Iljimae breaks the 20% barrier finally

With the character, Iljimae finally appearing in SBS “Iljimae” drama, it was no surprise to see it sailing past the 20% barrier yesterday night.

According to TNS Media Korea, “Iljimae” achieved 20.5%, setting a new record high for the drama and also marking the first time it has gone over 20%. The other competing dramas were noticeably affected by this with “Spotlight” and “Woman of the Sun” posting single digit ratings of 9.6% and 9.3% respectively.

In yesterday’s episode, Ryung (Lee Jun Ki) witnesses the death of his sister (Son Tae Young) by execution and sets his heart out on getting revenge. And to piece the clues together to find his enemies, he begins life as Iljimae.

3 thoughts on “Iljimae breaks the 20% barrier finally

  1. Not that I want to correct you or offend you… but shouldn’t it be ” …. witnesses the death of HIS sister (Son Tae Young)….” instead of HER?

    besides that.. nice work with reviewing this drama.. ^^
    I can’t wait to see this show…

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  3. Thanks for the news !! this episode is really exciting and sad !! i cried a lot while watching the execution scene

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