Veoh Closes Door on Countries with Low Viewer Base

In a rather bizarre and strange move by video-sharing startup Veoh, they have apparently blocked visitors from all but 166 countries from accessing its site since last weekend, a spokesperson confirmed to NewTeeVee today.

Veoh’s Gaude Paez told NewTeeVee, “The markets we are exiting collectively represent less than 10 percent of our viewer base.” She maintained that the decision was “not about saving resources but rather re-focusing those resources.” Paez was not able to immediately provide the list of countries where Veoh is still available which is rather sensitive I would think.

Competition is high in the video space and we want to make sure we’re differentiating ourselves in terms of products and ad platforms to monetize. As a startup we just have to make choices.

Paez said they would soon be enhancing its ad targeting and working to expand access beyond the PC. Users flooded the Veoh forums with complaints over the weekend, saying they felt discriminated against for being from certain countries, “I’m from Dominican Republic, and when I saw that message I really wanted to cry… I still want to,” wrote one user, and “this is very unfair not even an email alert i just couldn’t enter, its sucks!!!” said another.

To think that I often considered Veoh as an alternative and backup to Youtube before. I once even had the intention of moving to Veoh. But it’s low fps, poor support, clunky inferface, lesser users compared to Youtube, forcing us to use Veoh TV software, intrusive advertisements, etc. And now this bs crap.

According to Wikipedia, users report being blocked from Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chile, Argentina, St. Kitts and Nevis, Guatemala, Luxembourg, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Guam, Jamaica, Barbados, El Salvador, Hungary, Malta, Macedonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Colombia, Cyprus, Romania, the Cayman Islands, Guadeloupe, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Panama, Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia, Lithuania, Jordan, Egypt, Bulgaria, Serbia, Iceland, Bermuda, Thailand, Brunei, Honduras, the Bahamas, Nicaragua, Anguilla, Guyana, etc.

Sharing videos to a selected few countries rather than the world is pointless.

Hat tip to Andrew Baron at Dembot.

33 thoughts on “Veoh Closes Door on Countries with Low Viewer Base

  1. >_<”
    i’m just glad that youtube is accessible without any restrictions for almost every country~

  2. hmh? wordpress deleted the first part of my comment? anyways~ i just wanted to say that it’s not fair for the mentioned countries not to be able to access veoh~ after youtube it’s one of the best video host site i know, but now… -.-‘

  3. veoh is a good video streaming site, the vid quality is way better than youtube, but has little users. atleast it still works for U.S users :]

  4. this is stupid, but i actually like(d) veoh because it has better video quality than youtube, and the AVI works now after they had that FLV period.

  5. wth? i like veoh. esp dloding vid from veoh. i can get hq vid. its much much faster than torrent. this is stupid

  6. i feel disappointed at Veoh after this (i’m from Brazil), but it’s their choice and and unfortunately we can’t do anything about it, at least we still have you tube! which is far more popular here in my country…

    but i still hope that this ban is not definitive

  7. i think veoh is going to (or at least deserves to) go down the tubes because of this decision

  8. veoh has gotten more and more ridiculous the more i’ve had an account there. everything from limiting the time for the vids u upload—the one thing besides better quality video that it had on youtube. then the stupid veoh TV can sometimes shuts down on itself. the RIDICULOUS ads that pop up when you’re watching something and now THIS?! they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

  9. i read about this few days ago and was so surprised , this is an obvious discrimination , why ppl can’t use veoh because they are from this or that country !!!!!!
    but i can’t deny also that their service is much better then youtube (better vid quality, and the download option)

  10. If you had an account last summer like me, you would be like calling them up every 2 seconds complaining.

    Last summer we were able to watch the shows that were 45 minutes long, then they kept decreasing the time, then, veoh TV came out and screwed us all over because it was not functional [I had soo much trouble, i totally just gave up on it]..

    I don’t mind the 25min limit, but the new veoh TV really is annoying. They think their making it better but their not.

    It sucks how they banned countries for a stupid reason, but w/e floats their boat 😛

    And btw, I don’t think this is discrimination, They just took the countries that had a total of 10% viewing audience and banned them. Yeah, it sucks and I do feel bad for you guys, but I don’t think its discrimination..

  11. Hind, what if you had been blocked?
    I know every time a site blocks american ip addresses i feel discriminated against!

  12. Thought they’d ban Mexico, but I just checked and I can access the site. There are so much US websites where I cant watch videos, limiting access and shutting people off is going backwards on the communication history. We are supposed to move forward and progress, the internet allows us to learn about other lifestyles and see through different people’s eyes. Let’s hope they’ll reconsider though.

  13. Low viewer base is an excuse, the ad companies give very low ad revenue for visitors from these countries thats most likely the reason.

  14. I live in Canada and i get blocked on a lot of US sites as well and I get mad,

    but seriously, what can we do?

  15. I’m Peruvian n I think this is so unfair. I mean I used veoh as a backup n now I can’t access it. This is ridiculous, discrimination guys. But u know what, we don’t need u as long as we have youtube, go on n do whatever u want. I’m not investing in the US anymore, they always do this kind of stuff, just like Hind said, we get blocked for many American sites.

  16. They should at least give a e-mail saying that the site WILL block the country, but no they just blocked the countries showing no respect with the users.

  17. I was so pissed when I find out about it two days ago. I am from the Dominican Republic and got so pissed off because of it.
    This is b*llsh*t from their part. This banned was plain dumb.
    Thanks for letting everyone else know about this.

  18. I just find out yesterday. Veoh has always been like a savior whenever youtube is down (like every other day). Now I dunno where to find my entertainment anymore… 😦

  19. Read about this a few days ago and I have to say Veoh is just going to lose more viewers this way.
    First it was the limiting time thing then the VeohTV (which is stupid btw) & then limit it to 30 minutes and now this.
    I don’t really know how they’re gonna have more viewers if they keep doing these huge changes.
    I’m really disappointed in Veoh =( I’m still with them for now but if something major happen again then…

  20. I agree about discrimination, seeing as how most other sites that offer streaming etc are veoh-based…

    when stage 6 went down they said go to veoh… amongst other sites doing the same…

    veoh has been fucking ppl over for no apparent reasons for awhile and then this????

    well if u had veoh TV and havnt uninstalled it you can still download&search vids without them being able to do anything… hehe

    if u dotn have veoh tv… tough luck

  21. So let me get this straight. With VeohTV, you can bypass blocking and access videos anyway?

    I have a proxy server ready to do my bidding.

  22. Just type the address like this ” “and you can access your account …but can”t see the videos… whatever you want with your account now…delete it remove the videos….put more videos, your choice now……… not theirs :)))))))

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