We Got Married Ep 13 Summary

We continued with the housewarming party of all 3 couples except for Anbi.

Seo In Young continues to be pissed as Crown J and his ahjussi friends plays games, with her having to prepare drinks, etc. Crown J is worried and goes in to console her but then has to go out to entertain them again. Tensions run high as they get Crown J’s hint before the bell rings and another guest arrives, Ji Sang Ryul! The two ahjussis left as they talked with Sang Ryul for a while who was disappointed that the other Jewelry members weren’t around. Ji Sang Ryul was much better as a guest than the other two ahjussis combined.

Meanwhile at Hwang Bo/Kim Hyun Joong house, Hyun Joong serenades Hwang Bo with a touching love song in the presence of her friends and SS501. They then ended up playing a game where the loser has to go into the mini pool as Kyu Jong gamely does the forfeit. Kyu Jong then suggests that Hyun Joong carries Hwang Bo into the ppol where Hyung Joong doesn’t hesistate one bit.

At the 24 minute mark, we headed into the next mission with the couples being asked to go for an outing. We start with Andy and Solbi walking in the park where the latter tries to play down the loss of the ring although Andy keeps hoping that she will say something. Their segment was really cruel to viewers since they were expecting more after the “loss ring” incident.

And what about Alex and Shin Ae? Well they were like given a grand welcome back. In between the other couples segment, bits and pieces of them were shown, recaps of how they “spliited” in the recording studio, Alex driving his car to Namsan to meet her, Shin Ae getting her hair done plus makeup, it was a bit too dramatic frankly but they were milking it for us fans I guess. The last 20 mins besides the earlier footage was dedicated to their reunion at Namsan. It would definitely be boring for their haters I figure. There was a lot of talking in the confession room as they talked about their expectations.

It was pretty awkward when they eventually met at the middle of the steps. You could compare it to their first meeting in episode 1 as they enquired about what had happened to each other over the past month.

Next week preview sees the Andy/Solbi at Everland, Lee Hwi Jae/Jo Yeo Jeong at the hypermart while Crown J/Seo In Young, Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong goes to a water theme park. Alex/Shin Ae continues their Namsan reunion.

48 thoughts on “We Got Married Ep 13 Summary

  1. its ok.. still be waiting for tat episode.. btw… i watch most of ur video n i really loved it becos now i can actually understnd wat they r saying with all the clear subs.. thnks you..keep up the gd work..:)

  2. FYI: automonmon has the alshin/anbi/joongbo cuts up..just no subs. i personally like to watch raw cuts/ep..and just guess what theyre saying..then wait for coolsmurfs subs and see if i was right lol

  3. oh btw..all alshin fans ..prepare for that giddy grin to return to your faces lol….THEYRE BACK!

  4. Thanks coolsmurf for the summary of ep.13 I saw the raw cuts uploaded by automonmon. Very happy to see them back. They look kinda of awkward with each other. I would say shy. They shouldn’t be as they’ve been ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ in the earlier episodes. Nevertheless, I hope they’ll continue their relationships where they left off….romantic.

  5. When this show will end? I was just wondering
    I like Crown J and Seo In young couple I name’em ghetto couple Lol

    I like Shin Ae and Alex too

    I like Andy really can’t stand Solbi though and what hell is she wearing neon lookin legging ………………………

  6. i noticed that when Shin Ae and Alex meet on the steps…..that is the same spot where Hyun bin and Kim Sun Ah filmed a scene in “My lovey Sam Soon”.

  7. wow that was fast. thanks for the summary of ep 13. I love your subs by the way 😀

    lol EG Crown J and Seo In Young – ghetto couple, though now you mention it, they kinda are.

    anyways I have a question how’s Hyun Joong/Hwang Bo going to work out if Hyun Joong’s going back to Japan?

  8. hi can anyone tell me where i can watch the whole episode 12 with eng subs? i can only watch anbi parts. very curious

  9. Minmin, i believe mich was asking about the other couple besides AnBi.

    mich, i believe coolsmuf has not added them yet cos i have been checking for it every other hour of everyday for epi12 of the other couples since AnBi epi 12 was released. we just gotta wait i suppose… unless coolsmurf is not subbing them anymore….
    you wont do this to us right coolsmurf?
    *patiently waiting*

  10. =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


    couldn’t stop smiling. I’m also starting to like hwang bo and hyun joong. this is glorious fun!

  11. i just watched it .alex and shinae took up most of the time. there wasnt much i waited all night last night to watch it but got tired and watched it this morning im a little mad that every thing was on alex and shinae and not too much on the other couples. but its ok im waiting for next week now.

  12. thanks guys! i shall patiently wait then…i have also been checking every few hours… thought there might be anth link.

  13. Their previews are such lies! Nothing was wrapped up about the ring and AlShin reunion was a bit let down. No hugs, or anything?

  14. There are previews of Alshin from Namsam. You see them talking near a fountain and Shinae giving this ‘weird’ look..

    This episode is disappointing!!! They dragged too long for the Alshin reunion… I want interaction not all talk.

    Anbi couple was cut to really short. Seriously, they might as well not show them cause all they showed was them at the park and really no details about anything. We all know that Andy got over the ring issue already from ppl who saw them at Everland.

    The best part of this episode is Hwangbo and Hyun Joong. They were so cute in the pool. I think HJ has opened up to HB.

  15. ok… I am worried… no Alex & Shin Ae in eps 14 preview? Now I hope this eps will not be a one-off?
    And now apart from reuniting at the Namsan stairs, is it me or the reunion seems kinda… uneventful?

    And no closure to the ring that Andy gave Solbi? This is turning like a mystery…

    Ok, I feel like X files now… Hope there will be answers soon…

  16. Hmmm? my message got deleted?

    Seriously I am worried… no preview of Al-Shin for eps 14? and is it me or the reunion seems sorta uneventful?

    And no answers for the loss ring issue for An-Bi?

    Seriously this is turning so Xfiles…

    Oh let us have answers soon please…

  17. They are back!!!!

    I didn’t understand why people get mad. For GOD sake. WE MISS ALEX AND SHIN AE to death. Please let us see them a bit more..Dont be too selfish..It is not a popularity show and feelings. It has to be real. And it is not about cutesy show.

  18. If you want to watch the show because of its cuteesy, popularity, lovey dovey or trendy show then you wouldn’t get satisfied. But if you watch the show to find and understand how a real relationship and marriage growing and develop then you will satisfy even when they take a glance or staring each other eyes

  19. mich: for every/most other couple besides Hyunjoong-Hwangbo, http://www.youtube.com/user/coolsmurf

    Hyunjoong-Hwangbo: http://www.youtube.com/user/quainte501

    thanks for the summary.

    i do believe alex-shinae reunion was a tad too draggy, they could at least let the two have more actions/interactions instead of just stuffing it with romantic mood. doesn’t mean i hate them, they used to be my fav (with CrownJ-SIY), until there’s Hyunjoong-Hwangbo ‘unique’ lil sweet marriage^^. and i lost interest in all other couple. ahh, my bad.

  20. Is it me or does it seem like the show producers are trying to add some conflict to the AnBi relationship? Things are going too well and there hasn’t really been any conflicts. The ring incident is just to spice it up? Maybe Solbi just misplaced (it’s likely at the bottom of her jewellery box or something) but they turned it into a big thing instead?

  21. prolly the reason why it felt draggy is because we couldnt understand their comments that they showed inbetween the scenes… they were there for the dramatic effect, i guess. Nonetheless, i think they should of cut some parts cuz it did drag quite awhile… like alex driving and his waiting at the steps. Can’t wait for your subs coolsmurf! More power!

    I hear fans of Andy and Solbi were pretty mad that their couple only lasted 7 mins of episode time…

  22. anastasia’s comment # 29 is right… im watching Crown J & In Young right now and laughing like mad.. cos it’s so real (not just becos In Young is the whiny type)

  23. Ales and Shin ae are back!

    For me the stuff leading to the reunion was of course a lot of fluff…in a way it does help with the anticipation but I agree the PD could make do with less flashback and scene of Alex driving/Shin Ae getting ready.
    Having said that the reunion was so sweet. It was simple, understated yet so totally AlShin. I guess we’ll get to see more interaction next week.

    porcelain : There was a preview for Alex and Shin Ae at the end of eps 13. It seems like they will get to really catch up and talk about their time apart.

    Amelia : I had the same suspicion too…the Solbi ring incident just seemed so made up.

    evelyn168 : don’t worry…that just means next week the 2 power couples AnBi and AlShin will make up the bulk of the show.

  24. i was really happy about the whole alshin reunion but since i didnt get what they were saying i was confused and kind of bored but its make sense that shin ae be careful because alex hurt her and also they havent seen each other in like a very long time but even so i want to see more of them next week
    YAY!!!!!!!!! for alshin

  25. i am very very happy that alshin couple are back ( i hope for good).. in my opinion, the scenes at the stairs were not scripted because they have silent awkward moments… now my fav couple are back and of course hwang bo and KJH my second fav… kim hyung joong is just DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!.. ..with regards to anbi, my interest in them got to a point to be very minimal..i don’t hate them but solbi is just to much.. (i hope no fans would get mad at me for saying this)….crown j and siy , they’re ok… the other couple, boring and the announcer guy seems fake to me..

  26. thanks so much for the subs in youtube…

    I always love subtle moment and intense but didn’t like draggy moment. Yet in real life sometimes, moments are not plan in pur hand and run out of planning and I just loved AlShien every single moments.

    Everything about AlShin is about the natural way of falling in love. I agreed about the car and everything shouldn’t be too long BUT I LOVED every single minutes of it, because it made me realize that is how is in real life when i’m waiting to be paired with my future hubby this August!

    While Shin Ae is quite introvert, Alex is kind of person who will do the best in everything, in his action to any woman. Even Huran ( Clazziquai ) said the main point Alex cant be her partner is because for her she want a man who can take control of her, because is a bit independant. On the other hand, we can understand Alex character even before the show he is kind of man that will do anything to make people feel bliss and happy. A caring and considerate. A lovable type.

    Even he said to Shin Ae in episode 2 i think,

    Shin Ae ask: What is your kind action towards woman make then feel?

    Alex: Sometimes people think the other way around ( that he is a player etc)

    The fact is he is naturally like that. He is that kind of man. Either you want to believe it or not. To say that kind of man don’t exist is just funny because they are exist just they are very rare. And I have found one.^^

    Since started, Alex want to do the best to make her happy, sincere and truthful towards his action
    and as a sensitive musician he understands woman’s feeling.

    Maybe he started from want to let her open her heart to gradually fall in love ( I believe ) with her. His started to do the best as a ‘husband’ but gradually he started to really care for her.

    It’s there and its real

  27. typo: Even Huran ( Clazziquai ) said the main point Alex cant be her partner is because for her she want a man who can take control of her, because she is a bit independent and more dominant ( she is kind tough woman ) – the meaning is Alex is more like sensitive and caring type.

    In addition: Alex is that kind of artist that hunger for popularity. He is down to earth. To say that he is a player because he is natural that way ( he denied it! and said that people think he is that kind when the truth is he is not ) and to say his actions is fake of showy because of the show is a terrible remarks and not objective.

    I remembered what I read from dramabeans dot com long time ago, that once Alex has went to hospital and one of the hospitals staff asked him ” Are you and artist”? and he answered ” Do you know Tablo (Epik High) because Epik High is more popular and didn’t want people to know bout him.:D

    This is the qoute from dramabeans:

    ex explained that it was back in the beginning of his career — Clazziquai was more or less an underground group until they shot to popularity after being featured prominently in the drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. His face wasn’t well-known then, and when he was rushed to surgery after his appendix burst, the nurses repeatedly asked (not recognizing him), “I heard you’re a pop singer. Are you really a singer? What’s your name?”

    Even with his mind growing muddled from anesthesia, he felt embarrassed just giving his name. And so at the last minute he said, “I’m Tablo from Epik High.”


    I don’t know much about their personal lives, but Epik High and Clazziquai have collaborated multiple times, and the music industry is a small world, so it’s doubly funny thinking about it. Especially considering how nobody would mistake either star for the other (or anyone else) these days.

    dramabeans copyright

    He is that kind of man.

  28. And I’m not even Alex fan not even before.

    I look upon everyone in WGM as an individual and a normal human being who are in a marriage life. I love AnShi not because they are artist but as an individual who gradually start to love each other. How the relationship and love is develop is interesting. A kind of relationship that we know even tough off screen we know they had a possibility that they will together ( as Alex said in the confessions room )

    Crown J and InYoung is interesting too.
    Because they are sooooo much alike and being themselves
    and they portrayed to us how a couple how they struggle and survive and we can relate to ourselves.

    They question is: Will they will be together off screen. If they finished the show did they want to be together? Did they suit for each other and can they live together and stand each other for the whole life?

    Crown J try very hard to do the best because his role as a husband in that show but did he still want/ or can stand her and to be together with her off screen.

    They are real but do they made for each other as a soulmate?

    AnBi and Hwang Boo couple is cute it just they are TOO cute like i’m watching X-Man episodes or variety show when the couple is match and backstage of life of an artists that they are match and they ‘NEED to “fall in love” and ‘try to understand’ others heart because they are in the show where they are husband and wife.

    AlSHin give me the feelings not as a husband and wife but a couple who not love each other get married or living together but started to learn and have fall in love or at least has open their- a real one – towards each other. They are real.

    No matter we can see what we hope or not. They will continue.

    As I see all of them as an individual.

  29. I know that anyone else and their mothers know about this, but…

    ALEX AND SHIN AE ARE BACK!!! gyaaaaa! 🙂

    Now then, back to reality. This is for coolsmurf.

    Since there are five couples and the amount of time that you have to work on this is the same as before, are you just going to sub just the original three couples or just put more time into subbing WGM and add Alex and Shin Ae to your current workload?

  30. Coolsmurf, I was thinking of the same thing. Will you be dropping one couple from your current subbing work?

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