Kara set for July comeback with 5 members

After the exit of Kim Sung Hee in February this year, Kara is set to make their comeback with two new members plus an entirely new image this July.

According to DSP Entertainment, “Kara will begin their promotional activities officially in mid July and the two new members have basically been confirmed.”

Kara was labelled as “Fin.K.L No.2” by the media when they first debuted but following Kim Sung Hee’s departure earlier this year, DSP Entertainment decided to call for open auditions to recruit new members to replace her.

The auditions which started on 8th April saw Koreans living in America, Japan, China, etc and foreigners taking part. After confirming the two new members, DSP Entertainment has subsequently moved on to selecting the songs for their new album and will soon embark on their official promotional activities.

According to DSP Entertainment, “The change from a 4 to five members group will see a change in their image. The two new members together with existing members, Park Gyu Ri, Han Seung Yeon and Jung Nicole will ditch their cute image of the past with something new. They will give their fans a new and refreshing feel and becoming a new shining light in the industry.”

Kara will meet their fans after completing their album recording and MV filming.

15 thoughts on “Kara set for July comeback with 5 members

  1. i still think they should’ve kept it to 4 members… otherwise it seems way too obvious they’re going to be like wonder girls or something

    but then again, they needed 2 new members to balance out sunghee’s awesomeness XD

    i hope sunghee comes out solo sometime in the future!

  2. Wow.

    So there’ll be 5 girl groups in all performing this summer? SNSD, the Wonder Girls, Kara, Diary Of the Five Girls and YG’s “female Big Bang”? Any others you guys about?

  3. Yeah, I thought Sung-hee was the only decent vocalist in the group. She was pretty hot, too.

  4. I wish them the best. they are afterall one of my most anticipated girl groups of the mid year.

  5. isnt diary of the five girls the group that yoobin was suppose to be in? i dont think they are going to debut anytime soon because didnt gina leave the group as well? i actually wished they didnt replace her with two other members. she was the prettiest one though. we ll see what they can bring. kara never caught my attention.

  6. Kara fighting!
    i hope other members would have their chance to shine in this album.
    my fav girlgroup ever!
    go Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole! show ’em what you got^^.
    and i hope the two new members would sound good too.
    so that Kara’s comeback won’t be a bashing fest.
    sure, Sunghee sounds great, but that does not mean otehr members sound bad. in fact, all three existing members already sound better than a lot of other girlgroup members i’ve listened to. ouch.
    Thanks for the news, coolsmurf.

  7. the competition is big
    KARA comeback in exact same time as Female Big Bang,not to mention SNSD as well
    interesting haha

    btw,i’m a WG fan,good luck to all girl groups

  8. KARA news FINALLY!
    KAMILIA have waited way too long indeed,
    tough competition is on its way
    but what matters is KARA will be back!
    let’s continue to SPREAD KARA LOVE!!

  9. KARA FIGHTING!!!! I can’t wait for them to come out!!! about time! thanks for the wonderful news!!!

  10. Ah, looking forward to it! They were so good, and had some really nice songs. But overall I felt their image, especially the cute one later on, was just wrong.

  11. YAY! Can’t wait for their comeback and to see who the new members are and how they sound. ^^ I will miss Sunghee though…

  12. woooo! i cant wait for kara’s comeback =D
    i’ve been waiting for this for awhile. i really liked their first album and i cant wait for their 2nd!
    i hope the new girls are good (Y) wont ruin their new image =D

  13. I hope Sunghee will come back soon! I’ll always waiting for her successful with what she does and for sure she can be solo her singer by then because she has powerful in singing.

    I LOVE U


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