Chae Yeon and Alex Named as M! Countdown Hosts

Romantic guy Alex and sexy diva Chae Yeon will host MNet M! Countdown.

They will replace the outgoing SS501 and will host their first episode tomorrow night (12th June) in a Busan Special at BEXCO. The PDs are seeking for a change in viewership patterns after having Super Junior and SS501 hosting the show in the past. They hope that with Alex and Chae Yeon as MCs, they can attract more people in their 20s and 30s to view the program.

The two hour Busan Special will be broadcast live and will showcase acts that were active in the earlier half of 2008 like Mighty Mouth, Park Hyun Bin,Jewelry, SHINee, Jang Nara, House Rulez, Ha Dong Hyun, Dynamic Duo, JOO, MC Mong, etc. The two new MCs will sing Clazziquai song, “Romeo n Juliet” while Chae Yeon herself will perform “Two of Us” and “My Love” in a special stage.

Alex first album “My Vintage” Romance” will be released in two days time and he will then begin his promotional activities as a solo artiste. Chae Yeon meanwhile is busy with the recording of her 5th album.

18 thoughts on “Chae Yeon and Alex Named as M! Countdown Hosts

  1. Ooh… Chae Yeon and Alex? Wonder how will the chemistry be like… Saw an old epsode of jihwaza which they both appeared and my… Chae Yeon is such a tease and Alex was so adorable…

    But don’t Alex need to promote his album but to host this as part of his promo exercise? hmm…

  2. Alex seems to be a very busy man. Wondering whether he has time for ShinAe. Ahhh…can’t stop thinking about the two of them.
    Thanks for the info, coolsmurf.

  3. omg omg omg i hope chae yeon doesn’t get in between al-shin because she is definitely one foxy lady 😀

    thanks for sharing! can’t wait to see how alex fares as MC

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  5. I think Chae Yeon is cute, but I also hope she will not get in between Alex and Shin Ae… She was constantly trying to get between One Man and One Woman in those old X Man and Love Letter… but well that’s just variety programs…

    Those who watched X Mand and Love Letter will know who those reference I made are… 🙂

  6. To porcelain and juneberryblue,

    The previous Xman and Love Letter shows were SCRIPTED. Indeed Chae Yeon admires KJK, but it is not in a love relationship way. She admires KJK as her idol and sunbae, that’s all.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, but I can’t stand people having this misconception of CY. Darn those PDs.

  7. why pple labled her as “foxy” and have bad image abt Chaeyeon. those variety shows are SCRIPTED as Ruthhh said, those love tria story lay out to attract viewers. And so is ALSHIN, you guys talked likes as if ALSHIN is 100% officially REAL while u dont even know for sure

    Let hope the best for both new MCs and i’ll enjoy watching them hosting the show

  8. i love to being objective in many ways. The problem is we didnt looking at artists as an individual and just watch whatever as to entertain us and to fullfill our desire to be love, care, need etc

    @ those who are opposed CY

    As much as I love AlShin because I believe what they are feel are real either it is pleasent or not, either it is akward or not, either they will be a real couple or not but I respect CY, and to be selected as a MC with Alex is not a problem yet it is a recognition in her career.

    @ rutth & omni

    Yes, most of Variety show is scripted so does WGM. The scenes may be scripted, i.e they have to make kimchi, to make this and that. But I believe the dialogs most of it is not scripted, and the gestures is uncontrollable, the feelings is uncontrollable. What make WGM different from any others show is it takes lots of times, and living together with a hidden camera is indeed VERY different from live variety show. The fact that most of us love AlShin is they didn’t afraid to show us they are awkward, uncertain, complicated, like a stranger etc, lovey dovey scenes aside, they didn’t afraid to show their real selves. Being introvert as ShinAe is, or considerate and can put his career seriously as Alex did no matter what is consequences he might face upon his decision.

    Above all, wish them the best, the things that I’m worried is Alex is so busy with his album promotions etc, and did he really can manage to handle the hectic schedule?

  9. @rutth; just want to say that I agree with what you said above. Yes, I do know that most variety programs are MOSTLY, if not ALL are scripted. But I do have to say the impression does stay but I do know and feel that Chae Yeon genuinely admires and idolize her sunbae. I have seen interview about her being totally humbles when talking about about how she admires her sunbae. (I think its yashimanman or something).

    @omni & anastassia; for Alex and Shin Ae, I guess no one really knows the status of their relationship (if there is one) but themselves, as their supporters, its mostly just what we feel… so let’s just hope it’s for real between them…

    just my thoughts… 🙂

  10. @ anastassia, porcelian; what im saying is what’s on tv is scripted no matter how real it appeal to the viewers, however how much is scripted are, we dont know but those who’s love Alshin shouldnt bashed CY and judged her like that and should look at them as who they are and respect what they do
    im jst objecting those that judging CY eventho im not her fan. but i do like her on variety shows

  11. I myself love Alshin and CY. It’s so sad reading about AlShin haters and those biased Kpop news sites bashing CY.

    Sometimes what the PDs plan out harm the participating artistes. The main reason why sexy singers such as CY and Jeon Hye Bin get bashed, is because of how the shows are scripted. Even though the variety shows help in raising their popularity, the shows also amassed a lot of anti-fans for them.

    News sites such as _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ actually contribute to the hate towards celebrities. Sigh.

    Thanks to coolsmurf for keeping this site neutral.

  12. What the heck, They will just host the show. What’s wrong with that? Don’t tell me that Music Shows also has storyline and stuff?

    Don’t get crazily paranoid people -_-.

  13. Exactly! I don’t know why people being a haters to others at the first place. I enjoyed watching CY in XMan and I really thinks she will be a great host. Didnt mind it at all. As a say ealier, we should look at the artist and an individual, as a normal human being who has their own right and life as well. I respect others as they are and being a lovers or fans to some artists didn’t give us the right to criticize in negative ways! It just take it easy people..I thinks all of us here didn’t intend to say it negatively. I enjoyed very much being here with u guys…^_^

  14. I’m a big non-Korean Chae Yeon fan & I don’t understand why CY has lots of anti-fans! Well, it’s their problems!
    Chae Yeon, keep on fighting..

    I just watched the video in YT when Alex & Chae Yeon were singing (MC special stage), the song was Classiquai’s “Romeo & Juliet”. Too bad the song didn’t suit CY’s voice well. It’s such a nice song. Oh well…

    Hope Alex & Chae Yeon do a great job as MCs!
    Alex-ssi, Chae Yeon-ssi, hwaiting!

    Oh for Alvin, too. ALVIN, FIGHTING! hahaha..

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