Iljimae Criticised for Slow Progression

The storyline in “Iljimae” is still revolving around Ryung (Lee Jun Ki) by the end of this week episodes with the ljimae character still yet to make an appearance other than the 10 minute cameo in the first episode. And with the romance element yet to kick in either, viewers are starting to get restless.

Following the conclusion of Episode 6, viewers are very concerned about the slow progression of the storyline with Iljimae still yet to appear. They commented, “I’m very disappointed with Iljimae continuing to be absent”, “Iljimae seems like a side character rather than the leading character”, etc. The truth is Ryung will eventually become Iljimae. But compared with Park Shi Hoo’s character which seems to be better developed, it has left a deeper impression on viewers as they sympathise with him more than Ryung.

From the ratings by TNS Media, episode 6 of “Iljimae” saw a decline, getting just 18.6% with it’s rival “Spotlight” rising to 11.3% but still light years behind. KBS “Woman of the Sun” hit double digits for the first time, getting 10.2%.

7 thoughts on “Iljimae Criticised for Slow Progression

  1. I totally agree with this news!!!!!!!

    Ep 5-6 is rather slow and there’s nothing happen much

    i expect to see more fast pace in next episodes ^^ this drama is great for me anyway

    Thanks for the news ^^

  2. haven’t seen it, but if i were a fan and the lead was barely on screen i would be upset. why is the rating so still very high anyways? this drama might be good, but ratings don’t really mean anything important, well except to the networks and might encourage the cast.

  3. i’m thinking the next episodes will be drama-city since ep 6 ended off with a perfect tense setup…but yes ep 4-6 seemed to lag a lot. hopefully geom’s sister doesn’t die…

  4. Yes Iljimae is really dragging.
    They need to get on with it.

    Thank goodness for the fast forward button.

  5. Im happy for once a drama doesn’t jsut skip stones in story progression and that even though characters are being built along the way it’s not dragging on awfully.

    I can’t wait for next ep ^^

  6. I COMPLETELY agree…….. I’ve been falling asleep up to episode 5…….

    a bad beginning ruins the whole drama to me….. It’s on my top list of dramas to STOP watching… ’cause of how horribly un-entertaining it is….


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