Ayumi Lee, Is that really you?

A recent photo of singer/actress Ayumi Lee (Ahyoomee) has once again sparked discussion among netizens after it was posted onto the internet.

The netizen who had uploaded the picture from her Cyworld included the caption, “She has really become prettier than before. I couldn’t even recognize her. Any trace of what she looks in the past is totally gone.”

38,000 views of her photos have been registered with her fans splitting into two camps, for and against. Some expressed, “Her baby fats are gone and it’s hard to recognize her really”, “She has become more beautiful compared to the past”. But others remarked, “She has lost the unique charisma that she once possess, what a pity”, “Is this a result of plastic surgery?”.

This is not the first time that Ayumi’s photos has sparked a wave of discussion among fans. Since going leaving Sugar and signing with SM Entertainment, she has occasionally posted photos of her on her Cyworld minus her baby fats.

Was it really the right career move to sign with SM Entertainment?

35 thoughts on “Ayumi Lee, Is that really you?

  1. WHOA! She looks beautiful now! She was cute and pretty before, but now, she even reminds me of a mini Honey Lee. Does anyone else see it? Like in the first picture. She looks like a tiny version of Honey Lee. Although I really liked her with her baby fats, I don’t think baby fats really stick with you all your life (hopefully not as I have them, too!), so I think it’s only natural that you lose them. I think the loss works well with her, as she’s become more beautiful. I still think she’s pretty! I hope she gets active soon! She should release a new single!

  2. she is such a cutie. i loved watching her on xman. especially those moments when she goofed with kim jong min.
    ahh! i’m so jealous of her huge eyes!

  3. Personally, I really loved her bubbly cheeks and everything from before. Now, she just looks tired and over-worked. SM changed her “concept” so much and they don’t even “show her off” It’s disappointing for me (and maybe for some other Ayumi fans) because I really miss her and adore her personality.

  4. i think she looks really weak and borderline unhealthy, so to me, whether she’s more beautiful or not like this is beyond the point… i just hope she’s healthy and doing fine

  5. Wow! She has lost a considerable amount of weight. Not sure if I’m loving the new look. I mean, she does look pretty, but she also looks soooooo different from before. There is no way that I would be able to recognize her unless she was specifically pointed out as Ayumi. I personally like the old look better; it just seems more – I don’t know – natural. Again, she’s still pretty, but also looks like a standard SM Entertainment girl now.

  6. I don’t know about the baby fat…..something just looks totally off! and now that she’s signed with sm, she has totally disappeared, well, except for those photos! so i say BAD choice!

  7. People actually expect her to look the same as when in Love Letter or something? And the same as on TV? Omg, grow up. You could easily see it was her, although obviously different. But that can be, and is most likely, because of makeup and nothing else. Whatever…

  8. Btw, what is all this about her being skinnier or something? Have you guys actually noted how she looked before? She was as skinny many years ago 😮

  9. IMO she looks totally different, beautiful but different! Ye she’s still got big eyes but I could barely recognise her. As the post said this isn’t the first time her photos have caused a stir amongst netizens but how much baby fat could she possibly lose?! She didn’t even have that much to begin with so I don’t think it’s all down to her losing weight. Oh I dunno ^_^

  10. You know… she already had surgery when she was in Sugar… now it’s like a second make over?… 😉

  11. oh noo.. not my ayoomi.. she used to look so cute, with her chubby cheeks.. the way i see it, she just lost weight.. but i wish she could gain them back..

  12. maybe she got all the fat sucked out of her cheeks and widened her eyes a little! that’s what it seems like to me! she should switch her side swept hair to the other side and maybe dye it a light brown again so we can see what the real difference is!

  13. i remember seeing a vid on youtube where she looked like this…

    and i dont like it. i personally liked all her baby fats, since that was part of her charm/cuteness…she looks sorta anorexic right now =[

  14. she should’ve stayed with her old look! now people are just too caught up in her new and suspicious(plastic) look to like her again. and the new deal with sm is not going to help either….

  15. i agree she’s still pretty and i accept her as she is now but i prefer how she looked before.

  16. I personally think SM Ent ruined her.
    Apart from the surgery, she looks unhealthy and all. (she’s starting to look more healthy now)

    SM isn’t giving her proper work but making her a supporting actress in a japanese series…which is such a shame because she has so much potential to be more.
    I still support Ayumi so much and hopefully, SM will WAKE UP and bring her back to Korea…giving her proper material and work to do because they’re so careless with a lot of their artists.

  17. i swear she look the same to me
    i’m saying not because i’m a fan
    is just she look the same

  18. she just lost some weight
    like my sister
    her cheeks were fat before
    then she had a boyfriends
    she diet and then now my sis
    a v-shape face
    it that called having a surgery

    Ayumi Lee just lost weigth
    lot of weight
    she looked tired and over work
    i wish you guys try to be like her
    once so you can understand all
    i just wish
    how hard to work hard

  19. ZOMG! SM messed her up! I can’t decide if I like her looks or not though. She’s cuter back then but she’s prettier now!

  20. eww exactly SM killed Ayumi…

    damn she joined the palstic fantastics.

    should’ve signed up with JYP hes the bomb!

  21. she’s still pretty ! 😀 i saw a recent look of her in a new drama not Binbo Danshi but some other new drama on youtube . she loooked so pretty in there ! 😀 i hope she comes back to korea & sing again keke . i miss her :3

  22. umm ayumi had tons of surgery already even before her solo debut wit ‘cutie honey’. her eyes are fake its obvious.
    check this site


    its all there.

  23. I liked her better when she was chubby, she was way more cuter than now.. the title: Cutie Honey suited her more then.
    But know, she’s still prettu offcourse, but she looks a little bit sick, I don’t know if it’s the picture or her..
    Honestly..I think plastic surgery isn’t neccesary, unless you’re really not happy with the way you look like, then I can understand, but the girls in SM Entertainment are just being forced I guess..
    On the other hand.. I think Ayumi lost weight.

  24. ya noe i doubt she had surgery ,
    coz if yuu compare her old pics
    all her face features look xactly da sm
    eg eyes & nose,,
    i think she’s jus slimmed down,
    alot of people decide to slim down and lose dat baby fat on deir face as dey get older,,
    she looks drop dead gorjuz now
    but i think i lyk her old appeal better
    as idols get older its hard to survive in da industry with da cute image 4ever,
    tho i rck she’s looks sooo much more pretty & mature now

  25. She got a face lift right? Cause her cheekbones look alot higher. Shes really pretty now… but she was already really cute before.

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