Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong to become a weekend couple

Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong will soon become a weekend couple in MBC “We Got Married” star wedding variety show.

Kim Hyun Joong is the leader of SS501 and following their performance at Dream Concert 2008, it concluded the end of their promotional activities in Korea. After also having said their goodbyes via farewell stages on the various gayo shows, SS501 will take a break fo one week before heading to Japan on 15th June. They had done the same thing last year, performing in Korea for a while before going to Japan and it was a success for them. SS501 will soon release their new album in Japan and then start promoting it over there.

But with that, will Kim Hyun Joong continue to appear in “We Got Married”? Many fans and viewers were concerned with that. But it’s now confirmed that Kim Hyun Joong will continue to be in the show but he and Hwang Bo will become a couple that only meets during the weekends.

According to sources, “Kim Hyun Joong will leave for Japan this weekend but he will continue to appear in We Got Married while performing in Japan at the same time.” The studio recording for “We Got Married” takes place every Tuesday and it looks like it would be a busy time for Hyun Joong to go back and forth from Korean and Japan just to fulfil his schedules.

On another hand, there was good news for MBC as “We Got Married” achieved a high rating of 19.1% for Episode 13 last Sunday, making it the highest ranked show in that timeslot.

31 thoughts on “Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong to become a weekend couple

  1. thanks for the news.. i’m very happy to hear tht this couple is not leaving WGM!
    coolsmurf, i hope u can subs this couple eps too, really thnx in advanced if u can do it.. just take ur time if u r busyy..

    kamsahamnida for everything, u r the bestt! :))

  2. I think the high rate is because of Alex’s couple. But will Kyun Joong be too tired to be back and forth? Is he really earning $$$$$ for their fancy pool bath? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  3. omo. that’s great. weekend couple, haha…sounds so…umm.’romantic’? lol.
    Thanks so much for translating a news bout this couple, coolsmurf. i really appreciate it. so i just had to share it in soompi^^ n full credit you. hope it’s okay. thank you so much again. hope hyunjoong wouldn’t fell sick/injured again. n hope this couple would continue their ‘chemistry’. lol.

  4. errrr how long are SS501’S activities in japan anyways? and who will provide his airfare?

  5. As long as Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo couple stay in the show, I’m happy. =)

    Thank you for subbing the episodes, Alvin! Much love and greatly appreciated!!!

  6. so glad that they wont be off the show! thanks for the news =)

    hope u’ll be able to sub this couple too Heex

  7. aww. he’ll be so tired going back and forth. i love that couple but that poor boy needs some rest.

    hey coolsmurf, are you doing any more upates on charice? she was at the david foster concert in las vegas and got a standing ovation.

  8. Thanks coolsmurf for always updating us on what’s happening with the couples πŸ˜€ I hope Hyun Joong doesn’t get too tired flying back & forth. I’m liking this couple more & more ^-^

    those who wanted subs of this couple you can find them on quainte501’s YT account, (in case coolsmurf’s busy lol I’m sure he has a life too) but they are slower than coolsmurf when it comes to subbing & they only subs this couple 😦

  9. wait, does that mean all the other couples spend EVERY day together? do they even sleep there? dang, this show runs like that? i thought they just met up like once a week and filmed at their respective places and then went on with their normal lives. whoa.

  10. i just LOL at winnie # 2’s comment.. (exactly what i was thinking when i read the news). this couple are cute. glad they’re not drop or anything. but this mean hwang bo will be alone during the studio recording, right? awww, i like their interaction so far..

    this is pretty random but my kids just love their pool (frm what they hv seen frm this couple’s segment in ep 13) & bugging me to have one installed the house πŸ™‚

  11. that’s really good news! i was really enjoying this couple..they became my favorite while Alex and Shin Ae were gone…Hyun Joong is so random and hilarious…you really don’t know what he is going to say next…lol…

    but like others have mentioned…he’s going to get so exhausted going back and forth…i mean, they are going to be doing promotions in Japan and then he has to fly all the way back to Korea to film with Hwang Bo every week…WOW…

  12. @Winnie

    It’s not Kyu Jong in the show and it’s Kim Hyun Joong


    Of course they only sub this couple. Because Quainte subs SS501 stuff! And they aren’t slow, because the subs it doesn’t depend only by them. It depends from the chinese subs too.

    I hope that Hyun Joong oppa won’t be so tired. Hwang and Kim Hyun Joong are the best couple in WJM.

  13. i think kim hyun joong will be fine for the taping, did’nt you notice that one taping episode is good for 2 weeks of the show?.. so maybe he will go back to korea twice a month to shoot and appear at the studio…

  14. i’m so glad this couple’s not leaving<3 i love hwangbo + hj. they’ve got so much more to show us πŸ™‚

  15. Hahahahahaha… Sorry for making mistake for Kim Hyun Joong. Cos I remember his name in Chinese only, not in English. Hehehehe… Thanks for correcting me.

    But I do think this kind is fun.

    Thank Alvin for all the news.

  16. I really don’t mind if he leaves, actually. I don’t see any chemistry [yet] between this couple & the other new couple. As long as anbi doesn’t leave the show, I’m good. B]

  17. And I wonder on how long will the Agency or the Network sponsor his trips, considering the Oil price hikes recently.

  18. this couple deserves a big applause they replaced ShinAe which was one of the original couple. They started their own fans and supporters by gaining bit by bit..do you think this coulple become popular just because of HJ is in SS501? no, not of his fans watch this.
    They’ve come this far by their own charms…
    This has been confirmed long ago by HJ that he would continue shooting even when he’s in Japan so i think he knows how to get through it.

    thank you coolsmurf, you saved me from translating this one ^_^

  19. what it is mean they are going to be weekend couple?? is it their slot going to be short then?they still going to appear every episode,right?

  20. I really hate the idea of 5 couples on the show. It just means less screen time for the other couples. I don’t like the 2 new couples. I think they should have just stayed with 4. I’m glad that Alex and Shin ae are back. I hope they get the most screen time then Andy and Solbi then Crown J and Seo In Young.

  21. thanks coolsmurf

    u r the best

    hope u.. keep on going

    I always keep my eye on your blog

    good job & fighting!!!!

  22. hi!
    i do’nt know if i im allowed to ask a question but…
    im still asking for it “is kim hyun joong a gay?”
    look at that picture of him why is he so girly in his attitude?
    im sorry but im just curious

  23. #

    hola kim hyun joong me gusta como actuas cantas y te desembuelves como actor eres un chico super chico solo te felicitopor ser como eres mi nombre es guisela y soy una fanatica tuya chau cuidate besitos

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