So Nyeo Shi Dae thank their fans and says sorry

After the hot issue of various fan clubs boycotting So Nyeo Shi Dae during the 2008 Dream Concert on 7th June, the 9-member girl group posted a message of gratitude and apology the day before on it’s official homepage.

The entry was entitled “To everyone who loves So Nyeo Shi Dae~”

They started by expressing how thankful they were for the love and encouragement that has been received for the past 10 months since debuting.

For a long time, we dreamt of debuting.. We had our first performance and fan meeting.. the moment we placed first in a music program.. From promoting “Girls Generation” to “Kissing You”, we have received so much love. These happy memories are your gifts to us. Thanks everyone.. ^^

They continued

We have had valuable memories from the past 10 months but looking back, there were moments of regret. Those moments has made us a bit more mature and realize some things. We sincerely apologize for the hurt that we’ve caused people for the inappropriate words and actions that we did.

To cap the letter, they told their fans that they were preparing something new and wait for them. Better late than never. their future actions will be more heavily scrutinised than ever though. Wishing all the best to you 9, some of you very much deserve it for your hard work and effort.

credit: krnloop

18 thoughts on “So Nyeo Shi Dae thank their fans and says sorry

  1. Personally, I don’t think they’ve done any “wrong” but maybe I just haven’t done enough research to know the whole story.

    Anyhow, best of luck to the girls and hopefully the FCs can calm down a little after this (though I doubt it) and stop finding excuses for themselves to hate them.

  2. gah.. no need to apologize.. they din do anything wrong : / Those childish fangirls are too *beep* n *beeeeeeeep*..

  3. The girls did do something wrong ~ yeah i agree. that’s one of the reasons why many fanclubs dislike them. now, they must be aware of that. they apologized, it’s accepted. everybody makes mistakes.^^ hehex. the fans should apologize too, for being soo childish. XD SoShi starts again.. fighting!!

  4. I think SNSD might have said some wrong words but not enough to warrent whatever happened at DC. A blogger by the name of ShenYuePop has blown things way out of proportion with this incident. You can see that she has an extreme bias against SNSD and cooks up whatever goofy “facts” against SNSD for her readers. Don’t take her blog too seriously. She tried to use the beef scare as an excuse for the antis’ behaviour and has made issues from non-issues. Anyways, getting a bit off topic…

    Hopefully the negative vibe from the antis has died down a least a little from this apology. SNSD! FIGHTING!

  5. They did wrong, but lets just forget it since they have apologized….
    That shenyue always write things negatively. Too much negative writings, not only about SNSD. but almost all artists too…

  6. If you guys all think that way, then this must mean that she’s not worth mentioning at all. (: But yeah, let’s just bash her once and for all. Since she’s too coward to take all the bashing in her own blog.

    As for the girls, they didn’t exactly do anything wrong. They did, but fangirls just made it seem like a big thing so they can ‘use’ this reason to do something mean to SNSD.

    I mean, “come on!” Using the reason “SNSD is disrespectful” is very stupid. Why? Because a lot of Korean artists makes lots of faults out there! Even the so-called Super Junior with their tactless leader Lee Teuk. SuJu even does things that leads their FCs to taunt a girl to suicide and be forgiven for that, yet the SNSD girls get directly bashed and disrespected for this?

    This is why everytime ELF claims that SNSD is disrespectful, my reaction is ‘Chyeah, right!’ Not because the girls did no wrong, but because SuJu also has faults. It’s just them being hypocrites.

    And I bet, after this apology (for something that isn’t even mostly their fault), antis will claim it as a fake. -o-
    Too much negativity out there.

  7. though the girls had been disrespectful to their sunbaes, i don’t think it’s that much deserved to be boycotted and caused so much chaos in the concert.

    i can just say that the fans are being too much – both the fangirls and the fanboys. for whatever act they’ve done, they’ll only end up troubling their beloved idols instead.

    so what’s the point?

  8. i dont understand , are you giving SUJU fault? by the way , hov can you all accept their apologies , you dont even know if it is SNSD there wrote it , it could be a whole other person who was being force to write it.. and sure they may be sorry about it, but then , why dont they just say it on TV .. cause i dont know alot who are on this website..
    i know im doing alot out of this, but try too think if it wasn’t them who wrote it?

  9. Agreed izsh, How do you know if they wrote it? An Apology can’t fix things that happened. Especially whatever happened DC? Alot of groups and singers and celebs have had their mis-haps but really do you think they will take time off their busy schedule and do damage control? no. Think about it. As you can tell the antis have not calm down, until then it will be a mystery. The day antis go away is the day the world comes to an end. Cause you know what it ain’t happening.

  10. i agree with BOb. i think the blog, SHenYUe Pop really is biased against SNSD and turn facts around. They find every single reason they could give to make readers hate them. I dont htink SNSD was in any wrong.

  11. ugh, i dont think i will ever get why extreme fangirls express their hate on other groups except their favorite ones,they wouldn’t like it if random fangirls start boycotting their fav groups so why do it.
    and the most likely reason why they hate on snsd is that they were close to dbsk, suju, and probably etc…
    omg. they don’t need protection or whatever, they have lives too. i really want idol groups to speak up more about this, cuz this is insane.

  12. BLA..BLA..BLA…TO ALL ANTIES…..couldn’t we jus GET ALOOOONG!!!I’m sick of this…well it doesn’t matter…FANZ should be gratefull with THE ANTIES….they help SNSD more popular…saranghaeyoh…hahaha

  13. I Know what SNSD do . But for me the antifans is to childish. They only say a wrong word. Taeyeon And Tiffany don’t do something that make them must be insulted, or attack that way by antifans.

    I am an ELF to . From Indonesians. They antifans are from ELF and cassiopeans like nisa said.

    But they did nothing wrong, do plastic surgeon is a scary thing. And they can do it, For girl that is very brave. But they have a talent. Even my friend who doesn’t like korea start to become korean lover because SNSD. If they don’t have talent what thing they have?

    They already say sorry.

    So why you still attack them?

    Are you never do something wrong?

    Please grown up .

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