7-member girl group The B to debut with B Love

Following on the footsteps of Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae, a new girl group with 7 members called The B will soon make their debut.

The entry of The B into the Korean music industry will continue the momentum and success of the girl groups phenomenom that erupted in the latter half of 2007 thanks to Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae. A photo of this new group were published today and they would be using a sad ballad song titled “B Love” as their title song. The song is about forgetting a sad romance.

Their management believe that the song concept will be beyond everyone’s expectation while their acappella singing will be something different from what current girl groups offer. There will be two versions of their “B Love” MV, hoping that it will leave a strong impression on viewers after watching it.

Goodberry Entertainment expressed, “Viewers will experience something refreshing from The B because of their amazing acappella and appearance.”

17 thoughts on “7-member girl group The B to debut with B Love

  1. I’m all for the acapella and ballad, but their appearance or look isn’t leaving a good impression at all; not very pretty 😦

  2. I thought a lot of groups were already having a difficult time promoting their songs to get the proper media coverage? I’m no hater, I hardly know this group – but the more big-member performers come in the scene, they’re only making it harder for themselves.

    7 members, also? Hope they won’t fight amongst themselves when the media decides to focus on one sole member. ><;

    Good luck to The B!

  3. so two new girl groups that have 7 members are making their debut… one from DSP and one from Goodberry..

  4. Their image doesn’t leave much impact. I hope they do something more with their image because it’s not something that you’d remember. They look plain to me. They don’t pop out like Wonder Girls and SNSD. Their hairstyles also remind me of the 90s. o.o It’ll be very difficult for them to debut around this time, too because so many big names are already making comebacks around this time. Not to mention, Wonder Girls is active at the moment.

  5. yeah they really do look like a blast from the past. that girl on the right is bothering me with her outfit esp since it looks like she s pulling it up to show more skin. they wouldnt be competing with wonder girls or snsd but seeya and brown eyed girls instead. their style sounds more like the latter groups than the wonder girls and snsd.

  6. Wow yeah i’ve heard this group and their great. Acapella’s always kinda been my thing, but to think that there are actually pop sensation-loving young people who’re gutsy enough to market it is great!

    You have to hear this group…acapella’s one of the best things going nowadays with all the synthesizers and stuff. more websites should spread the word about this group on their Homepage(http://www.onecoffeethought.com).

    peace =)

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  8. I just want to know what the “B” stands for.
    Cause I can think of a lot of words that begin with “B” some are not that friendly.
    Any who seen there video & they still need some help on lipsyching for videos.
    I’m not feelin’ there look too. I get they are being different but do they really need to have the one member have her hair braided like that.
    I could braid her hair & still make her look good.

  9. I’ve checked out their MV and they sound awesome! Finally, a girl group with actual singing talent!

  10. I agree with Jinnie..they really CAN sing! I’m still kinda confused as to the B and the numbers game. I mean nowadays three should be the MAX. But I really wish them the best. haha if they ever need promotion advice they might wanna check out http://www.onecoffeethought.com

    Peace XD

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