Big Bang and Son Dam Bi UCC MV Generates Interest

Big Bang and Son Dam Bi has merged to become a new group?

Well not really, but they have been intelligently put together into a UCC MV mix by MIXMAXX (Media Remix Project). This UCC MV has generated a lot of interest on the internet and enjoying immense popularity right now.

This video has been receiving lots of attention since it was posted by fans onto a UCC website on 1st June. It has already been view 150,000 times for the past six days. Netizens who have seen this commented, “Bad Boy and Last Farewell felt like it was the same song”, “Big Bang and Son Dam Bi felt like they were in a group”, “It would be great if they take this chance and become a group”, etc.

The remix was done really well and with both songs already being equally great on its own, it has become even more awesome with this remix.

22 thoughts on “Big Bang and Son Dam Bi UCC MV Generates Interest

  1. After listening to it, it makes sense that it would receive a lot of attention. The songs all fit really well together and of course MIXMAXX did a fantastic job putting it together plus the video. Don’t think anything will happen in terms of doing a song together, but keeping my fingers crossed. *listens again*

  2. omg i’ve been so hooked to this mix since last week. these two songs fit well together since they both were produced by the same people :]
    i wonder what big bang thinks of this mix. it would be SO cool if they do a special stage with Son Dam Bi.

  3. Here’s the Link to Last Farewell/Bad Boy Remix:

    Scroll to the Bottom to see the Download Link:

    Personally ripped the audio off of YouTube… It’s High Quality, no need to worry. ^^

    “No matter how hard life may be, you will always manage to cope with it all and move on to seek happiness in your life.”

  4. OMG this mashup is AWESOME!!! the best i’ve heard so far

    and they really do look like they’re in some co-ed group 😀

    thanks fo rsharing!

  5. Thanks so much for posting that link!! I would have never heard of the mix if it wasn’t for you.

    The mix is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!!! The best fan made mix I’ve ever heard!!! Probably even better than the official ones I’ve heard too. The best part is that all the background instrumentals and MV scenes match so well too!!

  6. would anyone happen to have a HQ rip of the actual video and if they did.. post it up please.. thanks

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