Shin Hae Chul slams So Nyeo Shi Dae boycott at 2008 Dream Concert

Veteran Korean singer Shin Hae Chul slammed the boycott of So Nyeo Shi Dae at the 2008 Dream Concert during his SBS radio show on 10th June.

Shin Hae Chul expressed

There’s a concert called Dream Concert in Korea. To put it bluntly, it’s just a concert where several thousands of fans comes in free of charge to listen to a few popular songs, that’s all. I went before once a few years back. There’s an ugly tradition at this concert and that is, staying silent on purpose when a specific group or singer is performing on stage. Simply put, it’s a tradition of bullying people.

He continued by saying

Heard that their target this year is So Nyeo Shi Dae. For me, it’s just a low-grade concert because of the low-class fans resulting in a low-class mass culture. The actions of those fans at Dream Concert reflects how low-class they are to the whole of Korea.

What do these fans think they can achieve by not clapping, turning their glowsticks off, etc? They don’t help the Korean music industry in any way nor are stopping it from advancing. If you like the performance, clap your hands. If you don’t like the performance, then don’t clap and that’s it. This bullying tradition will not be forgiven if it was played out in other countries. I hope that So Nyeo Shi Dae will not be hurt by the actions of these low-class fans.”

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  1. danggg..whoohooo.way to go!
    finally someone’s in entertainment industry speak up about the dream concert.hihihi.

    @yingz:well, i read a lot, A LOT, haha, that it’s because of snsd’s fans and snsd’s behaviors.
    people said that snsd’s fans rape, kick, abuse other fanclubs’ members. i read that the shoshi boys are kicking someone’s head and they ripped suju’s banner.. and many more actually.
    and for snsd’s behavior, i read that people actually hate tiffany. she’s rude and etc. dont forget the junjin, shin hye sung, and kim ji suk “tragedy”.
    you should read this web here:
    it’s kinda make sense for me.hahaha.
    they gave a very detailed reasons for the dream concert boycott.

    personally, i dont hate snsd nor like them. but after what i read at i think that they’re kinda arrogant and rude..and tiffany dear, you’ve got nothing to be proud of. i think that she’s TOO proud that she can speak english and korean. well, there are soooooooooooo many people that can speak 3,4,5,6,7 languages. compared to her “talents”, she has nothing to get her head too big.

    just think that i’d want to say what i think. starting to work tomorrow!!yay? hahaha.

    thank you alvin for your super fast subbed we got married ep 13.hihi.appreciate it a lo, A LOT!!!!


  2. Word.

    Everything that man said is true. The actions of various fandoms during the Dream Concert, put a dark spot on what is supposed to be a day of appreciation and fun. Acting without respect, in this case toward SNSD, not only put a negative light on all fandoms involved, but also on their respective idols. All the artists that participate in these types of events work hard in order to show their best and when they are not acknowledged for their hard work then it must be disheartening.

    Maybe if this type of thing happened where I lived, this concert would be canceled in the future. This is a free concert. If fans cannot be thankful and show respect to all those involved, then they should not have the privilege to have these types of events. You don’t have to like all the groups, but please show them respect at least for the work and effort that they have put in.

  3. i think that what the fans did to snsd was rude but what snsd fanboys did to the other fans was also rude. i like snsd but they really should watch what they say in the future. some of the things that tiffany said about other singers were o.O if i were a fan of those people i would be pissed as well. being a newbie group means they have to be respectful to their sunbaes. hopefully things will blow over and they can make a fresh start.

  4. Overseas media are carrying stories about the Dream Concert, even though what is reported is the very toned down version of what had happened.

  5. i like what he said!! hehex. i agree with so that snsd should think first on what they say. only if it’s a joke, they are in showbiz.. so they must be cautious about their words. i really like snsd, so i was sad about the news, at the same time pissed off. both parties are wrong, for boycotting, & for ripping off posters. what they did is really immature.. they are making themselves a burden to the artist they are supporting. SNSD, Suju and DBSK are in the same agency, i think they felt sad about what had happend. if i were in that dream concert i would be soo happy. hehex. hope something like this will never happen in the future. SOSHIFIED!!

  6. so non-shosis are low-class fans? Hmm…kinda means dbsk,suju n 3s low-class performers?
    Who is he? I’m too lazy to wiki him…n read somewhere that he actually in d same mgnt company?

  7. if it happened happened in another country i mean fans bullying or hurting other fans their might be a lot of dead people already..because in some countries illegal guns can be purchased easily..but it’s good thing that fans in other countries do not behave like KOREAN FANS…so IMMATURE.. they are willing to embarrass other people just to show their hatred. this action are just for UNEDUCATED people.
    did they not learn values in school? maybe some did (those people who did not do it even if they HATE SNSD)..two thumbs up for you. you are all good audience. for those who did it who are reading this are a shame to your family and your country. i know that a lot of people will agree with what i said.

    i really like what hae chul said..and i really agree with him..
    if you don’t like the singer of the performers just don’t clap. hide your candles that’s okay hate the other fan clubs that’s normal. BUT DAMN shout WONDERGIRLS or SHOUT BOO that’s IMMATURITY low class fans do that.
    PUT your shoes in SNSD members how would you feel..they might act BOASTFUL and RUDE but they are still people they can get hurt or even have trauma because of what you did.
    i think they also know that they were at fault. SOME of them did not do anything bad. and those innocent members did not deserve those cold treatment.

    next time think twice before you embarrass somebody.

  8. I think the ones that are in shock now are ,next to SNSD, their idols.. Suju, SS501 and DBSK are all very fond of SNSD and i guess that’s why it happened this sh*t. I’m not a fan of SNSD, but those fans that did this really annoy me. It’s not like you own your idol. I never understood why there are soo many girls this desperate… It’s good to be a fan, but to be this obsessed .. all i can say is : GET A LIFE! (can’ imagine what type of bf they have that say nothing when they act like that.. well, if they have one…)

    First when i read the article.. i thought that they were passing the word from mouth to mouth, but when i saw the actual clip on youtube with the girls walking with those papers above their heads… it was REEALLY scary…i mean… i think that if someone would have clapped, they would taken out a gun and shoot that person. Common … it’s not like if they are doing this they are going to kill their popularity. i think that their negative acts will only help SNSD. they will be turned into some lunatics teenagers and everybody will pitty SNSD. Anyone in their right minds will take side with the SNSD and blame not only the fans, but also the idols.I just hope this won’t have impact on anyone

    Wonder what were the idols reactions when they saw the fans walking with those papers….

  9. i hear what he said… i somewhat agree, but he put it in a weird way.. which made what he said pointless…

    His advice in last part, isn’t that what they fans did? they didn’t like, they didn’t clap…

    I see both sides of the coin, so I think hes being an hypocrite… he only mentions the silence treatment…then calls the fans low life… what about the stabbing? the fans that were ridiculed? do they deserve that? their hard work stepped on by some overzealous fans (literally)

    Obviously nobody deserves to be treated in a harsh manner, I agree that the booing and the calling of other artists was rude, by I command the fans for not harming anybody…

    So I guess you can harm people, as long as they are not the entertainer…. I guess the SNSD fans that harm little teenage girls are PRINCES and Kings and we should all look up to them…

    I hate the fact that people are so biased that they can’t look both ways.. they were both wrong and calling people out because they are voicing their opinion in a peaceful manner is also uncalled for….

    Poor him, his radio show will get canceled, cuz those low life fans will peacefully turn off their radios…

  10. … Like someone else said earlier, the fans at Dream Concert didn’t like it, they didn’t applaud. What exactly is his point here?

    What has angered me more is him terming DC as “low-grade”. He is an entertainer (sunbae even) himself and should know better than anyone else to say such things. I’m astounded that he disregards all the artistes’ time and effort in preparation for this concert. The artistes have done so much and he just dismisses DC as a “concert where several thousands of fans comes in free of charge to listen to a few popular songs, that’s all”??

    The last ounce of respect I have for him as a sunbae has dissipated ever since he called fans “low-class”… Doesn’t he realise that without these “low-class” fans he can never be where he is today? If there was no so-called fan willing to listen to him today, Shin Hae Chul wouldn’t even exist. I know I should respect him as a sunbae entertainer, but his irresponsible words have brought so much harm for all the other Korean entertainers.

    All in all, it just sounds like sour grapes to me.

  11. hahahahaha low class fans hahahahahaha they deserve that
    i’m a fan of SNSD and WG, those low class fans are not IMMATURE but STUPID, they think BOOOOOing another band can make they adorable band happy??? nah…..
    i know what deperate people do


    don’t just look what they looklike, an goodlooking guy or so beautiful or so plastic

    listen to their music, if you like it listen to it if you hate it don’t listen to it. Simple and objective

    hey alvin thanks man

  12. i am glad someone speak up!! i do feel sorry for snsd!!! this person do make some good points and same with the people who are commenting about the concert! not to be mean or anything but sometime fans are too harsh to other artists or even their own favorite artists! i hope nothing like this will ever happen again to other artists which i know that won’t happen!!! however, i still hope snsd come out of this strong and look at it as just another obstacle! anyway, thanks for the information!!!

  13. So he’s against no clapping and then he goes and says if you don’t like the perf. don’t laugh?

    Uh, it’s really rude to be name calling. I mean, what he’s going to achieve with that?

  14. i just read the posts about SNSD, and they sure do sound snobby and rude.

    the fans who were physically violent toward other fans are so dumb, gosh this concert sounded like a good time but it really is not worth being hurt to defend your idol group. those crazy people who hurt others need to get a life. after reading that stuff it is difficult to be a fan of SNSD. i had no idea people were so nuts over these idol wars.

    these parents of these dumb kids need to give them a swift kick in the you know what, i would be embarrassed if my kids were acting like dirt bags. also when you get older you probably will not like the same stuff as you use to as a kid, so those fans should do community service or something good instead beating people up.

  15. ehh. if you don’t wanna clap, why should you?
    if i was a korean fan being called low-class,
    i would be very insulted.
    Simply because this industry,
    including the one that this man is in, is making
    money because of fans like me.
    so if i am low class, what does that make you
    and my ‘idols’?

  16. is the most unreliable source when it comes to snsd. a anti-snsd site, never seen any good news of snsd comin from tat site. it’s kind of sad how ppl jus naturally assume how rude an artist is by readin post/blogs/online news. i mean ppl should consider how credible that source is, since most of them are bias. im happy someone stood up for snsd, they didnt deserve this type of hatred, it was a dream concert, free of charge, free to enjoy music, most fans ruin it for snsd. some fans are very harsh. this incident has gotten big, even snsd has written an apology to cool down the matter, lol even while most of the media were taking their side. it was considerate of snsd, we should stop takin sides and jus leave it all behind.

    Gosh, I 100% agree with what he said, especially about If you like the performance, clap your hands. If you don’t like the performance, then don’t clap and that’s it. Cause that’s what I would do if I were there, but I would just probably clap for everyone there.

    Anyways, what they did to SNSD was really mean, and I’m sure a lot of people didn’t like it… I mean what’s the point of doing that? Ugh, seriously they should talk to the fans…

  18. what?? they barely did anything to snsd.. booo they didn’t clap for you.. your fans clapped that should be enough.. they were there for their fans. so why the long face??? i think the guy was ridiculous too.. whats with the not clapping if you don’t like speech, which is exactly what the fans did?? i’m mad the real victims were ignored as usual… i’m not saying that humiliating someone is good, but it wasn’t without a reason either.. those fans didn’t just wake up wanting to punish them… And i don’t belive their apology and i’m disgusted that the media fully took their side.. wtf??? go ahead snsd, keep on being disrespectful, you have just proven me that the industry doesn’t care about fans at all.. they are just tools to get their mula… i’m disappointed.. plus those girls didn’t even have the decency to apologize on behalf of their fans… am i the only one that realises that people were STABBED for those girls?? am i the only one??? the should be responsible, by at least aknowledging that it happened… the weak ones are never on top, LSM good job….

  19. i wonder why shin hae chul’s statement on his blog is not posted on asianfanatics, since all biased quote from shenyue is posted there. this fandom has become anti snsd

    im sure snsd will learn to behave better after this incidents, but DC has just prove korean fans’ insanity, they really need to get a life
    at first i thought this is amusing. now if the fans’s behaviour is a movie i watch at cineplex, then i want my money back. because it turns pretty ugly

  20. if there are any stabbing, or even rape, Korean media will go bananas, i mean how could they miss this? its the perfect headline for their paper “fanboy stab fangirl”
    dont u guys get it? even after 4-5 days no quote from police, hospital, media, or trusted source. no, nothing. just fan account and forums. im pretty sure this mean something

  21. Yeah! It’s good to hear feedback from another singer in the industry on what I believe was a more suitable name for the concert, the “Nightmare” concert for SNSD. I agree with Shin Hae Chul for the most part except for the “low-class comment”. A better word for it would’ve been “childish”. Ok, here goes my super long comment towards every poster I see.

    @miumiu: I’m not 100% familiar on the Tiffany situation but her behaviour shouldn’t determine the fate of the group as a whole. Put some more thought into what you’re saying first before blatantly shouting arbitrary things around.

    @Chisa: Word. But, the world is cruel and unfair.

    @so: I’ve done some browsing around and I’ve only heard secondary accounts of the incidents and there’s little to no concrete evidence of it. I’ve seen a lot of ruthless people bash SNSD based on something they’ve heard from someone else or some other source. I’m not basing my opinions off any of them btw.

    @xoxo: True.

    @Kapan: Well, you see, he’s saying the fans are, not the performers. The fans’ actions shouldn’t reflect on the integrity of the performers. But I agree that using low class was a little harsh.

    @TOP&YB’sGiRL: Usually, if a person sees everyone else doing something, they usually follow along so that they won’t be embarrassed or whatnot. I think that most of the fans there just followed along with everyone else but I can’t be the judge of that. I wouldn’t say the fans were uneducated, but immature/naive as you said.

    @standiari: I’m with you 100%. I’m not a fan of SNSD myself, but I really not cool with the extreme behaviour of the other fans. It pisses me off.

    @vertigo: I’d agree with you if you were actually there to see this “stabbing and ridiculing” going on. And the hypocritical comment… I don’t see anything hypocritical about it unless you meant to use “bias”.

    @ my 2cent’s worth: Well, I agree that his words were harsh, but it’s that way considering he has observed the past concert where a tradition of “silence” and he’s more of basing his comments on the behaviour surrounding the fans themselves. But again, using low class as a term was uncalled for.

    @etch: Ok, you’re self contradicting yourself.

    @merry: d(^^)b

    @anna: Peacefully not clapping and displaying rude hateful behaviour are two different things. He’s against the rude behaviour.

    @j: As I said countless times, don’t be naive and base your comments off things you read.

    @jaime: I’d be insulted too but he’s basing it off of the behaviour of the fans.

    @sam123: Yeah you’re thinking what I’m thinking. We live in a chauvinistic society today. Anything goes.

    @Julie: d(^^)b

    @bananasong: Oh jeez… how credible is your information? You’re exactly everything I’m against. You’re making it seem like SNSD wasn’t a victim but everyone else. Say, if the fans really got stabbed, it’s okay for others to have some payback? If you were there and saw it all, then sure, I’ll believe you but your comment… so one-sided and biased.

    Well, I’ve said all that I could say. I admit that I used to be somewhat like a one-sided person but we all just need to do a little growing up, that’s all. Just think of the big picture before putting up something worth reading and that everyone can agree with, no matter the side.

    Feel free to flame.

  22. @Chisa: I agree with you. Why complain about something thats free?

    @Bananasong: You are really oblivious and ignorant are you? Anti-fans not only didn’t clap, but some also chanted “Wondergirls” and boo’ed SNSD after their performance(as show in one. “I’m mad the real victims were ignored as usual” So, you’re saying that the victims are ss501,DBSK,SUJU fans? You don’t even have solid evidence to back up any of your claims.

    @so: People aren’t 100% sure if it was SNSD fanboys. Some say that it’s SNSD fanboys, some say it was security moving the banners so that suju fans could sit down, but it was accidentally ripped. You can’t really base your comment on a rumor you heard or read. It’s not always 100% accurate.

    @Kapan: I THINK he’s talking about the fans who did the booing and chanting of “Wondergirls”. If not, he’s talks about all fans who attend that concert. I agree, I don’t like how he generalized.

    @standiari: yep, some fans can be so obsessive, it’s scary.

    @vertigo: There isn’t any SOLID evidence that there was stabbing and such.

    @my 2cent’s worth: They didn’t only not applaud, but they boo’ed and chanted “wondergirls” during the SNSD performance.

    @etch: as JJ said

    @merry: I agree

    @anna:”Uh, it’s really rude to be name calling. I mean, what he’s going to achieve with that?”
    Exactly my question to why and what the rude fans did at the concert.

  23. I’ve noticed a few comments pointing out that he is contradicting himself. I think what he means is fans plan to not clap for certain performers, which is indeed a form of bullying. He was trying to say you should judge the music yourself and if you like it clap, but if not then don’t. Just wanted to throw that out there.

  24. Totally agree with Shin Hae Chul! As a westerner, that kind of behavior from so many fans scare me and it really doesn’t say much about Korea’s people.

  25. my 2cent’s worth,
    Ummm, they did NOT just NOT applaud. They booed and started shouting things like “Wondergirls Jjang!” and “SNSD Disband!” They were even holding up signs that said “SILENCE” during SNSD’s performance.
    So, I think the word “rude” was made to describe such cases.

    For all those people who actually take the time to read Shenyuepop, I think it’s really really unfair at how you think that she makes sense while first of all, she’s just blowing a story out of proportion. Making it sound worse than it’s not. (All this mostly because her PRINCE Hyun-joong had a little moment with Tiffany from before.) So, get your facts straight.

    SNSD may have done some wrong stuff here and there. But it’s really unfair when SYP spites them for this. Because if Korean artists should stop working the moment they do something wrong or disrespectful, will there be any Korean artists left still… like ever?

    Each of them has their own clumsy moments. And it’s really stupid that ‘certain’ fangirls are using this reason to spite SNSD. Even though in reality, they just hate them cause the girls are really close to DBSK/SUJU and the likes.

    And to think that SUJU had their own stupid moments from before too… I find it really stupid of them. (some of them only. don’t flame on me or whatever.)

    Shin Hae-chul ftw.

  26. this article is kind of one sided, it doesn’t say what SNSD did to have that kind of reaction. also SNSD just released an apology, so they admitted to doing somethingS wrong.

  27. that was pretty cool…in a way that 1000+ fans didnt cheer at the same time… its one of first times i seen mass people working together (kids and teens, to make it more amazing) to hate this one group because of some comments…dont get me wrong…its uncool to disrespect your elders/sunbaes, not cool at all… but whats more uncool is stepping down to a level where lots people/innocent ones (other members/fans that just wanted to cheer for there idols) gets physically hurt

    and oh about the not clapping thing…i would like to comment that an entertainers/artists job is to entertain and too show there talents…if the fans aren’t interested then shit happens….do better next time…practice and try harder

  28. @gummyvites: do you have solid proof somebody got physically hurt? you’re not even seeing both sides of the story. You’re just going along with the majority of the mob.

  29. wow drew ur all over snsd and this topics balls….u sure got a mouthful…but yeah anyways… what i said was that hurting/disrespecting people is not cool…did u see me take sides?…i blame both parties for there mistakes…and wats wrong with goin with the majority…for example if the majority is not eating shit should i go against it and eat shit….but yeah thats totally off the subject and retarted… just relax alrdy this whole thing is done…shit happens…lets go eat some kimchi and watch “we got married” cuz alex is back and crown j is hot!!!

  30. I kinda agree with what the man has said, but i don’t like the “low class” comment part.

    the dream concert incident is again another example of the power of fans in Korea.

    @ #33 (gummyvites) you took the words right out from my mouth.

    I’m a snsd fan too, but what happened at the dream concert is a way of the fans reacting to what snsd has been doing to their sunbaes. how else would you want the fans to be heard?

  31. gummyvites, eating shit is way out of the context. It’s not even comparable to what Drew said, in this case, “mob mentality” which really only implies to more PRACTICAL behaviour. I mean, who’d even eat it in the first place? Good thing your second post cleared up the ambiguity in your first one.

    sumei, you’re right about how fans would react to such a thing, eye for eye. But that’s how the world works. :l

  32. Shin Hae Chul is one of the most respected musicians in the Korean music industry. He is a legend along with the likes of Seo Taiji and Jo Yong Pil. He’s got 20 plus years of experience as a musician, so his points are excellent and highly valid.

    I don’t believe that his use of words are harsh at all. What these people did was pretty low-class. It wasn’t a couple hundred people who boycotted them, but thousands upon thousands.

    What the male fans did is low-class too. The Korean music industry has fallen to nothing but crap. When you have artists pulling out multiple singles or vying for a spot as a guest on TV programs, shows how much the Korean music industry is struggling.

    Since the creation of Dong Bang Shin Ki, SS501, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, SNSD, Kara, etc…the rate of stalking and crazy fans who believe that these members of boy and girl groups will love them back the same and scary way they do has been driving the Korean music industry down.

    All these childish acts are hurting the industry.

  33. I hope you guys realize this is a TRANSLATION of what he said. Some things may have been lost in the translation.

    When he says low-class fans, some of you morons right away get indignant and think he’s talking about you. Well that’s not the case, and while he may not be calling you a low-class fan as you indignantly think he is; I will take the opportunity to call you an egocentric, biased moron. You guys have to take this guy’s honest opportunity to point out some of the problems he sees with the Korean music industry and BLOW it out of proportion. Instead of seeing the bigger picture, some of you morons have to take sides and petty offense and start flaming this guy.

    Yes, I’m speaking to you, the immature morons who think that this guy was talking to you when he said “low-class” (unless you really are one of those low-class fans that had the audacity to commit the bullying acts at DC)

    You are what causes the world to revolve on hate and why our human race is forsaken.

  34. lulz to miumui
    u cant exactly believe what u believe what u read at shenyuepop bout soshi seeing that they are strictly anti
    stabbing was a mp3
    rape was bulsh
    im sry

  35. I agree with this person so much! They are basically bullying!

    Yeah, I did hear about some SNSD fans ruining Wonder Girls, SuJu, Big Bang, etc. banners & signs. So strange, fans say “Support SNSD!” and yet they tear things down that have nothing to do with SNSD so that proves a point. They aren’t true SNSD fans, true SNSD fans would support SNSD and not ruin other fans’ signs!

  36. i think it was kind of rude for shin hae chul to call the fans who attended the dream concert “low-class” he should realize that if it wasn’t for a huge amount of “low-class fans,” none of the groups on the stage would be who they are today. i was really a huge fan of snsd but im kinda swaying back and forth questioning their professionalism and vocal abilities. i don’t think their music is all trash but its just sort of…. pointless. its fun at times to hear but if all they sing is songs like “kissing you” and “baby baby,” i don’t know how long they’ll last. but don’t get me wrong, they are catchy and kinda nice to here but i wish they’d sort of mature a bit faster like the wonder girls and make songs with more meaning like “this time” and that other song WG did where they shot their mv in NY and their fulfilling their dreams. but beside the whole innocent act which im just plain sick of but thought cute at first, im really disappointed in their behavior towards their sunbaes. yeah they’ve made the apologies etc. and some fans have forgiven them while others are moving towards the anti’s sides, but they should’ve known not to insult their sunbaenim’s, esp. in a country where respect is such a huge part of its culture. i hope oneday snsd could mature in their actions, attitude (more specifically by dropping the ‘im such a virgin’ act, no offense), and maybe get sing songs with more meaning. i think some of the singers in the group have beautiful voices and could even go solo, which makes their cute and innocent songs more popular but i just dont know how long i can stand hearing them sing songs without meaning forever.

  37. I dont see how not clapping and cheering for snsd during the DC is a “bullying act” its mean in a way but how can people who just plain hate a group possibly cheer for them? it just seems like a peaceful way of showing displeasure in a group. definitely better than physically attacking the group.

  38. Hej hej hej!
    At least the ELF and the other FCs did not just go away after their idol’s performance. So I think it’s the same if you stay and be quiet or go away.

  39. i dont think Shin Hae Chul makes sense saying this, first he says “What do these fans think they can achieve by not clapping, turning their glowsticks off, etc?” -note the NOT CLAPPING part- and then he says “If you don’t like the performance, then don’t clap and that’s it.” Don’t clap? did he just say something about the fans think they can achieve soemthign by not clapping? Shin Hae Chul just said to not clap if you dont like the performance…
    he obviously didnt hear about the SNSD fanboys ripping up super junior’s posters, physically, while the other fans just remained silent and turned off their glow sticks, not even tearing up SNSD’s posters….

  40. I think SHin Hae Chul should have gotten the background info before he made his comments. You don’t get 5 different fan groups boycotting one particular group ALL TOGETHER without some legitimate reason. And the reason is because SNSD are truly despicable, unlikeable and cruel people. I’m not referring to their lack of talent but their actual personalities: they’re rude, disrespectful, full of themselves and feel entitled to mock other groups IN PUBLIC and IN FRONT OF THE MEDIA. The things they have done and said are outrageous and I think the fans that boycotted them at the Dream COncert were more than justified.

    SNSD fans are also part of the problem. I bet Shin Hae Chul didn’t hear about those fans threatening to rape members of other fan groups. What about the SNSD fans actually LEAVING the concert after SNSD performed instead of staying to support other groups? Or what about SNSD fans actually attacking and beating up other fan group members to the point where several ELF fans had to be taken to the hospital? Whose in the wrong now, Shin Hae Chul?

  41. the guy kind of contradicted himself because what the other fanclubs did was not clap and turned off their lights like he said they should do if they dont like snsd. its not like they were booing them.

  42. Wow these comments are from the moment it happened. NOW, only one question that I want everyone commented on this article from 2008, is….

    How do you feel about Girls’ Generation now? & did you expect that they would have this kind of success?

    You guys got to see history in the making for kpop, and watch Girls’ Generation rise to the top of the chain, so I honor you for that.

    (Probably no one is into this article no more)

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