Andy, “I’m slowly becoming like Solbi”

“I think I’m slowly becoming like Solbi.”

Andy made a startling confession about Solbi where the two are currently the most popular couple on MBC “We Got Married”. In MBC “Come to Play” talkshow, Andy expressed, “I’m slowly becoming more and more like Solbi.”

Andy expressed

I was pretty depressed initially because the Solbi that I saw on tv was the total opposite of my character. But just like what old folks would say, after you get married, husband and wife would subsequently become more and more similar to each other. I think after all the filming, it seems to be the case for us.

He continued

Earlier, I often heard people around me saying that it seems like Solbi is the one who likes you more than you like her. But it’s nothing like that. I was only trying my best to know Solbi’s heart.

After hearing Andy say that, Solbi who was with him blushed.

Solbi said, “It’s true that I like him more than he like me in the beginning. But it was more interesting to make him become my man gradually as it went on”, her words generating interest among viewers.

MBC “Come to Play” “We Got Married” Special airs tonight at 11.05pm.

24 thoughts on “Andy, “I’m slowly becoming like Solbi”

  1. Andy finally opens up his heart to Solbi!!! (?)
    I’ve always wished they become a couple also off-air.

    I hope you’ll be subbing the “We Got Married” Special of MBC “Come to Play”, Alvin. We, your viewers and fans, would greatly and immensely appreciate it!

  2. i agree. haha i would greatly appreciate it if you sub the “We Got Married” Special of MBC “Come to Play” . btw thanks for all your subs and videoes ! You did a fine job at subbing everything . Im grateful for you !

  3. I agree w/ all of the above, haha. [: already love you for subbing WGM so freakin fast, It would be awesome if you subbed this too.

  4. i hope someone subs this! coolsmurf, i don’t expect you to sub this as you are already subbing and uploading so much now that WG is active and WGM episodes are also going on, but i hope you update us when someone does! ^.^

    AnBi Couple FOREVER!

  5. alvin, could you please sub com to play for the we got married episode? it has aired today and I found them @ youtube, but they’re unsubbed.
    please please, thank youuuuuuu..
    would really appreciate your hardwork.
    thanks a bunch!

  6. OOOooooMmMmO! i’m so excited…..can’t wait for the subs! *will patiently wait ofcourse*
    thx u so much for everythin’ u’ve done till now coolsmurf 🙂

  7. The old folks saying is true..

    AnBi couple is cute and popular, it just does they really made for each other? Did they are the soulmate. Did they will not only love each other not by force but truly and will forever together.

    It is a show. They met because of the show..They might started to open their heart towards each other.

    But looks upon the reality can they really live as a partner in life?

    I rooting of AnShi ^^ because i’m more into natural love and i feel they are soul mate and match made in heaven, the show is fated by GOD. They are super popular too and loved among those are into intense, deep, natural way of developing love, and matured audience.

    Anyhow AnBi is cute and funny! ^^ Hope the best for them…

  8. Aigoo it’s 9 June? I have been thinking its 16 June… all the more better!!! Yeah… looking forwards to the subs…

    Hope you will sub this Alvin… kamsa hamida…

  9. Wonder when it will be shown in Hawai’i. I can catch MBC. I watch this show every week.

    Andy and Solbi along with HaHa’s gf and Jun Jin did a new show called Stars Friends. Something like that.

    I’m hoping someone will sub that one too.

    Andy and Solbi didn’t look like they were just friends anymore. 😀 Both got jealous of each other and showed it too. 😀

  10. alvin and everyone else, i need to ask you guys something about we got married.
    i just watched this video @ youtube and i dont understand which episode is this..

    i’ve watched episode 1 through 13, but not this one…
    and the couple are messed up.
    there’s no andy nor shin ae.
    alex was coupled up with another girl and solbi was with kyung min, you know, the singer..cha tae hyun’s best bud.

    there are three parts and the title is “new year’s day special edition we got married.”
    the mc is not won hee, its hyun young..
    i am very confused..

    and crown j’s hair, hahahahhahahahhaaha.
    im speechless. you guys should see it.
    its exactly like a bowl being polished by black shoe polish.hahahahaha.
    love him thoughh, he’s getting cuter with in young..

    please someone, anyone answer meee..


  11. heyyyy coolsmurf thank you so so much for the subs and updates tht u hv done!!! u contributed loads and without ur hard work i wudnt kno where or how to find out more about them….i reli hope anbi will eventually become a proper couple in the end……. so is alshin hahaha. thank you once again!!!! : ))))

  12. miumiu, that episode was only a special. the show was only meant to air for one episode. But because it was so popular, they decided to make it into a full show. that aired before the 13 episodes aired and that’s why alex and solbi were coupled with different ppl.

  13. Does these things always leak out before the show is on? Anyways, I hope you could maybe tell us later where we can find Come to play subbed if it’s not on your channel that is, pleeeease 🙂

  14. mailegirl: you’re on Oahu??..if so, what channel is it on?..i’m always looking for kvariety shows but never saw “come to play”. i’ve been watching it all on youtube lol

  15. I’m on O’ahu missy. MBC America is on Channel 90. You need Oceanic digital to catch it. As long as you have a pay station Channel 90 along with IATV on 134 will also be available.

    IATV has M-net Countdown on Wednesdays and it repeats off and on during the week.

    The only bum thing about the Countdown is that they only started showing the first week of January last week.

  16. Forgot to mention Come To Play is on Tuesdays. The first showing of the day is a repeat from the week before. The nightime showing is a new episode.

    No previews for the We Got Married Couples yet; but it should be coming up for us soon. 😀

    You’ll find We Got Married episodes Sunday on Sunday Night.

  17. thank you thank you..another question though are they subbed??..(I’m guessing its not-but thats all fine, I’m sure I’d find the subs on yt)

  18. Unfortunately no subs. Andy was on Cider last night. KBS I think. He was so funny. Depending on when the show was filmed there was no mention of Solbi. 😀

    He did several shows with the same outfit. hahahaha It looked like the outfit he wore for the Propose mv. 😀 He wore the same outfit on Happy Together too.

    Anyone ever notice how Andy and Solbi tend to match in clothing when they are on tv?

    Except for the day at the amusement park. Even Andy had something to say about what she was wearing. hahaha

    Only thing I could think of is they weren’t on good terms for that filming and she purposely dressed that way.

    That is until she cried on the ride. Ring and clothes incident flew right off the roller coaster. 😀

  19. missy the drama that Solbi did only a few episodes of; will air on MBC soon. I saw previews of it.

    I need to see that scene with the wedding invitations. 😀

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