Delay of MBC Yi San finale affects KBS and SBS Drama Plans

With MBC seemingly unable to “fix” a date to air their final episode of their popular saeguk drama, “Yi San”, it has led to the other two tv stations KBS and SBS having to make constant changes to the airing dates for their new dramas. This in turn has caused discontent among tv viewers.

KBS “Strongest Chil Woo” was set for 9th June but has since been delayed to 16th June instead. It was the same story with SBS “Gourmet” which was pushed to 17th June. SBS had initially announced that “Gourmet” would air on the 16th after “Tokyo Showers” but it announced today that it’s not decided whether it’s 16th or 17th. According to sources in SBS, they want to avoid going up against the final episode of “Yi San”. Under this situation, it has led to “Gourmet” previews being shown without the telecast date.

KBS is also facing the same problem with “Stongest Chilwoo” only informed four days before it’s original 9th June airing date that it would be the following week instead. But KBS hasn’t made a decision whether to air 1 or 2 episodes on 17th. According to source within KBS, “We heard that SBS has plans to air 2 episodes of Gourmet on one day, and thus we are discussing about it.”

Although KBS and SBS didn’t state the reason for the delay, but it’s obvious that MBC “Yi San” is the cause of this with them constantly changing their finale airing date. The two tv stations didn’t want their new dramas to go head on against the incumbent drama and what’s more the finale episode that most viewers would be watching. Incurring a single digit rating for the opening episode of their drama isn’t that ideal. The finale of “Yi San” is set for 16th June.

MBC who seems to be the cause of this insisted that they had nothing to do with the situation that SBS and KBS currently finds themselves in. “The constant change of Yi San finale is due to the cancellation of a talkshow program. We don’t wish to comment anything on the drama airing dates of other tv stations.”

4 thoughts on “Delay of MBC Yi San finale affects KBS and SBS Drama Plans

  1. does that mean that Eric’s drama is going up against Kim Rae Won’s and Kim Sun Ah’s ???

    oh no! i hope his drama is good cause otherwise it will not stand a chance…i for one want to watch all three ^___^

  2. @yeli, yes, all three dramas will pk each other from episode 1 and it will be interesting to see which comes out on top.

  3. han ji seni seviyorum lee seo aşkım benim plase evlenin plase
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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