Gourmet draws first blood, beating Strongest Chilwoo

Following “Yi San” finale on Monday, the battle for ratings supremacy for the Mon-Tue timeslot in Korea kicked off yesterday night with SBS “Gourmet” facing off against KBS “Strongest Chilwoo”. After the first round of battle, “Gourmet” holds the advantage, just edging out “Strongest Chilwoo”.

According to TNS Media Korea, both dramas aired two episode back-to-back yesterday with “Gourmet” achieving 13.2% and 16.1% respectively. “Stongest Chilwoo” only managed 11.5% and 9.1% respectively. It not only lost the ratings to “Gourmet” overall but also saw a decrease from it’s episode 1 to 2 ratings. This was in contrast to “Gourmet” which saw an increase of 2.8 percentage points from its first to second episode.

More viewers tuned into “Gourmet” which was capitalising on the momentum of the same titled movie success last year. Furthermore, it was based on a best-selling comic and revolved around food. “Strongest Chilwoo” meanwhile was labelled as a copycat of “Iljimae” with near identical storylines such as their background, etc. There were also doubts about Eric’s acting particularly about his inability to fit into his role and unsuitability for a saeguk drama.

MBC “Yi San” aired a recap special last night as competition which achieved a 10.1% rating. Next week, MBC new drama “When It’s At Night” will start airing and it would be interesting to see how it matches up to it’s competitors which has a headstart over it. The romance of three tv stations starts next week.

Just watched episode 1 of Gourmet and dozed off midway. Nam Sang Mi didn’t even appear I think! Goodbye. Usually the ratings determine what I will watch, not this time! Guess it’s down to “Strongest Chilwoo” and “When It’s At Night”.

10 thoughts on “Gourmet draws first blood, beating Strongest Chilwoo

  1. can’t wait to watch When it is at night!!! frankly, strongest chilwoo and Gourmet doesnt seem appeling to me.. i am attracted to My Sweet City/Seoul instead because of the two main actors(drooling).. =D

  2. uh, ratings..sometimes as a non-korean audience i cant totally depend on them..hahahaha…ChilwOO actually very entertaining (or maybe i’m just biased)…hahahahahha..but i’m very sad today becoz of d negative articles…
    I’m very much want to watch SunAh!! Kya~

  3. I thought “When It’s At Night” is in the Wed/Thu slot?

    I find the first few episodes of any dramas are usually not very good. It gets better later on.

    Hope the criticisms make Chil Woo casts & crew stronger.

    Chil Woo fighting!

  4. Can’t wait to watch WIAN!! The story plot seems to be more interesting/different, plus Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Gun love love them. But I’ll give “Gourmet” a try just because I have not seen Kim So Yeon for so long.

  5. Alvin..too bad you’re not enjoying Gourmet. I started watching it yesterday and so far I like the first 2 episodes. If you have time you should give it another try…the second episode is more esciting than the first one.
    Nam Sang Mi appeared towards the end of episode 2.

  6. That’s funny. So Iljimae wasn’t labeled a ‘copycat’ of Hong Gil Dong?

    I can’t wait to see Gourmet though. Nam Sang Mi is adorable.

  7. ahhh i don’t have the chance to see the dramas esp strongest chil woo.. but i hope itl have a high rating next time… haha.. maybe it’s really like that with that kind of drama at first ep.. hahah. i like kim rae won too hahahahahaha eric go

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