Hyun Joong fans asking for less skinship with Hwang Bo

Since appearing on MBC “We Got Married”, Hwang Bo has been gradually feeling the pressure from Kim Hyun Joong’s fans.

Hwang Bo expressed her thoughts about being together with Kim Hyun Joong, “Initially, when I accepted the offer to be on the program, I really had no idea who my partner was. After seeing who it was, I felt surprised and burdened. That’s because an idol singer has much more fans and I was afraid that I might not be able to perform well on the program. But now even without the cameras, I feel that I am really like his girlfriend off-screen.”

Although this older woman, young man couple is still treating each other with caution now, 4-dimensional groom Hyun Joong felt that it was improving, “If I have to rank our awkwardness on an index, it would be 1000 at the start. But it’s only 70 right now and we are slowly but surely warming up to each other. Everyone, please wait and anticipate our out-of-this world performance.”

But Hwang Bo has been feeling the pressure exerted by Hyun Joong fans lately. She expressed on MBC “Come To Play”, Hyun Joong fans has been asking me to try and curb any excessive skinship with Hyun Joong. So I’m always hesitating and depressed if I’ve to help him arrange his hair or any other skinship.” But Hyun Joong replied back, “Very thankful to my fans for their concern. But I don’t really think too much about skinship while doing program. Hope that my fans will not post any bad comments about Hwang Bo.”

SS501 members were asked, “Who do you hope to be paired with if you were on We Got Married?”, Young Saeng expressed, “I hope to be paired with Sung Yuri”. Hyung Joon answer, “BOA”. (neither of them is possible frankly)

47 thoughts on “Hyun Joong fans asking for less skinship with Hwang Bo

  1. Coolsmurf, it seems like you are liking this couple more and more… Possibly becoming your favourite?

  2. (neither of them is possible frankly) is the most hilarious part of this post. πŸ˜€


    Yeah, the fans need to back off. And what’s with the ‘out of the world performance?’ That makes it sound so scripted. Please, don’t turn into Alex and Shin Ae. Their charm is in their humor. We don’t need much cheesiness with them.

  3. awww…what’s wrong if they express more love to each other? what’s with accusing them not being frank? i mean…it could be, it could be not……but what’s with the jealousy if you don’t really know? you can’t compare everyone with alex-shinae or expect all couples to think the same way…sheesh.

    anyway, thankss so much coolsmurf.
    when i saw u dropping by at this couple’s soompi thread, i sorta hav a feeling there could be a new article here, but i felt it was too soon. then i know i should’ve trust my instinct. hehe..

    Hyunjoong’s fans…..plsss, whether or not they’re real or just for the sake of entertainment, if we assume it’s real, can’t we give blessing and feel happy when the person we love is happy? let them do what they wanna do. if we support hyunjoong esp when he expressed so strongly how he likes his wife, don’t you guys think he’d be more proud of us? after all, it’s not easy to find a great girl with great personality n attitude like Hwangbo.


    “But now even without the cameras, I feel that I am really like his girlfriend off-screen.”
    -if you feel so, don’t be scared of his fans anymore. i’m his fan too, but i’m all behind you. *wink*…fighting unnie! haha

    “Everyone, please wait and anticipate our out-of-this world performance.”
    – LOL, you 4dimentional ET. i’m anticipating the out-of-this world performance. haha

    β€œVery thankful to my fans for their concern. But I don’t really think too much about skinship while doing program. Hope that my fans will not post any bad comments about Hwang Bo.”
    -wow, honestly, he does sound serious here. from what i know so far of Hyunjoong’s personality….i have a feeling that he’s warning his fans in a subtle way….
    he’s protecting her. haha. yay,

    anyway, if anyone disagree with me n feel that they’re just faking everything for the fun of viewers, i can’t say anything. but i’ve been watching them closely enough to feel that they’re changing in WGM. they’re getting more comfortable, and they don’t really try to be Mr/Miss perfect to each other anymore. in fact, they’re showing some really interesting sides of them which i barely seen before this, and i call that development. they don’t need to be clowning around all the time just for the sake of not being the 2nd alex-shinae. so far, i like what i see from them. their interactions and all flow vary naturally, maybe not the cutest/most romantic/most funny couple. but they are very close to being themselves, if not entirely.

    Thanks so much again coolsmurf.

  4. btw, Youngsaeng picked Sung Yuri..okay, that’s weird. i thought just about a month before or a lil more than that, he said he wanted to be paired with Moon Geun Young. haha. and Hyungjoon=same answer. Boa. aish..no comment bout that. thanks again coolsmurf. =]

  5. thanks coolsmurf!

    i hope HJ fans back off so they could progress naturally! i love how funny they are when they’re together!

    it is sweetness in a whole new definition!

  6. Wait…didn’t your last article mention Hyun Joong fans asking Hwang Bo to have skinship with him? Or maybe I just misread it…

    Anyways, I hope Hyun Joong fans listen to him and not post bad comments about her. This couple is cute and I hope to see more of them πŸ˜€

  7. thank you coolsmurf for bringing this couple’s news lately.
    like or dislike, pls don’t hurt her.
    there is or there isn’t skinship, pls dont “divorce”…
    that’s all my wish.

    whatever reason for you to translate their news, i’m so thankful ^_^

  8. ohhh so they asked for LESS skinship?! i think i misunderstood this in the previous article…makes more sense now hehe πŸ˜‰

    i’ve never watched their parts of the show, but they look really sweet, i think i have some catching up to do!

    and “out-of-this-world performance”??? did he really say that?! mwahahaha, his comments are always so random

  9. AISH!
    i’m not a major-get-together-in-real-life-now! shipper of the pair but seriously, it’s just a show and its entertaining as heck. the fans should stop watching the show if they don’t want to see skinship or just like place their hand over hwangbo on the screen and wish it was them. πŸ˜›
    hyun joong is cool and so is hwangbo unni both separately & on the show. πŸ™‚ unni, hwaiting!
    p.s. how the heck are they getting her cell number to text her? scary much?

    anyway, ignoring them. =/
    i’m lovin’ the pink in their outfits & can’t wait for more of the 4th dimension. ❀

  10. Did someone sub the WGM specials from Come to Play? I’d love to watch the episodes!!!

    Hwang Bo fighting! ❀
    Don’t let the mean fans get you depressed!

  11. points for him just went up for me when I read that part where he said he hopes his fans would not post bad stuff about her. how i wish andy would say the same thing about his jealous fans badmouthing solbi. i notice that solbi’s not herself these days (esp in interviews with him). i feel somewhat she distancing herself from andy… sigh

  12. I agree with everyone here .. whether or not they become a real life couple is not our business .. besides they look good together. As fans we should be happy that he’s happy, isn’t that what we want? Knowing that he’s happy with his own choice (not the fans choice) should be good enough for us.
    Sure there’s an age difference but they look comfortable & they seem to be always laughing at each other. I can’t wait to see how this couples relationship grows even if it’s make believe.

    Aww his stubble way of protecting his wife πŸ˜€ I love this couple next to Crown J and Seo In Young. They seem more like a real couple Alex and Shin Ae are cute but in real life when will we ever find a guy like that? Lol sure they’ll do romantic things but not all the time, haha we’d be lucky if we get some romantic gesture more than once a year

    Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo fighting!!!

  13. idc its only a show ! and if he develops feelings for her okay (: anyways at least they texted her asking instead of like freaking what suju and dbsk fans would do if she was like some one from suju or dbsk she would have died. like they said ss501 fans triple s are nice (:

  14. hmm so i am not the only one who thought that the fans gave permission for hwang bo to have skinship with hyun joong… (its the other way around..kindda confuse me there)..anyways, i adore this couple and can’t wait to see more of them..

  15. noooo young saeng you have to get paired up with ME! now thats possible… he he he
    fangirls lay off of them will ya?? hwangbo fighting!

  16. korean fandom is scary…imagine what cassies or elfs would have done if one of their oppas was on this show? lol

  17. HAHA! He said BoA! So funny. I wish BoA was on the show though… seems like she isn’t doing a lot of Korean stuff. 😦

  18. Ah… I thought the fans encourage the skinship and now they are asking for less skinship… hmmm did I misread the earlier article? …*whispers* Coolsmurf, did you re-edit the earlier article?

    I dunno why, but somehow I feel a bit sad… when KHJ said “please wait and anticipate our out-of-this world performance”.

    We know its a reality program, its meant to be entertaining but I guess am just a bit sad on the performance part, that’s its just a show thingy…I understand that KJH maybe didnt mean it that way but that he will work hard for this program… which bring to my mind, the scripted and the non-scripted part and the PD’s comments earlier…

    If its a drama, I will know that they are just playing a character, we can all walk away unscathed at the end of it… but this is a reality program, they are playing themselves… I try not to think about the effect they have on themselves and viewers/fans… I guess I need not say more with examples from AnBi and AlShin, which the level of realness is highly debated and has made us all laugh and cry with them…

    I guess I need to be level headed to watch this and just think of it as entertainment… But I wish all the couples the best and fighting!!!

    Just my thoughts, don’t shoot me.

  19. porcelain..it occurred to me once but i got over it now..don’t worry. PD can set up anything but he can’t do it to their feelings I mean, i doubt that too still i believe that they are happy to know each other..their happiness is what i really love to see from this couple since they’re both my fave persons.

  20. Jeeeez guys, don’t you know tht the new thing is for a kid groom and old wife to be together (Nick-mariah, ashton-demi,…)?!?!? Seriously!
    But really, Look at it this way, if it’s real, then shouldn’t you be happy for him? If it’s not then he’s still attractting more fans thanx to this show, why do you think he’s flying back and forth just to be in this show huh?
    Anyhow, the skinship thing, they’re supposed to be married remember? And even if they don’t wanna do it, the PDs are probably going to make them ’cause frankly, tht’s what most fans wanna see.

  21. Yes, indeed! Korean fans is possesive. JoongBo couple is not my fav but just let them spend their times together without fear or favor.

    @porcelain: Agreed! As for me, I watch this show because of their individuality and not because of themselves as an artist. I have first smirked when stumbled upon this show and avoided to watch it when I thought it is as the same as reality and variety show out there in Korea. But when I started to watch it, I love WGM because I can see a process of a relationships is going and I love the most is when the couple is not showy or being themselves and do things sincerely and not because of the sake of the fans, cutesy or popularity. Put aside the scripted scenes whatsoever, I really look upon themselves as an individual who are in a relationship. Put aside the cutesy, funny, romantic scenes etc I love AlShin process of learning each other and Crown J and In Young too.

    @1223334444 : I think to mention the turn to AlShin is not a wise thing to do when most of those who love AlShin couple is not because of the romantic scenes, yet it is like watch and learn how one’s start to learn to open up his/her heart and learning to love and care each other again. How love started to blossom. They didn’t afraid to show their uncomfortably or awkwardness through the process. It is realistic, as I said I watch WGM as individual more than it is an entertainment show. Either it is pleasant or unpleasant scenes I love to see how they struggle upon this relationship rather than emphasizing on the scenes.

  22. anastassia,

    It’s called a difference of opinion. There are reasons why AlShin is not my favorite just like there are reasons (you stated them in another post) why JoongBo isn’t your favorite. But no one stopped your from stating your opinions, right? So don’t try to tell me what’s not a ‘wise’ thing to say.

    Now, keep it moving.

  23. @1223334444:

    Oh, yah. Keep it moving. I have watched again this two sweet personality and I have to say they have teach me something!^^

  24. btw: I always respect different opinions and views which is given in objective way and I cherished it.

  25. ok the fans need to chill i understand they love their idol but they cant split hyun joong into millions and millions of pieces for all of them to share and if he does get married or dates someone that’s his choice. cant expect him to be single for the rest of his life….on another note i dont really see alot of skinship between them so what are they talking about? lol i see wayyy more with seo in young and crown j.

  26. i adore this couple…i don’t know, its the quirkyness between them, but then they have something that the other couples don’t. AND there is definitely more skinship between in young and crown J…Hwangbo’s and Hyung Jung’s skinship doesn’t even count compared to their’s…lol…and both of them are really fun to watch πŸ˜›

  27. oh! i sooo love this couple… i like “anbi” couple too well bcoz andy is the husband hehe… and shinhwa was shown in one of the episodes so entertaining.. haha! it’s raining now… so bad… i think it’s storm! haha anyways, hwangbo and hyun joong look so cute together… perfect combination… oh… die hard fans… pls don’t be so crazy about the skinship thingy.. hehe… it’s just a show.. and if their relationship will develop into a real one…WHY NOT! haha … you, i mean we should be happy… haha im a fan too u know… haha! i anticipate their every movement… ahh… so cute… it’s exciting coz u don’t know what they are going to do next… haha! if they are going to toy around, or be serious or whatever… haha… i want them to be real life couple haha… am i dreaming or what… if not… can i just be hyun joong’s special friend?hjahaha wishful thinking indeed… fans fans fans… be nice! fans should be nice to their “idols’ ” close friends, loved ones… etc… whatever… haha! please….!

  28. more closeness….hahaha i want more episodes of course with english sub… please! hahahahaha i can’t understand korean im filipino.. and proud to be one! haha…. i want this show to be like forever

  29. are fans these crazy…?in korea?hehehe.. just asking.wow…. don’t like… hehe more affection hahahah go hwangbo… go hyun joong! super cute! hahaha… why can’t they just say it in euphemism instead.. hahhaa

  30. damn i like reading comments but you people are writing essays or something LOL comon now guys lol but yes i love this couple and crown j + in young however u spell it LOL THEIR THE BEST~ woot woot ~!

  31. well, i’d love to see more skinship with this couple.. they look awkward as a married couple without it..! geesh. i hope fans of HyunJoong will be more understanding.. i love seeing this couple on WGM lah! they’re simply adorable!=D

  32. I kind of understand why they were so awkward in the beginning (and why their Japan show was a lot more natural)…

  33. personally don’t like any korean female artist except Hwang Bo & In Young…. after watching them in wgm. They shows their real self…….. not like others….. yuck….

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