Yoon Eun Hye Taking a Walk in Paris

“Paris is still Paris…but maybe it’s just me who have matured.”

Actress Yoon Eun Hye who has been away from the limelight for quite some time published photos of herself to tell fans about her recent happenings.

Since the completion of MBC “Coffee Shop 1st Prince” drama, Yoon Eun Hye has been on vacation with the occasional CF filming in between. On the afternoon of 7th June, through her Cyworld minihompy, she posted photos of herself in Paris. Wearing a casual t-shirt plus brown scarf wrapped around her neck, Eun Hye looked really relaxed and enjoying a slow walk through the streets of Paris.

Yoon Eun Hye expressed

Paris always gives me a different feeling everytime I go there. Althought Paris is still Paris, but I always see things that I never seen before in the past. Maybe because I always use a different perspective to feel Paris or because I’ve matured. Hopefully, I can see another side of Paris when I’m here again next time.

Yoon Eun Hye had lent her vocals to Mighty Mouse “I Love You” song a while back and the song is still highly popular now. Her future plans are not known.

28 thoughts on “Yoon Eun Hye Taking a Walk in Paris

  1. Glad to hear that YEH is getting the much needed and deserved rest! Waiting for her next project…:D

  2. She was really lucky to be in France on sunny days.
    That’s quite unusual right now, even if we are approaching the summer.
    ( I don’t know if it’s quit correct in english)

    I hope she will soon be back on a good project (movie/drama… show with KJK ^^).

  3. what the hell?! there’s lots of sunny days in France :p

    she really has matured a lot, she’s really pretty and natural here. and it’s good she’s taking a break, girl’s been working hard!! ^^

  4. awww im soo glad to hear from my girl.. ive been wondering how she was.. and that shes healthy and doing good… but shouldnt she get back to korea to be with kjk. HAHHAAHAHA.. anyways love her lol

  5. Waaaah… I miss Paris!
    And she’s so cute! She can easily pull off being an Asian Parisianer. lol. I think I said that wrong… xD

    I hope to see more of KJK and YEH soon!!!
    I miss and love that couple!!

  6. last month when kjk went out army..i heard she came back korea during travelling in paris,, but now did she go there again>??? really?

  7. I don’t personally know her but I always like the image she projected out. She not a lime light hog and she seem very modest. I could be wrong but this is what I see her projecting and makes me like her plus she’s a great actress.

  8. i miss her!!
    hopefully she will come back with a great dramas, because speaking truthfully there is nothing interesting right now… so COME BACK!!!

  9. she seems pretty carefree and natural here. [:

    Btw, PPL DONT COMMENT IF YOU DONT LIKE HER. that’s just plain rude.

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  11. It wasn’t long ago she was in NY I think. Anyways, hope the time is near for a new drama, or even better a TV show!

  12. waw!pretty as usual..she’s prettiest when jaz plain simple..i hope she could enjoy the rest..always wish her the best of luck..Hmmm???how’s paris this days?

  13. she is awesome!!! i just seem to cnt get enough of her !!!!
    most of her dramas i watched nvr failed me to see different side of her, but the one drama i really like till now is the palace which i learnt a lot of message frm that drama. even thore it was just new for me to watch her dramas but she gave confident in handling matters which she portrays in all her dramas
    my sincere best wishes to her success and hope to see her back soon wit new drama s r muvie

    Luv U Yoon Eun Hye
    Take care Gal !!!
    Chayo Chayo !!! Sorry if i didnt say it correctly !!!

  14. oooh she’s on vacation..what her latest project/drama cos it’s really long time (after CP)she not involved in any drama..
    i really love she pairing with Eric in drama…

  15. I hope she return with a new project soon! (hoping she’ll be in the K.Version of Hana Yori Dango) >.<

  16. hi, coolsmurf. I was wondering if you knew that YEH got nominated for Best Actress 2008 in Seoul Drama Festival and if you’ve any dibs about YEH? Thanks in advance!

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