We Got Married 14 Summary

Episode 14 began with the re-introduction of Alex and Shin Ae back into the “We Got Married”. We are also greeted by the sight of a new five couples seating arrangement followed by the introduction of new MC, Park Myung Soo.

Starts off like last week, with Andy continously probing Solbi for a confession but she keeps avoiding the topic. Then despite Solbi’s refusal to take the rollercoaster because of her fear, Andy sort of forced it upon her, wanting some form of revenge. It was funny at first to see Andy so intense and Solbi sort of finally getting karma. But as the ride went along, you feel really sorry for Solbi. Andy also forgot about his revenge as his manly instincts kicked in as he hugged her closely during the ride to “console” her.

Meanwhile at the hypermart this week, Lee Hwi Jae continues his Don-don like behavior which leaves Yeo Jeong disappointed. And speaking about them, they finally have something going on outside of We Got Married, appearing together in a Nivea Enjoy Sun More walkathon this morning in Seoul.

Alex and Shin Ae continued to be awkward with each other and it was just deja vu all over again. It was something like their first date at the cherry blossoms in Bundang earlier. Now for that promise Alex made in last week preview, he suggested they did some Love Padlock event at Seoul Tower. They will bring padlocks there, write love messages for each other, and then lock them onto the railings at the observation deck, hoping that their love stays locked forever.

Crown J/Seo In Young and Hwang Bo/Kim Hyun Joong couples met at the swimming theme park. It appears that they were at the same location filming and regardless whether it’s pure fate or setup by the PDs, it was helluva funny seeing Hwang Bo holding Hyun Joong back as In Young tried to get close to him.

Next week, Solbi is in tears as she finally confesses to Andy about the ring loss (please end this long-running drama next week), Crown J/Seo In Young and Hwang Bo/Kim Hyun Joong has a ball of a time comparing (?) at the swimming theme park, Lee Hwi Jae continues his Don-don behavior while Alex and Shin Ae returns to their luxury home, experiencing their sweet moments once again.

35 thoughts on “We Got Married 14 Summary

  1. u r surely fast……………
    i love it..
    solbi confess about the lost of the ring………i’m impress.
    and hoping alex and shin ae a perfect beginning….once again….

  2. LMAO!!
    i just watched Hwango/hyun joong cuts of ep 14 and i almost fell out of my chair laughing…

    i dont want to say any details because i dont want to spoil it for others…but that was freaking hilarious, and i dont even know what they were saying LOL

  3. hey coolsmurf, i don’t mind doing the translations for you. just wanted to know how’d you like to do it? send me the video cut, i send you back softsubs? or another way? just let me know 🙂

  4. i’ve watch the raw video, and for hwang bo couple, i must say that this episode is my favorite for them… of course my fav alex and shin ae still makes me smile…:)

  5. Does that mean I’m the only one that hasn’t seen ep13?!?!?!?!

    What happened to Crown J when he banged his head on the theme park or something?!?!?!

  6. I watched it unsubbed, and I still felt bad for Solbi. =( The meet up between HwangBo-HJ couple and Crown J-In Young couple was really cute and funny! In Young was like… flirting with him. Hahahaha! Too bad it was short, and it was in the end. =P

  7. I don’t trust the previews anymore, but I honestly hope they end that ring drama already. It’s so draggy.

  8. The ring incident was soooo dramatic, it so draggy and drama alike…Duh! That what make the couple look kind of drama…Hope the best for them, tough…Solbi sure is sad.

  9. I saw some of eps 14 rough cuts, without subs and aigoo… I wish I know what they were talking about…

    I thought the Andy & Solbi part was bordering scary, like you know, Andy is not being nice coz he wants an answer about the ring and put Solbi thru the roller coaster ride… Though he did console her later… ah it was painful to watch.. Hope there’s an answer next week…

    Alex & Shin Ae is lovey dovey and romantic as usual, wished they did more than just padlocking their love, more exciting stuff next week I hope…

    Now HwangBo & KHJ couple… now that is cute… and when they meet Crown J & In Young, that’s even cuter… and the guys was going like homie and handshakes and “double A” and the girls was so excited… really cute… Ya didnt see the Crown J & In Young cut, was Crown J hurt when In Young hold his face?

    Looking forward to your subs, Alvin, thanks!

  10. Thanks for the summary, coolsmurf. As usual you’re fast and did a good job.
    Saw the raw cut of ep. 14 and I found the foursome really cute and funny. SIY going after KHJ and HB trying to block SIY. Crown J being called ajeossi…LOL
    Alex and ShinAe back to their sweet home and hopefully they’ll be more comfortable with each other.
    Like some of you guys said, the ring issue is too draggy and getting bore with it.

  11. Can I just add, SIY was like… idol, idol and Hwang Bo, keeping her away from her groom and then SIY look at her seobang and went like… ahjushi… ahahhahaa… I dun understand korean, but that much I do… they really made me laughed!

  12. Haha. That’s is totally hilarious. It’s make me remembered how SIJ really want to meet an artist who is an idol in their home warming party..Cute

  13. huhu…reallie cant wait to watch this episode as it wasn’t subbed yet~ huhu..i reallie2 want all those ring-loss-drama to be solved fast! PD should b aware of this as the ring-loss-drama is really draggy and it bored already~

    but still anbi are cute~
    anbi fighting~~!!

  14. From what I saw of the ep 15 previews; Andy’s listening (not with a mad face; probably because Solbi is crying) as Solbi tells him what happens.

    What it really seems like is Solbi is more upset about Andy being mad at her for losing the ring that she really seems more scared of Andy than losing the ring.

    Ok so I only got that from about 2 or 3 seconds of them showing Andy and Solbi in the preview.

    Considering ep 15 probably happened long before their appearance in Come To Play; I would think Andy has forgiven Solbi. 😀 He didn’t hestitate to touch lips with her. 😀

  15. haha, bcuz of ep14, i’m starting to give some attention back to CJ-Inyoung…cuz they had a scene with my couple HJ-HB…and am i the only one who think that Hwangbo n In Young both look so gorgeous without make ups n without some fancy hairstyle? their ‘natural’ looks are great! beautiful ladies^^. Hyunjoong n Crown J are like some buddies doing the “A” thing. haha.
    i guess what made me enjoy hj-hb couple even more is that..even without subs, it’s sorta easy to get what’s happening roughly in their scene, except for the interview parts of course…i notice this eversince start watching the whole show again on streaming….they’re not complicated, blunt, straight, yet very unique n fresh. haha. i should stop i guess.
    and that pic of Lee Hwi Jae n Jo Yeo Jung at the Nivea event look great too! aww, she looks so sweet^^.
    thanks much for the summary n the pics.

  16. I don’t like the awkwardness between Alex&Shin Ae and I really hope they’ll become comfortable with each other any time soon. It’s just awkward to me seeing that they create that awkwardness between them. :S They should really relax,otherwise the awkwardness will never leave.

  17. Thanks for the summary Avin. I haven’t had time to watch eps 14 yet..hopefully I’ll be caught up today.
    They better end that ring incident soon…getting too be too ‘dramatic’.

  18. thanks!

    everything is getting exciting with AnBi, HB-HJ, and CJ-IY… anticipating Ales-SA progress

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