MBC When It’s At Night Drama Promotional Posters

MBC “When It’s At Night” promotional posters were revealed today which once again piqued interest in viewers to the highest level.

“When It’s At Night” which will be debuting on on 23rd June posted four different concept posters for their drama promotion.

This will be Kim Sun Ah’s comeback drama in three years following her success in “My Lovely Kim Sam Soon”. Her new drama is about Heo Cho Hwi (Kim Sun Ah), a 29 year old woman who is always mistaken as someone crafty because of her natural-born sexiness. She crosses paths with Kim Bum Sang (Lee Dong Gun), an arts scholar who is crazy about virgins and a supervisor of property assets.

The image concept of the posters sees Heo Cho Hwi (Kim Sun Ah) becoming a display exhibit with Kim Bum Sang (Lee Dong Gun) looking on with interest.

According to a MBC staff, Kim Sun Ah was doing the photoshoot and went into the glass casing, striking an alluring pose, aptly displaying the sexiness of her character to perfection. But during the actual shoot, Lee Dong Gun could not control himself and burst out laughing when he saw Kim Sun Ah’s face expression, resulting in the shooting to be temporarily halted.

During the shoot, Kim Sun Ah said to Lee Dong Gun, “National relics should be properly taken care of”, creating some interest when the poster was released.

15 thoughts on “MBC When It’s At Night Drama Promotional Posters

  1. an arts scholar who is crazy about virgins? my oh my. haha. looking forward to seeing ldg again. ksa looks so much better here than she did in my name is kim sam soon. haha. interesting characters.

  2. heheh…
    The Kim-sam-soon-look keeps popping up and I can’t help be laughing when I read “..because of her natural-born sexiness…”
    Sexiness? natural born sexiness? Kim sun ah? wait.. its Kim sam soon ^^

    Kim sun ah looks great and sometimes I can’t imagine that she was once Kim sam soon ^^;

  3. Interesting characters for both KSA and LDG. Hopefully the drama is as good as the characters portrayed. Looking forward to see it.

  4. i’m looking forward to watch this drama, i like both actors and the history looks interesting enough ^^


    Yeah i noticed that creepy man sneaking them behind the wall LOL

  5. I am surprisingly anticipating this drama. I find “My name is Kim Sam Soon” rather overratted and actor Lee Dong Gun a bit stiff when he acts.

    I am really hoping the two have great chemistry and this drama has something to offer!!

  6. This is my most anticipated drama… i love Kim sam soon… oops… i mean kim sun-ah… too bad they can’t find a cuter actor than LDG, but i can see how LDG is gonna work it as a virgin obsessed guy… hopefully i can find the subs somewhere… if anyone know where i can get the subs please let me know thanks

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