Han Ji Hye latest big name to join East of Eden

With a mega budget of 25 billion KRW invested into it, MBC “East of Eden” has just confirmed that actress Han Ji Hye will be joining the drama.

“East of Eden” talks about two brothers whose fates are crossed the very day they were born in the same hospital and their revenge. Lee Da Hae, Lee Yeon Hee, etc were recently confirmed to be in the drama with Han Ji Hye being the last to be added. Following her last role in KBS “I Hate You But It’s Fine”, Han Ji Hye will return to the screen swiftly playing the first love named Ji Hyun caught between Song Seung Hun, Yeon Jeong Hoon and Park Hae Jin characters.

According to screenwriter Na Yeon Sook

Han Ji Hye’s character is an important character that dictates the path that the main characters in the drama take. So the acting ability of this character must be very high. After some consideration, I and the director believe that Han Ji Hye would be able to bring out the emotional range of the character 100%.

The plot sounds cliched but the sheer number of stars in the drama really does draw you in. Song Seung Hun, Yeon Jeong Hoon, Park Hae Jin, Lee Da Hae, Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Bum, established veterans, etc. Will it be a hit or miss?

16 thoughts on “Han Ji Hye latest big name to join East of Eden

  1. i have a feeling that this will be a BIG MISS!!
    they are too quick at changing the list of actors to play the lead… i hate the production team for some reason!

  2. when they do finalize it, i think it’ll be pretty good. the cast and the budget is enough of an incentive to watch it. definetely looking forward to it =) just hope that no one has to play second fiddle. they’re all extremely talented actors. btw, does this mean that han ji hye is the new female lead?

  3. I’m always don’t have much fate in start studded projects.

    Look at the scores of them in the past. It seems they put too much efforts to land big name artists and pay little attention to the script/plot or the directing.

    Hope they learn from it to make this one a BIG HIT, not a BIG MISS.

  4. I’m even more anticipitating this drama more than before!!! Coincidentally, Yeon Jung Heon replaced Song Seong Hoon in 2004 Korean Drama SAD LOVE STORY; and Han Ji Hye & Song Seong Hoon will work together again since 2001 Korean drama Summerscents.

    I really hope Han Ji Hye has a bigger role in the new drama because I think she has alot to offer! 😀

  5. cliché AND long. i’m not sure how long i’ll be able to last.
    and oh my god with the triangles. -sigh- i have a problem with one triangle as it is.

    i have a feeling one of them will die in the end.

  6. Nooo! I can’t stand Han Ji Hye! I hope her role will be pretty small…like just a few episodes in the beginning and fade to the background later on. Definitely prefer Lee Da Hae and Lee Yeon Hee over her.

  7. I love all the leads! Particularly SSH, LDH and HJH. Han Ji Hye has definitely approved since her Sweet 18 role. I found her very convincing in “Likeable or not” so I think she has the ability to play her part to the max. I’m pretty sure she’ll give it her all since she has been improving. 🙂

  8. That is one star-studded cast!!! I just hope the drama turns out to be as great as expected. SSH needs another hit and kdrama fans need another classic.

  9. wow….again there will be a new korean novela that i will wait and watch everynight,,,i know that it will be good like other korean novelas…..

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