Kim Eun Jung High School Photo Generates Interest

Jewelry member, Kim Eun Jung’s high school photo was recently posted on the internet and her sweet demure look has generated interest from netizens.

many thanks to rayke

With plastic surgery almost a norm in Korean entertainment industry, it has always been a common talking point especially for female artistes about their looks before their debut. Although the high school photo of Kim Eun Jung sees her looking very plain in her school uniform, but her pure appearance and sweet smile has won good reviews from netizens. The wonders of make-up.

27 thoughts on “Kim Eun Jung High School Photo Generates Interest

  1. I’m quite certain she had a nose job done… not sure about her eyes thought.

    This picture is better:

    Too bad :/

  2. v. pretty. i always thought she was gorgeous. she really should wear less makeup. in her case, less is better.

  3. Wow! she is pretty even when she was young! she doesn’t need to get anything done! i don’t know much about her so yeah! but she look pretty both way! but like eexsoon said i agree i like her younger look better!!! thanks for the information!!!

  4. She should of stayed with the “girl next door” look. She looks way too plastic fantastic in the photo on the right.

  5. re: eenxsoon

    are u kidding? please. her nose job is so obvious it hurts.

    1) bridge added
    2) length shortened
    3) nostrils reshaped

    and yes, she looked much prettier before. I guess the tan doesn’t help either >.<

  6. Yeah she’s definitely had stuff done but she really shouldn’t have. She’s way prettier before..

  7. the nose looks a tad bit different but everything else looks the same. i don’t really understand why pretty girls feel the need to mess with their face. she’s one of the few that the before is just as pretty/is prettier than the after.

  8. she looks better without make-up…
    she does not look any different at all… some people really go overboard with this surgery thing.. not everybody get stuff done… korean can and are naturally beautiful.. this annoys me to the fullest…

  9. she should’ve kept her old nose ^^
    regardless, i think she’s the prettiest member of jewelry to date! 😀

  10. from the very first time i saw her, her nose job was pretty obvious. i don’t see anything wrong with her old nose..why must she ruin such a pretty face T_T she’s still pretty though, but such an exaggerated pointed nose. and she has a nice smile.

  11. She looks the same, only her features are enhanced by the illusion that the makeup artist creates. A makeup artist can really make a huge difference in one’s appearance. That is why without makeup most of us look pretty different. Maybe not pretty, but different in many cases.

  12. she really really looks like she had a nose job
    her old nose was better
    a lot more natural looking!

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