Iljimae sets the pace with 23% television rating

SBS “Iljimae” starring Lee Jun Ki continues to set new records as it maintained its stranglehold over other competing shows in the Wed-Thus timeslot.

According to TNS Media Korea, episode 8 of “Iljimae’ got 23.0%, smashing its previous record. It was an increase of 2.5% from its episode 7 rating of 20.5%.

In episode 8, Ryung (Lee Jun Ki) edges closer to his transformation into the legendary Iljimae. Ryung who by now has remembered everything about his past witnesses the tragic death of his sister Yeon (Son Tae Young) and decides on taking revenge for them to right their unjustly deaths.

Ryung starts learning from his father (Lee Moon Shik) the basics of being a thief, scaling walls, running for life, picking locks. Ryung tries out his skill, stealing a painting from the home of a minister but instead causes his good friend to be blamed instead. He feels guilty and decides to rescue his friend by going into the palace but meets King Yi Jong instead.

On another hand, the romance element finally is back on as Ryung is finally reunited with Eun Chae (Han Hyo Joo) under the cherry blossom tree.

“Woman of the Sun” got 9.6% for episode 6 while episode 10 of “Spotlight” starring Son Ye Jin got only 10.2%, Although both saw small increases in ratings, it looks like they would be playing second fiddle from now on.

3 thoughts on “Iljimae sets the pace with 23% television rating

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  2. Thanks so much coolsmurf ^^

    i pray the next episode will got higher rating !!! what about 25%? hehe

  3. I was really surprised that this drama was doing so well… Wow, great for them! ^^

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