Hyun Joong, “If it’s true love, it’s not a problem even if it’s 10 years difference”

MBC “We Got Married” is getting more and more popular while the older woman, younger man couple of Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong age gap of 6 years has been a talking point since the beginning. But Kim Hyun Joong expressed, “If it’s true love, it’s not a problem even if it’s 10 years difference.”

On MBC “Come To Play” on 16th June, 86 baby Kim Hyun Joong stated that age is not an issue when he was asked about his “wife”, Hwang Bo who was older than him by 6 years.

If you watch movies, many couples break up because of their age or career. I really can’t understand that. I am those who believe that you should get married with the one that you truely love. Even if your parents or close friends object to it, I will unconditionally safeguard my love. If it’s true love, it’s not a problem even if it’s 10 years difference.

You could tell that Hwang Bo was really moved by his statement and the hosts even joked that Hwang Bo was so touched that she was tearing.

On a sidenote, after the excitement of anticipating the “Come To Play” especially after seeing the peppero game in the previews, it was like a major slap in the face when it was not shown AT ALL after many had endured over 2 hours of watching this long-drawn special over 2 parts. Andy and Seo In Young even left midway to show how long-drawn it is!

When asked about this, the PD expressed, “The recording took 8 – 9 hours and was longer than we expected. Andy and Seo In Young had other work commitments on hand and thus had to leave earlier than expected with most of the questions being asked already.”

Well, so we no get to see Solbi and Andy nor Crown J and Seo In Young kiss in the peppero game. Why did they edit that out? Lack of time? Wanting to add more credibility? Fans backlash? I wonder.

Sneaks of Andy and Solbi wedding photoshoot to be shown in a latter episode.

27 thoughts on “Hyun Joong, “If it’s true love, it’s not a problem even if it’s 10 years difference”

  1. wow!

    This great. It is like Atshon Kutcher and Demi Moore. I hope and pray the best for them. What I learn from this couple is to work out and respect each other the differences. All the best!

  2. ya i know, wats with the peppro preview? i was disappointed 😛

    Kim Hyun Joong is so sweet and innocent…may he always stay like that 🙂

  3. Wow!! What a bold statement from KHJ. Yes, true love conquer all obstacles. All the best to both of them.

  4. haha. sorry coolsmurf for the super long reply i posted before. i’ll try to make this one short n not emo. hehe. btw, i love you for translating on my fav couple! haha.

    *tears* i’ve been exposed to enough of Hyunjoong’s personality to believe what he said on the quote up there, completely. as much as i tell myself then and again that it’s just a show, hyunjoong-hwangbo started to make me believe in their “love”. haha. not by his sweet words in CTP, but thru their interaction, gestures n changes in WGM. haha. if it’s not true, than i admit those two have made me a fool, i still hope they would at least appreciate what they’ve learnt from each other n like each other genuinely, even if it’s not love.

    abt peppero game. yesss. disappointed. mostly cuz it did took place, and we didn’t get to watch what happened exactly. haha, yeah, it as long(i’m glad hj-hb was there the whole time, hehe), and i remember Solbi lying/leaning on Shinae’s lap while they’re on the QnA session, they look so comfy together. i like how this show brings all the couple closer^^ from strangers.. and that pic of Andy-Solbi, gosh, they look so pretty in wedding attire.

    Thanks again, coolsmurf. you made my day. sorry for long reply again >__<

  5. Omg let me be the first to say that them editing it out is BULL****! I mean come on… don’t show everyone a preview like that just to get people to watch and not even show a little bit of it -.-!!!! I can’t believe they’d do that. I don’t believe they have a “good” reason behind it. They clearly put it in the previews because people would WANT to see it and then to not show it… ugh -.-! On another note, that is sweet of Hyun Joong to say and I think it just shows what many would say is his childish side (although I agree with it). Yay for Solbi/Andy pictures @_@

  6. i can’t believe they didn’t show the andy/solbi peppero game…i was anticipating it for weeks!

  7. ()&$%(&)# I still can’t believe they edited that pepero game out! That was the only thing I was looking forward to ;(

    I really like Hyunjoong cos although he’s really quite a joker (he says funny things yet can still keep a straight face), he can be really sincere at times.

    Solbi’s gorgeous in that dress! Haha I wonder what Andy will think when he sees her ;D

  8. they didn’t show.
    What kinda crap is that?!?
    Good thing I didn’t bother to watch it then. I was but now that I know it wasn’t even shown I would skip.

    Oh Solbi looks gorgeous. She looks really really beautiful. Look forward to the photoshoot episode.

  9. thank you so much for this but PD said nothing about editing the game out? well, i’m so curious.
    I thought she laughed so much till her tears came out -*-
    P.S. Why each couple become more look alike really?

  10. I like the guy’s statement, he seems pretty open and expresses his opinions without hesitating. Good.
    Solbi looks really pretty, I think their wedding photo-shoots will be great.

    But is Come to Play-show uploaded somewhere, YouTube for example? Where can I watch it, or some parts of it maybe?

  11. I’ve nver seen any Hwang Bo – Hyun Joong episodes since i still have difficulties watching AnBi episodes *lol* but this sounds soo cute *____*

    and awww~ Solbi looks soooo beautiful in her wedding dress ❤

  12. Kim Hyn Joong surprises me… he’s actually very mature (in thinking) for someone his age…I started to like him … instead of thinking ‘he’s a kid’ now i think he’s a grown man who likes to read manga. hahahaha… I like them now.

  13. “If it’s true love, it’s not a problem even if it’s 10 years difference”..
    aaaa..i really lik both of them..so sweet..
    if this really happen outside i wanna be oldergroom..

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