the funny part, he is proffesional and beautiful

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