Kim Hyun Joong, “I will take Hwang Bo over Lee Hyo Ri”

SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong revealed recently on “Come to Play” that his ideal girl is not Lee Hyo Ri whom he frequently speaks of but Hwang Bo instead. “If you ask me to choose between them, I’ll pick Hwang Bo”.

In part 2 of “Come To Play” We Got Married Special episode, Kim Hyun Joong said that compared to Lee Hyo Ri, he likes Hwang Bo better.

Host Noh Hong Chul asked

Everyone knows that you like Lee Hyo Ri who is older than you. But compared to Hwang Bo who is also older than you, what’s your take? Will you still stand on Lee Hyo Ri’s side?”

Kim Hyun Joong expressed

Although my ideal girl is someone like Lee Hyo Ri, but if you get married, you would surely marry someone that you like instead. I have been really attracted to Hwang Bo since meeting her.

Eun Ji Won pressed on

If Lee Hyo Ri appears on the program, would you switch partners?

Kim Hyun Joong replied

I won’t switch. I will continue to be together with Hwang Bo.

The happiest person at this point must be Hwang Bo sitting beside him.

Hwang Bo expressed, “I have received some text messages from Kim Hyun Joong’s fans asking me not to touch him so much. So now every time, if I have to touch his head or other parts of his body, I will hesitate and feel depressed.”

53 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong, “I will take Hwang Bo over Lee Hyo Ri”

  1. ahhh, nooo!!!
    i’m too happy. *jumps*
    thank you so much for the wonderful news, coolsmurf.
    i died of happiness cuz of this. esp this part.

    “Although my ideal girl is someone like Lee Hyo Ri, but if you get married, you would surely marry someone that you like instead. I have been really attracted to Hwang Bo since meeting her.”

    i really don’t know how else to express my joy. but i’ve always love this couple from the beginning…but they’re just getting better n better and that is just pure joy for me. haha.

    Fighting Mr n Mrs Kim!
    Thanks so much again.

  2. *hee* I feel more chemistry between them and also crown j and in young. alex and shinae’s is a so awkward now.

  3. thank you so much coolsmurf for bringing this news for us, HJ-HB’s supporters.
    i haven’t read this whole news myself, you save me from translating again!

  4. I am getting interested in this couple… Its getting really cute and I am like spazzing again… and it doesnt hurt that KHJ is such a cutie and Hwang Bo has her charms…

    Love is in the air!

  5. Thanks for sharing the news, coolsmurf.
    ‘Puppy Love’? KHJ is still young and given time to socialise, maybe he’ll be able to fine true love. This’s my opinion and didn’t mean to step on anybody’s toes.
    Nevertheless, all the best to the couple.

  6. hwangbo nuna! why would you be depressed? lol. the fans already gave you their approval! hehe. goo skinship!

    i am really digging this couple! ^^

  7. my goodness!!!!!!! upon seeing this news, i can’t help but feel happy!! (like nofreak)….. apart from alex and shin ae, i also love HJ/HB couple, i really don’t mind about the age gap, it’s the connection they have that i like (plus of course HJ very gorgeous and handsome)..Hwang bo is very lucky because at least she gets the permission to “touch” HJ. Why in the world get depressed? (is it because she’s older?), i hope not cause in the show, they are “married couple”

    …coolsmurf, will you be subbing come to play also? .. (I hope..PLEASE)…..

  8. hahaha, that was funny…i can’t help but thinking he’s trying to make up for being 2ng best groom cause he seemed a bit bitter the last time 😉

    fan’s are asking her to touch him?? hahahaa now that’s the best!

    can’t wait to see it!! thanks a looooot!! ^^

  9. Ahhh….i love this couple!And Crown J n InYoung.They seem so comfortable with each other.I’m pretty sure many ppl disagree with me, but in my opinion this couple makes alex n shinae seems so boring.They are very sweet bt abit slow.Its just wat i think tho….

  10. i was so bored last friday night so i decided to watch my all time favorite korean variety show..X-man, and while watching some episodes with yoon eun hye and kim jong kook i noticed that hwang bo and kim hyun joong were also there…
    hahahaha!!! that’s all…

    i am just quite impressed with how these couples are progressing….

  11. this couple bored me in the begining but ive been starting to like them more and more…. maybe even surpassing alex and shinae

  12. Well, it’s not like he’s going to pick Hyori in front of his “fake” wife.

    I find this couple cute, but there’s still the awkwardness and they’re not convincing.

  13. I didnt know his ideal girl is Lee Hyo Ri buh isnt he close to her like their relationship is good as in a brother-sister relationship anyway Hwang Bo must be very happy when she hears dat ^^ I wanna watch this with sub >__<

  14. Hope Hwang Bo didnt think to much about HJ fans comments on their skinship. I think HJ ‘s fan should open up their minds a lil bit. It his life anyway. Were just a fan who cannot tell our idols what to do…

  15. yay! yay! yay!

    oh.. i’m loving this couple! they are so cute in a natural way… not cheesy.. not forced!

  16. oh…i’m looking forward to this! can’t wait for the subs…by the way, last week’s episode of Come to Play with the WGM cast is already up with eng subs on crunchyroll….

    hyun joong is so funny! i hope the fans are more understanding and leave hwangbo alone…this is now my favorite couple and i love their sense of humor and their awkwardness…in ep 14 you can tell he is trying harder to be more comfortable with her..i mean, what did he do to her neck??? LOL

  17. Hyori is a little out of his league anyway, but he does look good with Hwang Bo though! They’re a really cute and funny couple!

  18. YAAAY! I think that’s a pretty big thing to say. Although Hyori’s getting old, she’s still pretty sexy in her own right, so to have HJ say that, it makes me so happy!

    But I hope Triple S doesn’t get too crazy. X| I kinda doubt they’d actually go out in real life, so I don’t think HJ’s fans should go crazy. It’d be nice if they become really close friends though!

  19. Sweet! But am I the only one thinking one of them or both had more influence on choice of partner than the show suggests? Anyways, hope the fans wont hold them apart!!!!!

  20. LOL.

    That’s right. He should. Hwang Boo is quite a woman. She indeed is a woman that will make a man happy to be married with. JoongBoo couple is not my fav and I didn’t bother to watch them tough but Hwang Boo has always been a favorite by others young artist i.e Micky Yoochun. She is kind of woman you know. 🙂

    Joongbo is funny yet watching them as like watching a Love Letter or X-Man variety show as it is like a reality show that is funny to entertain us. Of course we feel the happiness and the enjoyment while watching them enjoyed each other’s moments but as @ Anna said: It is not convicing.

    Does they have the potential to be together. Did they really or can be a future partner in real life. Are they really a soul mate?

    Nevertheless, wish the best for them because they are funny especially the sand part. Hehe..

  21. About Alshin awkwardness.

    I think the awkwardness make their relationship progress is natural. It is very natural and realistic. They haven’t met for about one month and they have departed when the love start to blossom.

    I know the feeling because that is what happen when a newlywed couple in real life who didn’t really know each other and has fall in love towards each others be parted and be together again.

    The feelings is like this:

    ” They really miss each other,they want each other to know how he/she miss the other one, but we just married and barely know each other, we trying to know and learn about each other and when the love just want to sparkle we have to be parted. ”

    It is like a passion, love, tense, awkwardness, shyness, is all mixed up together. It is normal and natural and realistic.

    [b]Because that is what happen in real life to a couple who married without a love then fall in love gradually then just live together for a short time suddenly has to be parted. I know it, because it is what happen in a lot of my friends life.

    They will reconcile when they started to live together again, doing and sharing moments again.

    ONLY GOD know how AlSHIN really miss each other despite they feel like their meeting is like their first meeting.

    Its like:-

    I really miss him/her to death but how I want to react upon

    I have faith in them more than anything else.

    As I said earlier, even we didnt see what we hope, they will continue their love. They made for each other.

    Because, THEY ARE REAL~

  22. I think the JoongBo couple is getting better n better each time.. eventhough there are still awkwardness, they never fail to crack me up… They look good together!!

  23. Love Joonbo couplee ..please more skinschip wuahahah
    I really want them to be happy with each other

  24. i m a fan of Hyun joong but hwangbo u can touch him as much as u want!!
    they look really happy and cute together

  25. joongbo :)!

    i heard yunho and mickey’s ideal girl is hwangbo is that true?

    while i was searching through joongbo couple i came across the jinbo and saw hwangbo’s pics with junjin and wow.. seems like theyre really good friends.

  26. i really want to see both of them be a real couple in reality.. i’m okay with that.. they are really nice together.. i really like both of mr and mrs kim..hehe..

  27. eventhough i like the lettuce couple i think that hj what he was saying sounded scripted!!!! but the fact in my opinion is hwang bo needs someone who can look after her well, take care of her. i think hj is okay (im not a massive fan of his, personallity and looks wise…my opinion dont take personally) she needs someone more mature and caring.

  28. ahh…. I’m so happy for hwang Bo she is so lucky…
    I love both of then lettuce couple forever “Joongbo” love them so much and I miss them I hope they’ll be together again.. I hope they will have a show together and hope they are couple eheeh..
    Even though I like Kim Hyun Joong I’m still happy for
    Hwang Bo…
    Good luck Kim Hyun Joong I’ll support you forever eheeh..

  29. Have you heard a latest news about the said couple? It’s been a long time since the last episode of WGM, were to meet again? So eager to know but can’t find any updates about the couple, hope they’ll be together for real 🙂

  30. Ooops! Sorry, I’d like to make some correction on my question…
    “Were they able to meet again?”

  31. guys guys.
    all fans of kim hyun joong.

    he still have the right to have a girl friend.
    if he doesnt get the girl he likes.
    he’ll be lonely and might stop singing or acting.
    think about it guys.
    ur just thinking about yourselves loosing an musician or actor. ur not gonna loose him if he gets married. thing will just be the same but lil differences. world’ll be the same but he’s not

  32. hmm i dont see hwang bo is beautiful and she also not perfit with hyun joong..

    this is only my opinion by my slef please dont get mad all jungbo’s fans..hehehe

  33. Hwang bo is the perfect partner for Hyun joong in real life too i think. She would support him in every ways…..

  34. HyunJoong, you lied! T___T Refer to Champagne episode, Ideal World Cup, November 7, 2009. You picked Hyori over Hwangbo T___________T;

  35. saranghaeyou
    kim hyun joong i like u iwill not like hwang boo
    sori….ur so crazy of hwang boo hwang is a ugly koo hyw dun is a vute and beautiful hwang boo is a selfish
    koo hye sun is a honest and obbiedience helpful that oll ynx hwang is a ugly

  36. i actually like we got married kim hyun joong and hwang bo’s part but i don’t think he was telling the truth because he wouldn’t say that he liked hyori more on a tv show with his temporary wife, then he would ruin his image

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