We Got Married 100th Day Anniversary Special Event

MBC Sunday Sunday Night popular segment “We Got Married” will soon showcase their three original make-believe couples, Andy and Solbi, Crown J and Seo In Young, Alex and Shin Ae celebrating their “100th day” (from 16 March to 23rd June) together on the show in a special event.

In a phone interview with PD Kim

The three couples will have a special event to commemorate their 100th day together. Crown J and Seo In Young have done their wedding photoshoot on 9th June, bringing their own stuff for the photoshoot and matching it with outfits belonging to their style.

Alex and Shin Ae did their photoshoot yesterday at a wedding studio in Chungdam-dong, Seoul. Alex prepared two suits while Shin Ae wore an elegant wedding gown showing her femininity.

Meanwhile, for highest popularity couple, Andy and Solbi, the PD had decided to keep their special event a secret (ohh, the suspense!!). But it was revealed in another news that Andy and Solbi will have their wedding photoshoot outdoors unlike the other two couples who did it indoors.

Park Myung Soo, soon to become a father, also officially took over the MC role vacated by outgoing female MC, Kim Won Hee who left to film a drama.

There were complaints from viewers that the expansion from 4 to five couples has severely shortened the time that each couple has on the show. But PD Kim expressed, “The viewers might find that the time has become shorter, but frankly the length of the show is longer by 10 mins compared to the beginning.” (yah, great job of not answering the question!)

This wedding photoshoot special event will be shown on 29th June, showing the entire process of the three couples from picking their outfits to the actual photoshoot. No mention was made of the other two couples, Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo, Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong of their missions.

One more thing to share is Crown J and Seo In Young will meet Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo at the same water park. What fireworks will happen between the two funniest couples? Can’t wait for this Sunday!!!

55 thoughts on “We Got Married 100th Day Anniversary Special Event

  1. Solbi has her hand on her stomach on the first group photo like she is pregnant! haha! AnBi Couple are so cute with the matching shirts.

  2. aahh…. this is going to be sooo good to look forward to…. our AnBi couple got their mojo back!!!LOL

  3. Oh my gosh! That’s so cool! They’re meeting in the same waterpark! Hahahaha! That’s great! I’d love to see them together! That’s so funny and exciting at the same time, as they are the funniest couples, and none of the couples have actually met during their off-studio time! This is exciting. Just from looking at their group pictures, they all look so compatible with their respective partners! From the first group picture, Solbi is even holding her stomach, so I was thinking, “Pregnant Solbi and her husband Andy!” HAHAHHAA! Oh and I LOOOOVE Hwangbo’s shoesies. ^.^

  4. omo! i can’t wait to see the wedding photoshoot of andy & solbi! now they will have wedding picture taking together now! they are ready to get marry now! three more weeks! so worth the wait! yea! i love this show more and more each day!!

  5. Oh,this must be nice πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for it,as much as I can’t wait for the rest of Alex and Shin Ae’s reunion! Love them both! πŸ˜€

  6. ooohhh they came up with something else for us fans of WGM to look forward to lol ..cool! can’t wait

  7. This show hits the spazz nerve… I swear anytime I hear news about it or see a clip it brightens my day. I can’t wait to see this @_@!~

  8. Jo Yeo-Jeong is hot lol.. Seo In-Young has to and I really mean has to get rid of that bowl/mushroom cut

  9. I cannot wait! Alvin, you rock!

    Wedding photoshoots! Gah! Filled with excitement! June 29th, hurry hurry!

    However, am also looking forward to this weekend’s episode too!!!

  10. Hi Alvin!

    Thanks for the news..I love to watch it but I can’t wait to watch their weekend episde where my ver fav AlShin and Crown J and In Young which bring the spark of a real relationship process and realistic essence to my life is on and SOON. Finally Sunday is just around the corner~!

  11. coolsmurf, im loving ur new blog pic! XD

    wow!! PMS is MC-ing?!?! woot woot!! one of my favorite MCs ever!!!
    wow, all guys now..i would think they’d get a new female MC to take over since a woman after all would understand the bride’s perspective.. :/?

    i totally agree!! solbi looks like she’s pregnant in the first pic! XD

    I hope you’ll be subbing the episodes, Alvin! We’d be very much indebted to you!!!


  13. crown j and in young are starting to look more and more like a real couple….out of the five, they looked the “closest” to each other ^^

    go alex/shinae couple!

  14. haha..

    dont worry guys..
    Tough Alex didnt rest is hand on the shoulder, I bet his heart is on hers as he said during their reunion, tough they didnt hug each other during their meetings at Namsoon ( isnt it ) but his heart has there – mean his want to hugs her and his heart has reached hers! They just wouldn’t do something that didnt come from their heart. And look at his open chest towards hers. It’s DOES mean something. Subtle and intimate!

    I rather watching something that is authentic and real tough it is not as we want to see rather than something that are pretending and not sincere as just want to please the fans. It is not wrong but it is not my cups of tea. If i want to see something like that I rather watch X-Man or LoveLetter!^^

    This is what make me drawn to WGM, tough the fact I have smirked upon this tittle when I stumbled it or ignored it since it has been aired and just watch it last week IS the fact that it is almost REAL. Yes, we know the scenes is scripted, i.e the KIMCHI. WGM is not a drama and it is not a variety live show. It is a make beleive. It is not about cutest y or popularity if we want to take it as out of the box IT IS about a realationship progress and realistic development of a marriage life. Along the way a real feelings is involved without infrocement is the best!

  15. This is absolutely fabulous good news. Love the progressing development of WGM.
    The three couples crossing their legs are so synochronize, cute!!!
    Thanks for the good news, coolsmurf and I love your banner. Cool! πŸ™‚

  16. Alvin: absolutely love love your banner!!!!

    omg this is the most exciting news ever about WGM.
    wedding photos????holy moly, cant wait to see that. and they’re all looks good together

  17. Hyunjoong-Hwangbo look great in the group pics! haha, their poses <3. and omgosh, Crown J-In Young look so cute in their “A” group pic! Shin ae is soo pretty! she n alex looks like ‘the rich couple’ @__@. wow. n i recognize the synchronized 3 couple poses as well. hehe. awww, i’m jealous with the wedding photoshoot that don’t include HB-HJ n LHJ-JYJ but since they’re the newbies…anyway, gaahhh, i love the group pics. all couples look so compatible with their partners. beautiful pics! thanks for sharing.
    and bout Crown J-In Young n Hyunjoong-Hwangbo meet-up…hehe. heard that ‘something’ will happen……i wonder….anticipate since they’re my favs as well.
    Thanks for the news n pics, coolsmurf.

  18. ^
    nofreak !! i totally agree with u !! hahah the Jong-Bo couple picture is definitely cuter (they’re like posing as a group from a band rather than a couple) but that’s what makes it unique! Aaah Alex….I was hoping he showed a little warmth.body contact with Shin Ae (they’re still making me bite my finger nails of worry after their awkward reunion). But anyway… The cutest group pics ever!

    so 100th day means they’re 3 months married ? hahahahaha how time flies can’t wait for the event!

  19. OMMO!!!! i soooo cannot wait for these upcoming episode. not to mention this coming sunday’s anbi epi and CJ and IY episode. gahhh.

    so sweet can a wedding photoshoot be. i think that moment would be etched in everyone of their hearts although its just reel and not real.


  20. Hahaha..

    Look at the 3 couples in da last pic!! They all even cross their lags in the same direction as their pairs. Funny though!

  21. omg…can’t wait!

    Crown J & SIY rock!!

    I think the PD makes SIY act so “bitchy”…because I’ve heard so many interviews with her..and she is always nice and friendly.

    Have ya seen the parody of Crown J and SIY on secton tv?
    This was hilarious!!

    Anbi is cute too…. ^_^v

  22. 100 days! wow! I was thinking 13 eps how long is that, and yups that make up to 3 mths plus and yes its 100 days… can’t wait…


  23. oh i cant wait for the water park scene! i Love the hwang Bo-hyun joong couple…that should be fun..

    thanks for the news! ^___^

  24. =)))) very nice new banner coolsmurf!!!

    thank you so much for updating and translating! =)

  25. oh my god!! like after watching this show,
    it like everytime i see these people it seem like they are dating. ahh whenever i see Andy i be seeing solbi O.O

  26. thank you coolsmurf for the post. I’m excited to watch.
    Something tells me that Hwang Bo & Hyun Joong couple won’t last as much as I love them I don’t think it will last long because SS501 is going back to Japan even though his agency says that Hyun Joong will be flying back & forth so he can do the show & do promotion in Japan. I don’t think it will last because his gonna be exhausted & drain coming back & forth.
    He might even get sick. So that’s why I think it might not last but if it does then congrats.
    I do love there couple though they are funny together.

    Gosh Solbi’s outfit looks to “old” sorta for me. I mean Solbi is sexy female & young but lately it seems that she has been down playing her style so she fits Andy more. I hope she doesn’t change too much to fit Andy.

    I love AnBi though. They are my FAVORITE couple on the show. It’s good to see AlShin back though. I was sad when they left.

  27. AnBi hwaiting!!
    lol.. AlShin’s back ^^ my sis is happy to know that
    and i love your banner thing (?) on top of the page
    WGM love ^^
    thank you for all the news…

  28. thanks for the spoilers Alvin.
    The photoshoots…I can just imagine Alex and Shinae’s ‘fairytale’ shoot. I’d be curious to see Crown J and In Young’s…wonder what style they’ll go for.

  29. Ok I am watching it now and I am getting so confused at what is real and what isn’t… Alex said he doesn’t know her number… but didn’t they have the raise of hands for text messaging/calls after midnight and jazz and he raised his…. o.O! It is hard when facts are mixed up.

  30. Ha woah.. sorry wrong topic o.O! Don’t know why I did that *smacks head* I am watching the Come to Play special… hehehe

  31. Hi Terese!

    You can read at soompi’s on Al-Shin thread. You can read all our discussion about the issues. Finally the truth revealed when the PD has made a statement in Korean news that the couple are prohibited to contact each other since the beginning at the show which is VERY UNTRUE when we know all the couples have contacted each other during the show. It is after the PD look likes they have potential to get serious then he prohibited them. Shin Ae has changed her phone numbers because of the contract after Alex left. What we are satisfied is the PD’s dishonesty when he said in his statement that they are prohibited to contact each other since the show aired which is kind of dishonest statement and it is so ABSURD. The PD has asked the couple’s to close their eyes and asked them to answer who has contact each other. Then after that, last week he said like that.

    It is happen too about Joongboo canceled tea whatever and AnBi ring incident’s.

  32. PD’s suck for this show(WGM)..theyre making the fans confused(messing w/ our minds i’d say lol)..and making the couples look as if they’re lying(uhh messing w/ their image or even each of their personal life i’d say lol)
    This 100th day anniversay special if that’s what it is better be good. Theyre making all this commotion and i have this feeling it wont be as good as the way they make it sound..make sense?? lol oh well

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