Too Many Singers in a Saturated Music Industry?

Although the Korean music industry is currently in a slump but there are still many singers who are releasing their new albums this year. As we enter June, the number of singers releasing new albums is no doubt increasing but the industry continues to show no signs of reviving from its declining sales figures.

With that in mind, you can just imagine how competitive the competition between singers are. To promote their albums, they have to think about all possible means and methods. With so many singers promoting their albums at the same time, managers have to crank up their contacts and resources to try and get them opportunities to showcase their talent.

The manager of one singer said

This is the first time I am seeing so many singers entering into the same promotional period. There’s simply too many singers promoting their albums and it’s going to be a difficult task to get them on entertainment programs for exposure. It won’t be easy to get singers to show their faces on television now.

Apart from singers who started their promotional activities slightly earlier, Wonder Girls, Tae Yang (Big Bang), Goo Joon Yup, Super Junior Happy, etc A-listers will either be in the midst or beginning their promotions. According to one industry expert, “We will see over 100 singers beginning their promotional activities in the month of June and July. If you include artistes that aren’t as famous into the list, the numbers will simply be uncountable frankly.

Once a singer releases a new album, they will seek all possible means to increase their exposure rate which is normal of course. But under the present situation, the competition to get onto programs is highly competitive and intense. According to one manager, “A singer might enter into a one month promotional period, but then they only get two chances to appear on tv programs”, showing that they are really at the mercy of tv stations.

On another hand, some singers have managed to successfully upgrade themselves into A-list singers thanks to the success of their variety programs. Thus singers who are promoting their albums would hope to use variety programs to raise their exposure. This has naturally led to situations where singers queue up to get themselves onto variety programs. MC Mong, Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won has managed success in their singing careers thanks to KBS “1N2D”. Another example would be Andy, Seo In Young, Crown J and Alex who have managed to raise their profile thanks to MBC “We Got Married”.

There are more and more singers who are going the path of the above-mentioned. There’s even a website in Korea that specifically calculates how much exposure that artiste gets. This website has thus naturally become a frequent haunt for singers and their managers. From the ranking chart recently on the website, Wonder Girls are currently top.

Singers now try their best to make an appearance on variety shows and if that fails, they wil fight for their MV to be shown one more time on television. This is but the true reality of the competitive Korean music industry.

18 thoughts on “Too Many Singers in a Saturated Music Industry?

  1. hooray for wonder girls!
    althou competition’s tense but with the advantage wonder girl’s got i hope everything will turn out well 😀

  2. Kang Ho Dong’s doing promotional events now too? o.O

    I’m glad Andy’s getting the exposure he needs: being the baby and the only one from Shinhwa YET to be a succesful solo artist, all my love and hope goes out to Andy oppa~!

    Will you be subbing the special “Come to play” episode of “We got married”, Alvin? We’d really love to know what’s going on and we love your subs!

  3. but i personally think the singers from 1N2D are already well-known before they joined in the show… and isn’t it their popularity that has made them chosen as the members of the show?

  4. I hope Solbi becomes more active in her singing career, not just in variety shows. Saw Tyhooon’s performance in the Dream Concert. She has a strong voice. Finally, it is time for Andy to shine on his own. Anbi fighting!

  5. ohhh i am soo curious. whats the website? hehe

    plus if you count the number of new idol boybands that
    are debuting.. its going to be hectic!

    fighing wondergirls!

  6. Man, how awesome would it be to see all these singers promote on the old Xman? That would’ve been so freaking awesome. So disappointed it got canceled. 😦

  7. wow. oh dear! this is going to be an exciting period then! so many promotions! ahhh! i’m glad wonder girls are on top though! WOOHOO! of course, they would be. everyone loves “so hot”, and everyone’s anticipating another “tell me” craze!

    i agree! i hope solbi becomes active with her band typhoon also! especially since koyote hasn’t been out in awhile, and kim jong min is in the army. typhoon should make a comeback soon! i feel like andy promotes his singles all the time, and as his “wife”, she promotes his songs all the time, too. i hope she gets back on her singing career and take advantage of her popularity!

  8. Hey,
    Speaking of artists, Alex released his solo album today, “My Vintage Romance.” I’m listening to it right now. I give it five stars******!

  9. In the US, the record labels promote artists mainly through radio; in Korea and Japan, it’s television. So no wonder younger idol groups tend to do so well there: in this age of HDTV, they’re beautiful and telegenic in a way that older artists cannot compete with even with stage lighting and makeup.

  10. I agree. This is something that i have been ranting about for the last 5 years at discussions and network sessions.

    i have yet to see people that are in the game JUST for THE MUSIC. it’s about making money, the economy, the competition. this also effects the nature of the quality. The creativity is gone, the innovation is out there, there are just too many people giving great renditions of an already done style of songwriting.

    The jingle method is dead, The chord progression is terribly repetitive and so forth.

    There is just too much going on in the World of music. Every genre. every style. The game has changed in a way, that prostitutes the gift that music has, as a feeling.

    I make music and am classically trained in several instruments and the appreciation for new acts (which there is nothing more that i can call them) is just NOT THERE.

    When there used to be a cover for a classic, which is bread and butter of a new acts exposure, that stimulated innovation and inspiration. That just doesn’t exist anymore.

    There is nothing new in music. Methods are tired and that’s why people that buy music are only willing to pay $1. If the music is legendary and timeless, the people who determine that will go out and buy the music, period.

    Music today, overall is just different.


  11. in indonesia music can popular with group band, and no boy band.indonesia have many goupband who popular.such as one naff, driveband, and etc.

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  13. mmm…interesting read. I’ve been noticing that more and more new kpop artists are debuting recently as well and I don’t know how the industry’s going to cope with all these gasoos.

    :/ and what about people being popular for just their music instead of television appearances (sighs). LOL the artists in the best position are probably those managed by Media as well as those with the clout to get tv appearances like JYP, SM etc.

  14. Thanks for the article! Do you happen to know the website with the rankings? I’m curious to see it.

  15. it sucks for the new comer artist now because the more older ones will be coming out with new stuffs and etc. so the newbies arent gonna have that much reconition

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